Beauty || Getting Wigged With Nappyhairedwigs x New Signature Look.

Anyone else having a dejavu moment right now? You’re probably wondering if I went and did the same hair style as my very first crochet fro all over again. Obsessed much?
Well, No and Yes!
I’ll explain.

I loved having a fro so much, as you all could probably tell from how I rocked the life out of my first Fro hair and with all the amazing compliments I got from everyone (except the elderly nurses at work who thought I looked like a riff raff), I seriously considered making that style my signature look.

I’ve always known that I’ll look good as a naturalista – Yagazie or Nikki Anyasi’s level though, with all that kinky hair flying around and looking too cool for school. 
So yes, I went and got a similar hair do but this time, I went for a wig from a brand I love Nappy Haired.



Wigs are all the rave now, with so many wig brands popping up at every bend of the road but I’ve been so reluctant to join the party.

My earliest recollections of wigs was the story my mum told me of how my brother was so much of a terror as a child that he went round pulling people’s hair to drag off their wigs. Lol! Coupled with the many stories I hear of people trying to alight a bus and somehow forgetting their wig in a jagged edge, it just made the whole concept of wigs look like an easy way to embarrass myself. Like, literally asking for it.

Lately though, I’ve had a rethink because what better way to maintain my badassary whenever I want to? I just get to pop that bad boy on my head whenever and instantly get transformed to alter ego Daves – Nappy Haired Cool Kid.

I’m wearing a wig from Nappyhaired like I stated earlier. They make gorgeous wigs but I’m all about their crochet wigs, so when she had me make a choice – that was the first thing that came to mind.

I know this looks really similar to my very first crochet fro but here’s where they differ. 

  • This is definitely softer! What you all probably didn’t know was that after a while, the other hair kinked up and started looking like a sister to dreads. Haha. I didn’t mind that look either though but I know this won’t be switching up on me anytime soon.
  • This also has a different cut, while the other one was a side pattern. This sits right in the centre and let’s me have that hair falling over the face, semi fringe thing I’ve always wanted – so winning!
I probably wouldn’t be a wig wearer everyday because I’ve found that I just might be slightly tender headed and anything that sits around my head like a band eventually gives me headache but for now I’m loving this wig and looking forward to rocking it as much as my tender head will let me. 
What about you? 
Wig lover, Wig obsessed, Wig-saywhat?
Have any funny wig story to share, would definitely love to read that! 
Also, what do you think about making this look my signature look? 
Sharreeeee and let’s connect! 

Pic : @tukemorgan

P. S – Check Nappyhaired out on Instagram. They are also offering a 10% discount off this Afro wig Lola to all the people in the cassiedaves ministry so use the code Cassie007 (because bad
They also host wig making workshops, just incase you’re interested in learning how to make your own wigs. 
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