Lagos To Ghana By Road – My Travel Cost Break Down + Budget Overview.

cassie daves at omanye lodge in accra

How much does it cost to plan a budget-friendly trip/travel from Lagos to Ghana by road?

Well, my post detailing my Ghana travel budget/expenses and how much it cost me to travel from Lagos to Ghana by road is finally here! I know it has been a long time coming, I almost wasn’t going to blog about it anymore (because of guilt at how much time had passed) till I received an email from someone who still wanted to know the cost implications of planning a road trip to Ghana. So hey, if you’re reading this post now, this is for you (And anyone else that might find this helpful).

Pinterest image How much it cost to travel from Lagos to Ghana by road?This is basically my own experience and all the prices I’ll be listing will be estimates intended to help you have a rough idea of how much to budget. I’m going to break the cost down into the different areas we (My travel partner and I) budgeted for. Also, keep in mind that the exchange rate as at the time we made the trip was around 90 Naira to 1 Cedi, although we changed a bit of our money at 100 Naira to 1 Cedi at the ABC park in Lagos (Bad move here). Because of this, we made the decision to just multiply everything we paid for in Accra with either 95 or 100 Naira to be on the safe side.

Before I go on, just in case you missed my previous Ghana travel posts – I talked about my experience traveling from Lagos to Ghana by road here and shared a bit of what I got up to and my top 7 things to do in Accra here

Transportation.Nigerian Blogger Nappyhaired on a bus going from lagos to ghana by road

I went in-depth into this, did a breakdown and talked about the travel company we decided to use (and why) for our journey from Lagos to Ghana by road in this post. But I’ll just say that the total cost we spent on Transportation to and fro during our road trip was roughly N34,000 per person. Not too bad ey? Check out more the more detailed post on our transportation means, cost and general experience traveling from Lagos to Ghana by road here.

Accommodation. Omanye lodge in Accra Lagos to Ghana by road, omanye lodge in Dzorwulu, Accra Omanye lodge accraCat Roger at Omanye Lodge in Accra

We stayed at the Omanye Lodge located in Dzorwulu in Accra. This wasn’t our first choice though, we initially planned to stay at another guest house called Agoo hostel as we had heard great things about the place and how colorful it looked (good for taking pictures) but we procrastinated till all their rooms were booked, smh. Omanye lodge was our next option and it cost us $165 for 3 nights stay inclusive of breakfast and Wi-Fi.

You’re probably wondering why the price is in dollars right? Well, that was part of their preferred currency. We changed our Naira to dollars in Lagos at the rate of 320 Naira to 1$, so we basically spent 52,800 Naira on our accommodation which comes down to 26,400 Naira per person. We did the hotel booking on

Omanye was decent enough for us and fit our budget need well. The rooms were neat and their staffs were always super helpful and ready to give us an extra slice of bread during breakfast lol

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Feeding.Cassie Daves In Accra breakfast in Omanye lodge Ghana Jollof rice Ghana fried rice at papaye in osu, Accra

The plan for feeding was to rely on breakfast at our hotel on all days and try both the street food and other restaurants in Accra. Breakfast at Omanye was toast bread and coffee with sides of eggs and a few other things (breakfast spread up there). We spent roughly around 15- 30 cedis (Estimate price of 1500 -3000) per meal per person in Accra but we didn’t get to eat out so much though plus there’s also the fact that we spent basically just 2 days. We had Ghana Jollof at a place called Peter Pan, Ghana Fried rice and shito at Papaye, some drinks at The republican night bar and street food on the streets of Osu. Talked about all these places in this post!

Moving Around.Cassie Daves in a cab in Accra Cab in Accra Uber in accra

Transportation in Accra is via cabs, buses they call tro-tros and okadas (I never asked what they call theirs so I’m not so sure). We utilized all three means of transportation during our stay there but did more of cabbing though.

On arrival, we got a cab from the bus park to our hotel that cost us 35 cedis, we later found out from the hotel’s receptionist that we got cheated. Subsequently, we shined our eyes well and did more haggling Lagos style before picking a cab. Most of the cabs we got were around 15 – 25 cedis (Estimate price of N1500 – 2500) but we both split the price every time so it wasn’t so bad.

Travelling with a large group of people definitely helps you save cost for both moving around and accommodation as you can easily split bills between a higher number of people.


If you plan on visiting a lot of public sites, most of them come with an entrance fee. Because we didn’t have enough time to do a lot of touristy things and sightseeing, we only got charged at the Jamestown fishing village and a few extra dash money to people that helped us out (mostly 5 cedis per person lol).

We went shopping for souvenirs at the Makola Market and arts and crafts market as well, although I can’t quite recall how much was spent at the market.

Putting this post together just made me realize that we spent just shy of N100.000 per person with most of the money going into accommodation and miscellaneous expenses. So if you’re lucky enough to have relatives/friends willing to host you or a, then you’re actually going to save a lot of money.

Have you been to Ghana before? What was the exchange rate like then if you can remember? Planning a trip to Ghana soon? I hope you found this post a bit helpful 

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