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HELLO 2017!
First (style) post of the new year and I just had to bring out the big guns. Although these pictures were shot somewhere around mid 2016, I couldn’t have put them up at a more befitting time.
I’m immensely proud of these shots. You can probably tell from the fact that I stored them for so long – what’s that thing about saving the best for the last again? Lol
Alabi (Remember him from this post?) took these pictures at the Tokpa market in Cotonou. It was one of those days we set out to explore and get a few good pictures in the bag as well. He already had the whole idea/concept to shoot with the cabs right from the start and finding one with just the right amount of baggage at the top made for the perfect back drop. 
The cab men were so pleasant and helpful, even suggesting ways to improve our shot and generally helping steer people away from our picture frame – one area where the beniniose people defer from Nigerians. Unlike Nigerians, where everything is an avenue to extort money, they didn’t ask for any. 
But enough about the pictures for now, let’s talk a bit about the outfit.  
I think my outfit was the perfect choice for this shoot – the frame, location and all.
What do you think?

It wasn’t at all planned though – I just knew that if I was going to be out exploring, I had to be comfortable at the very least and the dungarees signified that for me.  
I was probably the most excited when I got the memo that dungarees where now back in style. There’s nothing I love more than an easy throw on outfit that still amps up your cool factor. I’ve styled this dungarees previously here , here and here.
Decided to go the casual route this time too with a muscle tee, my crochet fro tied up in a bandana and sandals.
Let me know your thoughts on the outfit and shoot in general.
Also free to share and let’s connect below!
 P.S – So Sorry I held out on revealing the giveaway winners for so long. The winners are Vincent Desmond and Chidinma Amogu. Thank you all ao much for participating
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