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I’ve had this post in my drafts for a short while now but wasn’t quite sure of how well it would be received. In the spirit of feeding my inner child and because I said there would be more Lagos living posts this year in my blog recap, so here goes!

If you were born, bred and buttered in Lagos, you probably know of/have pictures of you taken at the Apapa amusement park posing in front of one of the rides while your mum egged you on to smile.
I have vague memories of my own trip down there as a kid, but I remember the carousel because there is this particular picture of a crying me sitting next to my mum and aunt with it looming in the background.

The Apapa amusement park was the in spot for kids in Lagos back then but then as with almost every good thing in Lagos, poor maintenance happened and it shut down.
When I heard that it was being renovated, it brought back childhood memories (though hazy) and I knew I just had to go back to see for myself and this time etch it in my memory, especially now that I’m old enough to never forget. Lol

Going there on this particular day wasn’t planned though. I mentioned in my last taking stock post that I planned to get on a train ride to Abeokuta for a mini adventure. Well, that never happened because we (my adventure buddies) and I got to the train station in the morning hoping to have a day full of exploring, only to find out that the train wasn’t going to show up for some reason best known to them. 
Since we were already on the Apapa axis, I suggested we check out the park. The Apapa amusement park is located at Number 1 Randle road in Apapa, but I doubt you need the address to find it because it is a popular spot. 
I really wasn’t expecting the beauty I stumbled on when we got there. Like, At all! It looked like something out of a super mario game or a disney cartoon. The architecture, colours and just about everything was super impressive. Just the right amount of spacious, pretty enough to make for dope pictures – I must say that I actually felt like a child again that day.
We got there pretty early in the morning and because it was a week day, it was practically empty (which I liked anyways). I was content and happy just taking in the sights of the place that getting on a ride wasn’t on my mind. I can’t really remember how the lady in charge broke down the costs for us but you can peep the picture of the price list up there. We didn’t get to pay anything though, since we weren’t getting on a ride and just wanted to have a look around. 
Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to use our camera inside which was really heartbreaking, do I had to make do with my Infinix Hot S, which I reviewed Here
Aside from the rides (which they have a variety of) there is also an indoor games center, events center and food court too.
Because the initial plan was to go to Abeokuta, climb the olumo rock and see some other historical sites, I decided to go super comfy with my high waisted shorts that I like to call mom shorts (I mean, if there are mom jeans – there should be mom shorts too right? Lol), oversized print shirt that was initally tucked out for an easy breezy feel, my lucy daves sandals and a face cap for the sun.  

I had a pretty good time at the amusement park and I intend to visit again to get on the rides and release my inner child.

Have fond memories of the amusement park as a kid? Please sharee! That should be pretty fun to read. 
Also, have you been to there lately. What did you think of the new look?
As always, feel free to share and let’s connect!

Update : Googled mom shorts and yup! That’s what it’s actually called. Hehe

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