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Mon Guerlain Perfume review, what mon guerlain perfume looks like unboxed
Mon Guerlain Perfume review, what mon guerlain perfume packaging looks like

I hardly do perfume reviews but I’m making an exception with this Mon Guerlain perfume review and hopefully more to come because if there’s one other thing you should know about me (that I didn’t share in my 15 random facts about me post), it is that I LOVE perfumes! I love receiving them, love sniffing them, love everything about them! Who wouldn’t anyways? Smelling good is such a morale booster, quote me anywhere.

I plan to share my top five favorite perfumes in another post soon but for this post, I’ll be talking about and doing a quick review of my current scent and new love – Guerlain’s new women’s perfume: Mon Guerlain.

Just a quick fun fact because I was mind blown when I realized this: Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume, skincare and cosmetic house in the world. It is a Parisian brand and has been in business since 1828 (If that ain’t goals, I really don’t know what is!)I was super excited to receive a complimentary bottle of the Mon Guerlain perfume- their latest women’s fragrance. I honestly wasn’t going to do a full review on it because when I first got it, I took a quick whiff and wasn’t so sure how I felt about the scent but after using it for a day, I fell in love! So much that I tweeted about how good I smell the other day. Lol


Mon Guerlain Perfume review, mon guerlain perfume package imageMon Guerlain Perfume review, Mon Guerlain perfume 100ml bottle designMon Guerlain Perfume review, Mon guerlain perfume100ml bottle customized with cassie daves written

So, Why do I love Mon Guerlain?

Now, I’m not a huge fan of women’s perfume. Whenever I think of female perfumes, I immediately think of something floral-fruity that wouldn’t last the day. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mon Guerlain isn’t fruity or overly sweet which I guess is because of the base of sandalwood in it. It has this clean, fresh Powdery scent that I really like and makes me feel sexy (Yes I said it!) 

The longevity of this scent was another pleasant surprise that makes it get into my good books. It lasts through the day, clings to my clothes, and I like that I can still catch whiffs of it through the air whenever I move. 

Finding the right word to describe it wasn’t easy but I’ll just say that if you’re a fan of feminine perfumes that aren’t your typical sweet-smelling fragrance but instead has that clean sophisticated yet feminine scent and lasts all day long, then Mon Guerlain will be just right for you.

Mon Guerlain Perfume review, Mon guerlain customized 100ml perfume bottle Mon Guerlain Perfume review, Mon Guerlain perfume package with ingredients showing

The only thing I’m not so crazy about is the packaging because frankly, I’ve seen more exciting perfume bottle designs. I love to collect perfume bottles so I’m really sold by unique looking ones but one thing this particular bottle has that others don’t have is my name engraved on it – Super cool stuff!!! I’m kind of obsessed with my name and a sucker for personalized gifts and I think it was so thoughtful of them to have it customized for me.

This is the very first perfume from Guerlain that I’ve used and I find it hard to believe that I am only just discovering the awesomeness that is this brand. I will definitely be giving them a try from now on and Mon Guerlain gets a fat green tick from me! You can purchase it at any Ess
enza store in Lagos and all perfume stores nationwide.

Ever used any Guerlain Perfume/Product before? What type of perfumes are you into – Feminine, Masculine?  And what perfume makes you feel flirty? if you’ve used Mon Guerlain, let me know what your thoughts are!

 Please share and lets connect!

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