Blog Break, Life Lately & A Re-brand.

Life Lately blog post, Nigerian Fashion and lifestyle blogger Cassie Daves in big fro smiling broadly

Hey, Strangers!
Long time, no see.

This has to be the longest time I’ve spent away from the blog and without any notice. I want to blame my absence completely on work and life happening but that’s not really the case because I know that regardless I can always find ways to keep this space updated. Life Lately and these past few months just haven’t been the easiest. I honestly haven’t had the motivation to write, be creative or do much other than try to get through every day.

Blog Break.

I would probably not refer to myself as a workaholic but I’ve always had my hands deep in something. Whether it was just creating blog contents, figuring out /stressing over my blog planners or planning my next big move. There was always something to be done, places to be at and ways to keep my creative side stimulated.

Adjusting to my current crazy work schedule and the fact that I can’t do as much as I want to achieve my goals or be in charge of my own life (because of work demands) made me a bit depressed and left me feeling like I was losing in this life thing.

Life Lately blog post, Nigerian based Fashion and lifestyle blogger Cassie Daves

I put so much pressure on myself to do more and be more that I felt like life was moving too slowly for me, forgetting that I don’t have as much free time as I did in the past. I didn’t want to accept that this housemanship period was just a phase in my life and kept blaming myself for not being able to achieve my goals.

Internal pressure coupled with watching other people do major things got so much that I knew I just had to take a break, try to regroup and go back to the basics.

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But, Hey! I’ve really missed this space and connecting with all you wonderful people in the comments box. I’m glad to finally be back up in your faces and I hope you guys are ready to accept me back. lol

Life Lately

Life Lately blog post, Nigerian Fashion, beauty and lifestyle Blogger Cassie Daves Life Lately blog post, Nigerian fashion blogger Cassie Daves all wide smiles and big hair

So what have I been up to?

Well, here’s a bit of what life lately has been like! And because I’ve missed three taking stock/life update posts (whattt?!), I figured an update in the usual taking stock manner is in order.

  • Embracing: life as a doctor and tweeting (I’m on Twitter – @cassie_daves!) through the madness that is my housemanship experience.
  • Re-evaluating: Goals and coming up with better strategies that fit into my current life schedule to meet them.
  • Planning: Trips! Nothing super fancy because I can’t afford that yet but I plan to explore more of Nigeria and visit at least one other African country this year.
  • Growing: into this adulting thing, which I would forever think is a scam though.
  • Obsessing: over my new camera. That’s another thing that has been a long time coming. I’ve had my previous one since 2011 and I got it from someone who has had it way before then lol. New camera review coming up soon!

Life Lately has really been more about taking things slow, self-care and being gentle on myself. I used to wonder what life would be like without the whole “Cassie Daves” part of my life – just living life without much pressure and I got to experience a bit of that with my time off. I can’t say I blame people who live that way but the creative life chose me and I’ll try my best to live it to the fullest.

Life Lately blog post, Black fashion and lifestyle blogger Cassie Daves

Blog Re-brand.

The blog got a new look! I finally moved from Blogger to WordPress. This is something that I’ve talked about for ages and I also listed as one of my major blog goals for this year.
Finalizing this made me feel a bit better about myself and made me realize that the key thing is to keep moving forward regardless of how slow you think you might be going.

Life Lately blog post, Nigerian Fashion and lifestyle blogger Cassie Daves working on a computer

What’s different now?

Well, asides from the fact that this blog is no longer hosted on blogger but on WordPress, the blog page is no longer the first thing you see when you check my URL: I decided to go with a static home page instead so a new reader can get a fuller experience of what the website is about when they visit. With the static home page, you get to see sections of the site for easier access but If you want to see the main blog page instead with all the posts listed first when you visit the site, you can easily just bookmark ““.

I created a start here page in case you’re new to the blog and wondering where to start – Check it out for a low down about me, this blog and quicker access to some of my best contents and resources in one page.

I guess you can say that with this new layout, I’m trying to make the blog as “new-user” friendly as possible and of course create a better user experience for my old readers as well.
Life Lately blog post, Image of laptop screen showing home page of Cassie Daves blogLife Lately blog post, Image showing homepage of the Cassie Daves blogYou can also now shop the Cassie Daves blog planner directly on the site! Just go over to the shop section and order your planner in a few easy steps. Easy peasy!

I’ll talk more about my move from Blogger to WordPress in another post but let me just add a quick shout out to fellow blogger “Modavracha“.who made this move possible. Without her, I really would have been at it forever because I didn’t have enough time to DIY it. She offers super affordable blog services, including handling your move from Blogger to WordPress! Check them out here.

I hope you love the new site as much as I do. I’m excited to be back to the blog and continue doing what I love most which is creating content.

Let me know what you think about the new layout. Missed me and want to share as well? Send me those positive vibes in the comments boo!

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Author: Cassie Daves

  • Hi Cassie Daves,
    The blog looks really attractive with this new look,makes it easy to go through too.
    But mehnn, the pictures from your new camera are 💥💥💥!. Waiting to read your review of it.
    Well done!
    PS; Bring back the house job chronicles on IG.

  • Well done. I must say you’ve done a swell job keeping your blog updated, and yes, one should sometimes take a step back to reflect on one’s path and then plunge forward with more confidence.
    I must say moving to WordPress from blogger is indeed a major step, one which I’ve contemplated but haven’t got round to doing.
    This has to be the longest comment I’ve made on any blog, that goes to tell you how impressed I am with your drive, energy and passion.
    Keep keeping on!

  • Heyyyy! Welcome back!!

    Time off is always a good idea. I promise you soon you’ll be brimming with new creative ideas. I love that you mentioned learning to move at your own pace because that’s really the key. Do the best with your situation. It’s good to have you back and I’m excited to see what you do next!

    Welcome to WordPress!! xx

  • Welcome back Cassie! Loving the new blog look and I can relate very much on letting the “Creative Life” choose you. If I ever stop blogging or do I take a break I’d want to be involved in something else that challenges my CREATIVE JUICES 😂😄

  • hey girl! I am super happy you are back I genuinely missed reading your posts. okay now I get the twitter questions on camera and editing. anyways. this re-brand is goals yo,!!! can’t wait for steady posting!!

  • hey girl!! I’m so happy to have my fave girl back in the game!!! I can’t wait to see what’s up next!! and i guess the new cam explains the twitter questions. anyways. looking forward to regular posts!!!

  • FINALLY!!!!! I have just been watching, waiting and hoping you are fine. It’s good to have you back, love the new blog look. I am excited for all the things to come.

  • Welcome back! I kept checking and I thought I noticed a different theme one time, just me eh?
    I love this one, it’s more user friendly and more welcoming if that’s the word and I’m glad you’re back!

    Can’t wait to see your camera review, low key hoping it’s affordable too


  • Welcome back, Cassie! I must say that I missed reading your blog posts.
    The new layout is very lovely! I love how extremely easy it is to navigate. Leaving the blogosphere to clear things out is totally acceptable.

    Welcome back once again and we hope to see more contents from you. Hugssssssssss

    Oréoluwa’s blog

  • Hi Cassie Welcome back. Been a silent reader, hadn’t been commenting much but you inspire me to the fullest. Am happy you’re back and congratulations on the move. Hopefully, I get the courage to move my blog to wordpress one day that I’m silently hoping isn’t soon because anything can go wrong and I don’t want to be back at square one plus I’m in a good place with blogger right now. I will definitely check out her blog services, infact have already opened it in another tab. Wish you all the best! Do you have any collaboration ideas that bloggers who are geographically apart can still pull off succesfully especially regarding blog posts and I don’t mean just including links. Thanks dear. xxx

    My Thoughts On Dating a White Boy & Interracial Relationships || Am I Racist?, New Cultures & Mixed Babies

  • Well done Cassie. It takes a lot of strength, courage, wisdom, understanding, to accept that you need a break and to eventually take one. It also takes all of that and probably more to make a great comeback. I salute your resilient spirit because no matter what you go through, you’ve always made progress that was first and most importantly, important to you then beneficial to us. Thank you for honouring the creative life and inspiring many to do same.
    I couldn’t agree more on so many things you wrote here and it’s always so reassuring knowing that what you learn resonates with someone elsewhere.
    I look forward to the parts of you and life you’d be sharing.
    I wonder why I have this invisible dance as my “Yaaay!, you moved over.” Welcome. Modavracha did really good work.
    Who won’t accept you back with these lovely photos? Really strategic Cassie; really strategic.

  • Welcome back! I noticed you were quiet, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I haven’t been reading and catching up as usual.

    Yay to the new camera! And the move to WordPress!

  • Yaaaay!
    I love the new look, plus tbh it takes lesser time to load.
    Hope you enjoyed your well needed break, and are here to stay.

    Welcome back!!!

  • Yaaaaay, finally she’s back!! Missed you loads here, kept looking out for any new updates and posts from you. Hope the housejob ain’t stressing you out much, plus I’ve really gotta ask, how on earth do you do it? I mean running a good blog and being in the medical field,gave up on my lil’ blog last year because of med school and its wahala.I keep telling myself I’ll go back but I just haven’t found how to, but you give me hope, and I’m sooo glad you’re back!

  • Hi Cassie!
    Welcome back! Your blog looks pretty and smoother to navigate.
    And here’s to reading your amazing posts.
    Plus this move to WordPress is making the hunch I have to move as well even stronger.
    Once again, welcome back dear.
    Much ❤️

  • Your blog looks awesome. Great lay out! Good to have you back, I understand. Adulting is no joke, and I wish I could go back to being a teenager or something, but we all have to grow- that’s life!
    With time, you’d find what works for you with regards to your schedule.

    Wishing you the best with life, work, and all you plan to achieve. Have a great month ahead!

  • Hi Cassey, I love the new look. Actually I had not seen any of your post on Instagram then I thought of checking on you. its great that you are still blogging. I must admit I have done the same thing as well, taken some time off updating my blog just to refocus and push my top goals for this year.

    I have decided to focus on quality over quantity so my new goals is to post twice a month so I can focus on my big Money generating projects and improve my customer care and quality of service to my clients.

  • Hello Cassie,
    I discovered your blog some days ago and I have gone through a lot of your posts. You have a wonderful page.
    I quite understand the housemanship experience, embracing being a doctor in our peculiar settings and this adulthood thing. I am trying to figure it out too.
    Keep being resilient and enjoy the becoming process.
    Much love…

    • Heyyyyy fellow Doctor!!!
      Thank you so much for reading my bblog and leaving a comment! I truly appreciate this. Maybe follow on twitter so we can connect? Would love to!

  • This is so important. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back because you’ll most likely come back better. Well done 💪🏾💪🏾

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