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Outfit || Styling Mom Shorts.

Friday, 17 March 2017
Because The High Waisted  Denim Mom Shorts Is A Vintage Classic That Can Never Get Old!

This blog post was meant to be a really quick one. The plan was to drop in, say hi and leave these pictures with a few words but the phrase above popped into my head randomly and I knew just had to follow it through. Haha

Short shorts aren't really my thing, or too tight shorts. I like my shorts like I like most of my clothing - with some room to breath. So while high waist loose fitting denim pants a.k.a mom jeans are all the rave now, there's the slightly overlooked but equally awesome high waisted denim mom shorts that I think should get some love too.
I mean, what better way to show off your legs while still looking retro cool too?.

This was one of my super casual looks during my ATL vacation. I wore this to faff around at home and then to head down to walmart with my aunt. Looking back now, I probably should have paired it with something other than the converse. For some reason I can't place my hands on, the sneakers just doesn't look right to me but then that might just be me being overly critical of my outfit.
What do you think and how would you have styled this high waisted denim mom shorts better? And while we are on the topic of shorts, how do you like your shorts? - short shorts, loose fitting?
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Oh and Re : My last med diary post - I got posted to a pretty chilled posting (Thank God)!

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15 comments on "Outfit || Styling Mom Shorts. "
  1. Gawsh, I haven't worn shorts in the longest time!!!!!! I miss shorts :(

    As soon as I saw the first photo, I knew it had to be from your last vacay here.

    Seeing as I'm not a sneaker girl, I would most probably have worn sandals or slippers.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. I've been looking for this kinda shorts for a very long time. I hope I find it, I like how it's not so tight and It also feels very comfortable

  3. These shorts look really comfy but still cool. Love the styling. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  4. Oh that looks really good Cass, i'm tempted to ask where you get your denim from. i would pair this with some oxfords for that retro boho look.

  5. Love that it's a washed jeans....nice

  6. That's how I like my shorts too. Cool look.

  7. I love shorts but I feel like they look better on those that have long legs compared to we 5'5ft people. lol

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  8. They look so free & comfy. I do love shorts and I think the converse looks great with them!

  9. Cassie has legs for days! Your legs are so nice. Let me halt Before I start sounding like an obsessed perv. I like my shorts above the knee but not super short and I like them a little loose and not too fitted. Love this look and I think the sneakers look nice with it rather than flats or sandals (not like they are bad)

  10. Now you want to make me try get one of those. I love the sneakers with it though, looked really nice.

  11. I too agree that Mom shorts are not as appreciated as Mom Jeans. The sneakers look perfectly okay, totally gives off this laid-back Casj look.

  12. I am never throwing any 'out dated' clothing away ever again. See how the shorts look on you, so nice. Every time fashion likes to do come back nd i'll now start missing out. Enough is enough

  13. I have not yet found the perfect mum jeans so I can't really say whether I like them or not. However, this look has given me ideas. Its simple and cute.x

  14. YOUR BLOG!!!!!
    it is such an inspiration. im in love with your style
    ive been reading your blog to gain tips for mine
    ive recent started blogging too
    you can have a look here :

  15. Non stretch jeans are in, so are florals too. And i love how you incorporated both in your outfit. Your converse perfectly completed the look. Right now i can't think of what other footwear you should have worn.



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