Sunday Best || Denim Layers + Print Pleated Midi Skirt.

Fashion blogger Cassie Daves smiling with kurt cobain sunshades on Fashion blogger Cassie Daves smiling with white kurt cobain sunshades on Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves smiling with kurt cobain sunshades on Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves in prints pleated midi skirt and a denim dress layered on a white shirt

Growing up, going to church on Sunday meant well-covered clothing – most likely a dress or pleated midi skirt, never pants and of course a head scarf because that was just the rules at church. It was just the way it is. You weren’t going to leave the house without a head cover of some sort and even if you managed to escape the scrutiny of my dad, you didn’t want to be the one aberration and have everyone staring at you.

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My mom was born and raised a Catholic but I grew up attending the Anglican church in the neighborhood with my family. My dad was raised as an Anglican so that meant we were automatically Anglican.

I haven’t been to an Anglican church in over eight years but I definitely remember Saturday nights searching for what to wear to church, the lengthy hymns and oh, the scarf problems! because I didn’t exactly like having to always go through the stress of finding a scarf that matched my outfit.

Over time, I got into university and could finally decide where I wanted to worship. I ended up getting sucked into the “Pentecostal” life. Getting acclimatized to the fact that I don’t have to be so uptight about my church outfit and can even wear pants to church hasn’t been the easiest. I subconsciously always still gravitate towards midi skirts especially pleated midi skirts that go below my knees.

Close up detail picture of fashion blogger cassie daves wearing a daniel wellington wrist watch on one wrist and a hand band in the other

All that backstory was maybe just to give you a glimpse of my childhood church experience and maybe also let you all know that I’m not new to this pleated midi skirt life haha.

I wore this to church the other Sunday and decided to “blog it” also! This look might feel a bit familiar, that’s because it’s an upcycled version of this denim dress outfit . Remember the very first time I featured the denim dress on my blog here? I mentioned that I already had a couple of ways I planned to style it. Well, here’s one of it.

I basically just threw on this prints pleated midi skirt, accessorized with my Kurt Cobain sunshades (which my friend said made me look like an Alien. lool) and called it a day. I’ve styled the skirt previously on the blog here and here but I think so far, this is my favorite of all the looks.

Check them out and let me know which you prefer

Also, did you have a similar childhood church experience? And what’s your church style like? Are you more of an Ankara/Iro and Buba to church person, skirt and blouse or dress person?

Please share, comment and let’s connect!



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  • Well church for me has always been the Pentecostal life but when i was younger it was always about scarves and skirts, but when i got to school the fellowship was much more relaxed, now i no longer cover my hair never fancied it and i wear palazzo/official pants to church.
    Love how chic the look is, just simple the look is and the fact you went with white shoes…nice!!
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  • I grew up as an Anglican and I have never really felt comfortable anywhere else. Dressing up for church in my house means going all out and I never stuck to the dull colors the elderly ones wear also because my mum always dressed me up so gorgeously as a child, I have always been a fancy church dresser. Midi skirts are also my go-to pieces mostly and I just always like to stand out in church LOL although I don’t see myself ever wearing pants to church service except for vigils. AS the Queen of layering that you are now, I like this look and I would definitely try something similar, although my mum would probably ask if I’m okay but she’s used to this fashion blogger life now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Loool at your mum asking if you’re okay. But I don’t think there’s anything weird about this look na – except for the glasses maybe. lol
      Thanks Wumi and yassss I see your church style posts and how you be slaying itttttt

  • Growing up, church was where I got to wear my finest clothes too because Monday -friday was school uniform. I think it contributed to me dressing really well to church as a grown up. I love how chic this look is. You brought 3 fashion faves together and made a badass combo.


  • I relate to this post on a spiritual level!
    Just sucks that I have to still go through that struggle when I’m with my folks. 😒
    Anyway, love that you always slay denim!

  • I think the church thing doesn’t depend on the Sect but on the church(branch) in particular. I’m Catholic everywhere I go but I’ve pretty much worn everything to church. From a pleated midi dress that belonged to my mom, to a pair of worn jeans and a bolero. My church in school is more lenient than church at home. ☺️

    Love what you did with the dress and skirt!
    I see the alien thing that your friend sees. lol.
    You look pretty. And the shoes are always a hit!

    • Lool! I see the alien thing too! Truth is, this glasses doesn’t fit all face shapes.
      About the sect thing, I think I agree with you but you also have to agree that things are changing now. Back when you were younger (secondary school), did you ever wear trousers to your catholic church or go without a scarf?

  • I love the way you incorporated the denim top in this look. It’s honestly not the most conventional way to put it on it but you did this effortlessly.
    Big ups.
    Plus your glasses are fantastic😀😀

    • If I do this, I’ll definitely end up not going to church because I will try on a million things and still be indecisive. Pre-planning helps me stay on track lol. I preplan even work outfits