2017 Blog Planner Flash Sales For Vals Day x New Orders.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
How are you spending your day?
As for me, I’m currently about to go into the theatre for a surgery. Yeahh, I’m having a swell valentine’s day. But that’s not why we are here – at least not totally.
Valentine’s Day is all about receiving and giving I’ve and in the spirit of that – I’ve decided to give 15% off the Cassie Daves Blog Planner lasting today only (well yesterday and today – this is why you should follow our page on instagram @cassiedavesblogplanner so you get updated on deals and giveaways). Use the code csplanner15 at check out to today only to get 15percent off!

We currently have just seven planners left and only in the monochrome and pink polka dots cover design. Don’t say Cassie never did nothing for you 😂😕. 

Just getting to know about the Cassie daves blog planner? Full details here! Be warned though – your blog life is about to get way more organized and better with it!

Psst! Want a customized planner with your name on it?
I’m also now taking new pre-orders! It’s never to late to start taking your blog more seriously. It’s like Aunty Betty of Genevieve Magazine said “whenever you wake up is your morning”. Don’t get it? 
A lot of people weren’t too happy that they didn’t get to have their names on their planner, so if you would prefer to have yours customized with your name. You can pre-order Now! Pre-order lasts from now till Sunday the 19th. You also get 10% off when you Pre-Order, which means you will be getting the planner for N4500 instead of the original N5000

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