5 Note Worthy Life Lessons This Month.

Life lessons - Nigerian blogger Cassie daves sitting at a cafe in AccraIt’s been a long time since I shared some of the life lessons I pick up here and there from going through this roller coaster that is life. These days sitting down to process everything in a form fit to be expelled here seems like such a chore. I don’t know if this makes much sense to you all – but it’s like I can fully grasp these lessons when and as they come but when it comes to penning down these thoughts, I get a bit blank and never seem to find the right words.

I’ve decided to give it another go and share a few of these life lessons that have been reinforced lately. Reinforced because most of them are things that life already drums into us but sometimes we just need little reminders from time to time.

1. Never Stop Learning | Be Intentional About What You Want.

The beautiful thing about the world and life is that it is so vast and there is just so much you can be. The only limit to what you can achieve most times is yourself. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to start a Youtube channel and part of what has held me back asides from being shy about talking in front of a camera was waiting on people to help me edit these videos because I had no clue about videos/editing and all of that stuff. Recently, I actively started trying to learn it and I’m realizing that it actually isn’t as hard and scary as I thought. I have the same story for learning seo and Pinterest and now I just know that there’s nothing I can’t pick up.

Anything is learnable and possible if you just put your mind to it. So what are those skills you want to have? Is it starting a blog or whatever it might be (Make a list of these things) and then be intentional about it. Put in the time and work to learn it and believe me, you will soon realize that it isn’t as hard as you earlier thought.

If there’s one key thing I picked from the few King women videos I’ve watched (don’t know Kemi Adetiba’s King women series? What are you sleeping on?! Check it out here), it’s that these are women who are where they are now because they never stopped learning and improving their skills. They were intentional about their craft.

Are you asking questions? Are you seeking help or actively searching for answers? Never stop learning. Never stop growing and expanding your horizon.

Nigerian blogger Cassie daves sitting at a cafe in Accra sharing life lessons learnt lately2. Don’t Give Up.

One day I will write about almost quitting the Cassie Daves blog planner. Not today though. Today, I’ll just like to say that in all of that, I realized that giving up is the cowardly way to go. Some days will feel like a struggle to just stay afloat, but don’t let that break you. Don’t let that make you undermine your efforts or underestimate yourself. You can take a break but use the time to reinvent yourself/ your work, re-group, plan your next step and prepare for a better comeback.

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3. Embrace Yourself.

Maybe not the best title for this point I’m about to make. Lol. I’ve had such bad luck with friendships, I talked about it in this post. For the longest time, I would beat myself up about it and torment myself by thinking about how it’s probably just me with the flaws and how I really “ain’t shit”.

I don’t know when it changed but recently, I realized that although I still get overly critical of myself – I don’t beat myself so much over it. I am a genuinely good person, that’s something I can confidently say and I’m choosing to love all the good parts of me while working on the bits that need some fine tuning.

Find the things you love about yourself, They are enough. You are enough.

Life lessons - Nigerian blogger Cassie daves sitting at cafe kwae in Accra4. Sometimes you Just Need To Un-Plug.

Yes. we all want to slay and be girl bosses. I get that, totally and honestly. I relate. But I feel like most times we end up putting so much pressure on ourselves and buckle under the weight of it all.

Burn out is real my friends, so enjoy the work, enjoy the process, remember to tend to yourself and take some time out if need be. Being a girl boss doesn’t necessarily mean dying on the line.

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5. Be Your Own Hype Man.

Be proud of your work. Talk about it. Gas yourself up. I used to always downplay my achievements because I didn’t want to come across as proud. It seemed like not being known as “proud” was way more important to me.

Guess what? Not anymore! I am Cassie Daves and I wear it with so much pride these days. Pride in how far I have come, In my work and art and heck, in just being cool ass me.

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Nigerian Fashion and lifestyle blogger Cassie Daves sitting outdoor at Cafe Kwae in Accra, Ghana

I hope that I managed to share some of my jumbled up thoughts and it made a little bit of sense to you. I’ve been going around asking people in moments when they least expect it, what life lessons they’ve learned lately and it has been interesting and definitely insightful listening to the different responses.

So of course, I have to end this post by posing that same question to you all. Are there any lessons you’ve learned lately or that life somehow managed to reinforce to you lately? I would totally love to read them.

And while we’re at it, want to share one thing you love about yourself? Go ahead, gas yourself up!

Please share in the comments and let’s connect!


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  • I totally feel you as regards that last point, really need to hype myself more.
    This month, I was reminded again that I can do whatever I want, go through any challenge as long as I put my mind to it (this stems up from my NYSC camp experience, grateful I pulled through it all). I also learnt that most times the solutions to our problems stare right at us but we get too lost in all the “worry” to notice.
    Looking forward to what July has in store. Love and light ☺

  • Lovely post| I’ve a few lessons I’ll say a few
    • Do things at the right time
    • Re invent yourself as you said
    • have the right people in your life
    • family is important
    • live, love, laugh
    • music has a way of changing you

  • You hit the nail on the head. We are limitless really. It’s just in how much work we put in. One lesson that has been resounding lately is that no one is indispensable. When people walk out of your life let them go. If you feel the need to let someone go or the circumstances around you say so, don’t try to hold on.


  • These are so helpful Cassie. I can’t count how many times I’ve come close to just giving up on everything. Life, work, studies. Just everything. Then I realize that for the most part it’s just me being overly critical of myself.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • This blessed me so much!

    I’m doing this thing where I just stay consistent at what I’m doing and having a lot of patience while at it…because it may seem like nothing is happening..but hard work will definitely speak in the end.

    As much as Consistency is key, Patience is another vital key…else you’d be frustrated and give up even before reaping what’s to come after all you might have invested into that thing you are doing at the moment.

    Your Rome cannot be built in a day so keep laying your blocks of effort, dedication and have a ton of patience.


  • Thank you so much for these lessons that are reminders for me.
    Lately my lessons are:
    -Stay on the goal, no matter how depressing it might be. It’s perseverance that brings it to pass.
    -Ask: questions, for help. Dnt be quiet.
    -You are totally in charge of making your paths. So keep working on your dreams .
    Now to hype myself- I have the best eye for amazing Nigerian fashion brands. Think it’s a lie- check @min_slayers on Instagram. You will love it.

  • I think putting yourself first is another important thing. I recently ended a ‘friendship’ sort of and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever fin however the said friendship wasn’t doing anything for me again and I’ll do it again if need be. I put myself first ( rather than only consider the person’s feelings and keep going) and I’m proud of it!


  • I really enjoyed this post Cassie. It’s positive and inspiring.

    I’ve learned a lot in this ‘adulting’ journey. I’ve learned to love myself and have limited number of close friends. I don’t think I’ve also been too fortunate with friendship either.
    I’ve learned to love those who matter and expect nothing in return. I’ve equally learned to take life slowly and learn from any experience- good or bad. To take risks once in a while and invest in myself!
    I’d stop here for now lol.

    I hope you have an awesome month. All the best!