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Cassie Daves for Nigerian fashion brand Moofa Designs

Well, long time no “Model Diary” post! The model life feels like something from another lifetime ago for me these days. It’s funny because back then, It used to seem like it was going to be really hard to give up the model title. I remember writing “Walking Mannequin” in all my bios and feeling super cool about it. haha

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a model! But I hated the whole politics in the modeling industry here and how it later started affecting my confidence level. Although, I haven’t said this much to anyone, I’ll be honest now and admit that was the main reason I called it quits – My worsening self-doubt situation. Cowardly act right?

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A few days ago, post housemanship vibes and all plus feeling pumped by all the hype my friend Banke was giving me, I got a bit nostalgic and attended my first model casting (for the Gtbank fashion weekend) in about two years now. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen my live updates (Go follow me! I’m @cassiedaves).

All of that plus my new excitement at maybe re-installing the “model title” to my other titles reminded me of this lookbook shoot I did some time in January for the fashion brand – Moofa designs and I decided to share!

P.S – If you’re new around here, I’ve blogged all about how I got started with modeling here, shared a few of my favorite modeling memories here and even hosted a catwalk class once here.

Nigerian model Cassie Daves for Moofa designs Moofa Designs Nigerian fashion blogger and model Cassie Daves for Moofa designs Nigerian model Cassie Daves for Moofa designs lookbook Moofa Designs lookbook shoot with Cassie Daves Nigerian model and blogger Cassie Daves for Moofa designs Nigerian fashion blogger and model Cassie Daves for Moofa designs lookbook Nigerian fashion blogger and model Cassie Daves for Moofa designs Cassie Daves in Moofa DesignsCassie Daves for Nigerian fashion brand Moofa DesignsMoofa designs is a Nigerian womenswear label and this shoot was the look book shoot for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection that was debuted at the last Lagos fashion and design week. I’ve always known the brand for its classic lady like/ultra feminine pieces and aesthetics so it was nice to play dress up and see myself look a bit more “put together and feminine” than normal. The slicked back hair and smoky eyes were doing everythinngg for me and I loved almost all of the looks.

Some Behind The Scene Look.
Cassie daves selfie picture

We shot this at the Lekki conservation centre,so you can imagine the long walk we had to endure to get to the location site proper but it was worth it at the end. The shoot was styled by Tosin of ThestyleInfidel who I’ve worked with here, here and here. Shot by Foluart studios and unfortunately, I can’t recall the make up artist’s name.

What do you guys think of the outfits? Which is your favourite look?

 Share your thoughts please and let’s connect! 

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