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Hey Guys!
How did your weekend go?

I finally got around to going to the lekki arts and crafts market this weekend!. I’ve been meaning to visit the market for ages now and when I got my first free weekend in a while, I immediately knew that I had to use it to tick something fun off my to do list. I initially planned to go to badagry or visit the erin ijesha waterfalls but my friend discouraged me siting the marathon as a bad timing to plan a road trip. So the next option was to look for somewhere close by to head to and the lekki arts and crafts market made the cut. I’m a big fan of anything artsy and I’ve read nice things about the place also.

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The arts and crafts market is basically the same as the jakande market in Lekki. I’ve been there a few times to buy foodstuff and I didn’t realize it was going to be in the same place. I kept asking my friend if he was sure we were at the right place because somehow, I had pictured a market dedicated to the arts and crafts alone probably with a “welcome to the lekki arts market” sign at the entrance. Lol

We had to navigate through the market to get to the arts and crafts section proper. Regardless of the boring exterior, the market was really nice and super organized with a wide range of picks from bags, african inspired accessories, paintings, crafts,  sculptures, wood carvings, to furnitures. The list is endless!
I didn’t get to go round the whole market because I was really sweaty and my friend was getting hungry and wanted to leave but here are a few of my finds and things that caught my eyes at the market.

Bags and Accessories.
There were lots and lots of bags – ankara/animal skin bucket bags, backpacks, totes  but I’m not a big fan of ankara bags so the animal skin type were the ones that spoke the most to me. I especially loved the bags in the first picture and wanted to get that but when I got back to the shop after going round to check out other options, the seller had gone to pray and we couldn’t wait 🙁  I also really wanted to get the cowrie necklace because the one I got sometime last year disappeared before I even got to wear it but the seller wasn’t speaking my price language, coupled with my friend that kept bugging me.
Clothes & Fabrics. 
Majorly ankara and african inspired clothing. We checked out only one store but I saw a couple of pretty ankara shift dresses that I wouldn’t have minded owning. They also had Ankara fabrics for sales too. 

I was super impressed by the market and it made me realize just how gifted people are. I didn’t take pictures of any of the art works/shops because I wasn’t interested in buying any (till when I have my own house lol)
I tried doing a live instavideo but that was a fail because I couldn’t look around, shop and be useful to myself while holding a camera and reading messages at the same time. How do yall vloggers do it?!

What I Got. 

Things are a bit pricey though but with good bargaining, you might be able to get a good price.
I ended up buying a hand bag for 3000Naira (I probably should have tried bargaining more), wallet for 1500Naira, ankara earrings for N500 and my friend got me the pants for 2000N (a price I didn’t agree on but he liked it too much to let it go) 

I actually would love to go to this market again because I have a particular picture concept I want to take there lol plus now that I know that I need to bargain well, I would love to try that out and get a few things more too. 

So if anyone plans to go and needs a plus one, I’m your girl! 

Have you been to the lekki arts market before? 
What was your experience like? 
Share and let’s connect guys! 

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