Weekend Getaway – Road Trip’In To Ghana x Travel Essentials.

Nigeria Passport and Yellow Card For road trip to ghana

I’m off on a road trip to Ghana!

If you’re reading this, I’m most likely a few hours into a twelve-hour road trip to Ghana right now with fellow blogger Alex. Probably already tired of sitting still and eager to arrive at my destination in Accra.

It’s a love – hate relationship that  I have with road trips because, on one hand, I love the getting on the road, the sightseeing, and the feeling of “a new experience” but on the other hand – most road trips usually take too long and I get bored, tired of sitting and impatient to get to my location.

Anyone else feels this way about road trips?

I’m currently on a ten-day leave from work, so I decided that I had to use it to achieve something meaningful or tick something else off my bucket list and my idea of that was a getaway!

My First thought was initially to go to Togo seeing as my budget couldn’t afford the exotic African countries (Zanzibar and Co) but along the way, visiting Ghana popped up and I decided to go with that and travel to Ghana by road instead.

I’m super excited to be doing this road trip to Ghana because I thought it wasn’t going to happen but by the grace of God, something gave. Also, travel is always a good idea and I’m looking forward to the new experience, places and hopefully new people I’ll be meeting soon.

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In My Travel Bag.

Flat lay image of travel essentials for road trip to Ghana : Lucy daves sandals, SonyA6000 camera and cassie daves blog planner

Flat lay image of travel beauty essentials for road trip to Ghana Flat lay image of travelling bag and other essentials for road trip to Ghana : passport and yellow card Looks to shoot page in Cassie Daves blog planner Although I had written down a short list of what I’ll be wearing during my stay/visit to Ghana, I still had some last minute indecisiveness as to what to pack for my road trip to Ghana.

I can also be a bit of a scatter head and a major procrastinator so as expected, I left packing to the very last minute (literally the night before the trip) and figured coming up with a quick checklist might come in handy for me. Thought to share that, a few of my travel essentials and give you guys a glimpse into what’s in my travel bag as well!

Quick Checklist + Essentials.

  • Border Essentials: Passport + Yellow card.
  • Beauty Needs : Toiletries, my skincare products, eyeliner (the one makeup item I can’t do without!) and a few lipsticks and accessories (My daniel wellignton wrist goes everywhere with me these days and of course sunshades for that extra cool factor.
  • Clothing : I packed a whole lot of black and denim, Probably not the best idea out there as I’m sure it would be hot in Ghana but peep a bit of what my style formula for this getaway is like up there.
  • Footwear : Lucy Daves Sandals because heels what?! When my sister makes all these dope slippers.
  • Blog planner, Camera and laptop to keep those posts coming!

How do you ensure that you don’t forget anything when you’re travelling? Do you keep a checklist like me or you just trust in your ability to remember everything?

What are some carry-on items that you can’t travel without?

Nigerian Fashion blogger Cassie Daves at bus park, road trip to ghanaroad trip to ghana , 50 Ghana Cedi note

I don’t have all the itinerary figured out yet so if you’re in Ghana and won’t mind showing a pair of rookies around, holla in the comments! 

Ever been to Ghana(Accra)? Please share your must see places in the comment also so I can check it out. 

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