Style Conversations || 15 Questions With Fashion Girl Jennifer Oseh (TheLadyVhodka)

Nigerian style influencer Jennifer Oseh - Theladyvhodka in white shirt and pleated skirtHere’s the thing about truly stylish people – They know how to own a look and make it theirs. Nigerian style influencer and fashion stylist Jennifer Oseh does exactly this. Everything she puts on sits right and looks like it was made just for her.  She always comes ready to slay (In her own way) and she does! Slay that is.

If you know just one thing about me, it should be my love for uber stylish people (Ever read my about page here? I talked a bit more about this love there). I also love sharing these stylish people I come across on the blog here in my style feature and style crush segment.

pinterest graphic of style conversations with Jennifer oseh the ladyvhodkaI’ve been meaning to feature Jennifer for the longest time now and I’m happy to finally share this with you all. I’m talking style hacks, fail-safe style formulas, personal style and everything fashion with her in this post.

I was initially going to do the usual “Style crush” type post where I share some of their stylish looks and talk about my love for them but I figured why not throw in a couple of fun questions about fashion also? Style conversations was birthed!

*Oh and I figured I should also add this slightly unrelated, maybe low key famzing and “nobody asked you” bit but I’ve known Jen from days when the slay was almost a 100 percent ready and it’s just been amazing watching her grow to the level she’s at right now. Go girl!
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Nigerian style influencer Jennifer Oseh in Ankara suit and pants1. Most people think you just slay for a living, but I know it’s way bigger than that. You used to feature in videos, do you still do that? Can you please tell us some of the various hats you wear every day.

I’m no longer a Video vixen but I still accept invites to Cameo Appearances. Daily, I’m on the move, putting together things for my work as a  fashion stylist now.


2. You recently ventured into Fashion styling, how did you make the transition into that and how is that going for you?

Transitioning was a major step I had to take this year. Although, most people already expected me to be a stylist ages ago. I used to get messages daily from people who wanted me to style them, but I kept turning it down till one day I accepted a request, got paid well for it and I just haven’t looked back since then.

The journey has not been smooth, to be honest. Like almost every business out there, nobody tells you everything! You have to learn on the job and that’s what I’m doing.


3. How (and when) would you say your relationship/love affair with clothes and fashion started?

I think I’ll say that my love for fashion grew on me. As an adolescent, my dad used to buy our clothes himself. He would take a day out and go to China town to shop clothes for the family. I’d say that at the time, I knew more of what I didn’t like to wear. lol

As I grew older, I started shopping for myself and realized that I had an eye for shopping really nice clothes and it just kept getting better over time

Nigerian fashionista jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in an ankara mixed prints and turban outfit

4. You always put together seriously sick looks and everything just seems to sit right on you! Would you say it took you a while to discover your personal style and get to this level of confidence with it? How would you describe your style?

It definitely took me a while to understand my style and be confident about it. At some point, I wasn’t confident enough to wear what I liked because I often got remarks like ” what are you wearing”, “you can wear rubbish sha” and “are you really going out like this”? And those things really got to me. I found myself trying to tame my creative side to avoid backlash from these basic minded people.

It took me a while to understand that like they say “to each his own” and we should really do what makes us happy you know. I got over such remarks and ever since my confidence became a 101!  I’ve been able to inspire and influence people to push fashion boundaries. My style is very androgynous, edgy, versatile and chic.

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Nigerian style influencer jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in an all black outfitNigerian fashion girl jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in a gold two piece white suit and mirror sunshades


5. Looking back, what would you say is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever worn?

Errrrr Ridiculous? To me? None yet! Every look has been a hit haha!


6. I know you’re into layering a lot, what do you usually start with when putting together an outfit/look? The bottom? Top? Shoes?

I always start with the bottom. Every other thing comes later, but some days an entire look comes to my head at random moments – even if it’s 2 am, I always get up, put them together, wear and look into the mirror then go back to bed. Yeah, it gets pretty deep like that lol!Nigerian style influencer jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in a black ruffled pants layered with a white turtle neck top

 7. Favorite style influences?

My mom’s old photos influenced my style to an extent because as a young lady, my mom was into men’s wear a lot.

Lisa Folawiyo, Kanye west, and Solange get me all the time! Although most people seem to think my style is influenced by Rihanna( I ADORE HER BTW)


8. What’s that one piece of clothing you always reach out for in your closet?

JOGGERS! And house robes! That’s really what I wear in real life when I’m not stunting on the gram.

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9. In your own opinion, what would you say is one of the most underrated piece of fashion item.

Sunglasses! Not enough people know the power of sunglasses. Do you even know what a pair can do to a drab outfit or a selfie? A lesson for another day though.
Nigerian fashionista jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in a gold two piece metallic suit and mirror sunshades


10. Of course, I have to ask where you shop! Because your closet is Bae. So where do you shop and do you have any favorite Nigerian brands that just does it for you.

If I tell you, then I’ll have to kill you lol ( Jokes). I shop anywhere and every where and currently have a very reliable personal shopper CocoRichelle, who I like to call “The plug”. I can’t afford my favorite Nigerian brands though 😩 – JewelsbyLisa, Orange Culture (I’m a menswear fanatic, did I already say that?), Nuraniya, Onalaja, Andrea Iyamah gets me 👌🏾

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11. Have any style hacks that you use to instantly elevate your looks i.e make a casual outfit look cooler? Please share!

One word – Layering! And no, it doesn’t have to be with thick fabrics because I know someone will say hiaaan, in this our hot country lol. Layering does it for me all/most of the time.


12. Favorite fashion trend right now?

Mixing Prints.
Nigerian fashionista jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in ankara mixed prints and turban outfit


13. I’m sure you get this a lot, but why haven’t you started a fashion blog yet? Too cliche?

I don’t have any excuse, to be honest. I’m working on a few projects at the moment and the website is definitely one of them.


14. What’s one outfit you put together recently that just made you feel bad ass? You know how sometimes you put an outfit together and you just sit there hyping yourself because you look so dope in it?! That.

I haven’t quite hit it yet. There are many times when I feel like I could have done better with an outfit, styled it differently or something. But then I see 50 comments ” kill us”, “slay mama ” and I’m just there like “bish where ” 😂. It keeps getting better, I’ll give myself credit but I don’t have a favorite yet hehe


15.  Finally, do you have any last words/piece of style advice for my readers?

Two things: 1 – Wear what you like, how you like it( Don’t be afraid to explore your creative side) and 2 – never be a slave to trends!

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Nigerian fashionista jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in a yellow shift dress and turbanNigerian fashionista jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in a green mettalic pleated skirt and white turtle neck top Nigerian fashionista jennifer oseh, theladyvhodka in red flared pants and a pink sweat shirt

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did and maybe picked a tip or two.

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Is there anyone whose style you’re currently loving?

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