On Going Back To The Basics – A Look Back On Why I Started.

Going back to the basics - Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves in a profile shot wearing a bright coloured prints top Going back to the basics - Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves wearing a bright colored prints topI was thinking the other day about just how far I’ve come with this little ol’ blog of mine and reminiscing of the early blogging days when it was truly all about community. When there was no hassle for views and comments and click to tweet quotes or Pinterest graphics. No strategies or plans and definitely no defined blogging process.

Whilst, growth is an inevitable thing and something that just has to happen, I’ve missed the old days of putting out my random thoughts, poetry and knowing that someone out there can connect to it. I started my blog as an avenue to share my thoughts and as cliche as this sounds – to also connect with + inspire people through my own life lessons.

Blogging has definitely been therapeutic for me and a sort of journal and I guess I miss that. There’s just something about being able to look back at your pictures and thoughts over time and see how much growth has occurred. How much you’ve changed.

Whether it’s talking about my self-doubt and imposter syndrome, choosing happinessbeing an introvert and how it has affected my growth or just rambling about feeling like a plain Jane, I always left feeling a bit better after shelling it out.

I genuinely miss such content in the blogging world, that’s why Sade of InMySundayBest will always be a fave for me. If you’ve been here from the word go (or you’re just joining in), I’ll like to know if there’s anything you miss about my blogging style and what you’ll like to see more from me.

So, I’ve decided to go back to the basics in terms of content. Of course, there’s still going to be helpful information packed posts (with all the click to tweet boxes and Pinterest graphics haha) but I want to infuse more of myself/life like the good old days, and document more of life’s little treasures and moments as well.

What sort of content do you look out for/ or draws you into a blog? Some of your favorite blogs and why do you love them? What would you like to see more from me? Let’s talk!

Going back to the basics - Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves in a profile shot wearing a bright coloured peplum prints top and orange skirt Going back to the basics - Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves in a profile shot wearing a bright coloured prints top, orange skirt in atlanta Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves in a profile shot wearing a bright coloured prints top, orange skirt and nike slides

I was going to make an analogy to how I’m also going back to the basics with my style but there’s nothing “basic” about this outfit. These were a bunch of fun random pictures I took during my holiday in Atlanta while strolling around the neighborhood. I had no intentions of using them for the blog at that time, so if you can look past and ignore the Nike slides I bullied off my cousin and focus more on how gorgeous my print peplum top is instead. It was a thrift find that caught my eyes and I’m glad I kept. I’ve styled it previously on the blog here and also styled this orange pencil skirt previously here and here.

I tweeted a while back that I haven’t been more at peace with my blog as I am lately. Right now, I’m just enjoying the whole process of creating content and this beautiful blog of mine. I know that it can feel like a lot of pressure sometimes and it’s easy to get caught up in all that “super blogger” stuff, so I just want to also encourage you to try to go back to the basics and the “why” you started when this happens.

With that said, anyone else feeling the pressures of blogging and following the “new rules” of blogging? How do you overcome it?

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Also let’s connect and let me know your thoughts in the comment, please!



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Author: Cassie Daves

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  • Reading this felt like I was reading something I wrote to myself because these thoughts and more have been in my head. It’s so easy to get lost in the whole blogging process which is why when I took a break from my blog, I had to rethink the purpose of me starting a blog. This has honestly helped and yes, like you said, I feel at peace. I’m a sucker for personal posts so I’d love to see more of those on your blog. All the random thoughts too, let them out, we’d love to read. Love the shirt – colourful and vibrant. xxx
    Laitanbee Blog

  • Aww Cassie, I remember your early blogging days. You’re so right when you say that it’s so easy to get lost in the whole blogging process thing. And it can be very stressful too. Nowadays, I try to just take it easy and not fret about numbers too much. And Sade’s blog as you said is simply amazing. I used to love your for lack of a better word, emotional posts. Like the one on forcing friendships, those ones where you told us exactly what you were thinking. I would love to see more of those sort of posts. Thanks for this post, it serves as a great reminder to all bloggers. 🙂
    Coco Bella Blog

  • This is so true and important! I remind my self everyday -with every Instagram post and twitter shenanigans- that the reason why I first created my first blog 7 years ago is what’ll keep my blog thriving on the days when I just don’t care. And it helps! Yes I shut down that blog years ago and relaunched 6 years later, the core reason why I wanted this platform hasn’t changed and that fuels my drive to make my blog even better each day!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I can’t agree with you less. My first inspiration to start a blog came from reading yours year ago and so when I started out it was still with that mindset from years back. I never bothered about many technicalities and so a few weeks down the line after starting my blog, I realized blogging had gone to a whole new level. I never thought I would bother about the things I have to bother about now but I am taking it in good fate and doing the little i can and hope that some one out there stays inspired by the content and not judge me for being to basic. I read shade’ s blog too and I love her openheartedness.
    I love your personal stories, medicine, family, friends,outings and outfit inspirations.
    I hope this is not too long ooo


  • This is quite real, and yes it is so easy to get lost in the blogging process. I actually quit the first time around but recently decided to give it another shot. Also, the slides aren’t that horrible and the print top really does take center stage.
    Nice post…xxx

    Surviving the Nigerian Police

  • Tbh, I think we often need to chill. I’ve only been blogging for 1.5 years plus, but I’ve seen so many technicalities to overwhelm me – SEO’s, Pinterest, Plug Ins, Monetising. While growth is good, it will get tiring and possibly boring when everyone starts doing and saying the same thing, all blogs begin to look alike etc. We need to be sure we’re writing what we really enjoy and what others will enjoy. That I think is the whole essence of blogging. Xx


  • I got interested to read your blog often mostly because of how you make your posts whether outfits or personal so simple, relatable and enjoyable. Even when you shared your struggles with finding a place for your internship, med school, etc. Those were real & I bet a lot of people related with it.
    People wanna connect with the person behind the blog as well and not feel like they’re reading a superficial super story. And that’s why this blogging thing depends on your goal. Authenticity!
    I’d like to see more outfit posts and other shenanigans.

  • cassie am glad u noticed something is missing,am an avid reader since 2015,ur writeups made me stronger I remember ur post ‘making lemonades’ it changed me I miss those kind of writeups.keep on doing things better,it gets better.

  • I used to fret about number when I started my blog 5yrs ago. I soon realized that, if I had to continue with my passion for blogging, I had to let go of the numbers and like. It sure does feel knowing that there are people who like your content out there but then again, knowing my purpose and the reason why I got started keeps me going.

    Thank you for visiting me


  • I can totally relate to this, I feel the pressure to monetize, get traffic makes one lose sight of the passion and enthusiasm we all started with. When I started my blog in 2012, it was all about sharing my life experiences and helpful tips but you know how things go when sponsored posts, affiliates and all that start to set it. I think the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. Blogging has to be about the life you love!

    Good job Cassie!