Wardrobe Essentials || 5 Things I Can’t Stop Wearing Right Now.

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“If you own something this special, you need to wear it all the time – Yasmin Sewell” 

I totally agree with Yasmin or maybe that’s just my excuse to be a repeat offender. Take it as you want, but I’m pretty sure we all have items in our closet that we somehow always end up reaching for every time. I like to think of mine as “my style/ wardrobe essentials”

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I feel like most of my recent posts have been pretty serious stuff and I decided that a fun quick post wouldn’t be a bad idea. So I’m sharing five of my wardrobe essentials – that I just can’t stop reaching out for and of course ways I’ve styled them here on the blog for you all to go check out if you’d like to see.

Let’s dig in.


1. Blue Denim Jacket. wardrobe essentials - Nigerian blogger Cassie daves wearing a blue denim jacket

A funny back story here – One time I was going to the cinema with my roommate and pulled out my denim jacket and she commented on how I wear this so much that I should probably blog about how I wear it so much! Of course, I called her a hater but at that time, this post idea was already written down in my blog planner with “my denim jacket as first on the list! haha. That should probably give you a picture of how much I wear this jacket.

The denim jacket is one of my absolute favorite things and definitely a wardrobe essential for me. Draping it over my shoulder is one of my quick style hacks to elevate an outfit.

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I’ve styled it on the blog previously:

2. Mom Jeans.Wardrobe essentials - Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves wearing a light blue mom jeans and brown flats

Who would have thought that the mom jeans would be replacing the skinny jeans in the scale of preference for me (And lots of fashion people)?. I actually haven’t worn skinny jeans in what seems like ages to me now! I apologized for constantly styling it on the blog in my last style post and truth is, I really can’t help it. The mom jeans is super stylish, comfortable, and in vogue right now. Definitely, a must have in any wardrobe. Yours doesn’t have to be really over size though if you’re not into the baggy fit.

I’ve styled it on the blog previously:

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3. White Shirt.Wardrobe Essentials - Nigerian fashion blogger wearing a white vintage shirt with flowery print

The white shirt is a wardrobe essential – you can dress it up for work, dress down and it comes it handy as a template for layering! It’s a no-brainer that it just had to make the list.

I got this particular one at the bloggers yard sale last year from Mide Coker. As soon as I saw it on that rack, I knew it had to be mine and was going to be one of my faves. I think the shirt knew it too because I was lucky enough to still purchase it a few days after the yard sale.

I’ve styled it on the blog previously:

4. Nude Flat Shoes.Wardrobe Essentials - Nigerian fashion blogger wearing a nude flat work shoes

Heels are wonderful and do a great job of making an outfit look fab but flat shoes will alway be Bae for me. I tire too easily when I wear heels and because of my work, I have to constantly be in flat shoes.

I got this nude flats a while back and I’ve been wearing it non-stop. It’s nothing too fancy but I love how it goes with just about anything I wear while being super practical and comfortable too. After the black shoe, everyone definitely needs a nude shoe.

Styled flats on the blog previously:

5. Red Lipstick.Wardrobe Essentials - Portrait picture of Nigerian fashion blogger

Ah, the good ol classic red lip. I’m now quite sure if you “apply or wear lipstick” but the red lipstick is almost always my first pick. Although now I’m trying to use other colors like purple and brown, the red lipstick still remains an essential for me. Plus, honestly, I just feel it brightens up my face and makes me look prettier. :). I still use the house of Tara Jemila lipstick which I’ve reviewed previously here

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Now back to you!

What in your closet do you always find yourself reaching for? Is there anything you’re wearing constantly right now? I’d love to hear! Also what five things will you say make up your own list of “wardrobe essentials?

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