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Beauty || The One Makeup Item I Can't Do Without.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Its amazing how inspiration comes to you in the most random ways. The inspiration for this post came to me yesterday morning while I was rush-prepping for work like I almost always do, and trying to decide between rushing back into the bedroom to do a slight face fix up or just head straight for the door.

Now, I'm not a beauty expert and when it comes to makeup, its basically just touch and go for me. I'm mostly always bare faced and un-bothered. But if there's one thing I hardly go without, its my eyeliner.

I came to this realization yesterday, because as you guessed, I decided to head back into the room, pull out my "makeup bag" and then proceeded to spend even more time trying to decide if to just let the eyeliner go for today and be totally and completely plain faced. The eyeliner won.
This mini obsession with having to draw a "cat-eye" every morning started back in my early university days from an insecurity.
I always hated my eyes - I thought that they were droopy and made me look sleepy and tired. So when I discovered the power of black lined eyes and how it somehow managed to make me look a bit more "awake", I was hooked!

In case you're wondering, no this isn't a sponsored post and not an advertisement for the eyeliner. I picked up this eyeliner off a road seller. Its not a name brand and its definitely not the best out there, so I need recommendations!
What's your favourite eyeliner? Eye pencil, liquid, khol, gel or powder?

I did a mini review on the zaron liquid liner here, which is definitely one of my faves and the only other one I've used anyways.
You would think that with all this my cat eye makeup game would be on fleek, but I barely have a pass in even that. Lol!

I know there are so many colours of eyeliners but I've been afraid to deviate from black. If you use any other colour and can swear by the effect it has on your eyes, please sharreeeee.

On this note, I think re-introductions are in order. So guys! My name is Cassie Daves and I'm slightly obsessed with black eye liners.

What about you?
What is the one makeup item in your collection that you literally can not do without?

Can you imagine wearing only one makeup product for the rest of your life?
Shareeee, let me know your thoughts and keep the recommendations coming in please!

P.S -
I don't hate my eyes so much anymore but I won't say it's one of my best features either. On some days, I'm still tempted to hide them behind my glasses like I used to do but I've definitely accepted them.

P.P.S -
Inspiration - 5 ways to wear your favourite sneakers.

Behind The Scenes x My Mania Magazine Feature.

Friday, 23 September 2016
Style Mania Magazine September Edition Ode To Bloggers Flatlay Picture
An Ode To Bloggers.

Hey guyss!
I got featured on yet another magazine as a blogger again and not a model. To think that at a point in my life, I was really dreading the moment I was going to have to finally take out the title "model" from my name but the switch has been so easy! And it helps that I still get to be on magazines regardless.
My first proper feature as a blogger was on Guardian life with some of the best Nigerian bloggers out there! I blogged about the experience here.
This time around, I was featured alongside male fashion blogger Akin Faminu (check out our dapper style collaboration post) for an editorial spread for Style Mania.
The theme of this edition was centred around blogging/bloggers in Nigeria and also featured other bloggers like Noble Igwe and Ez of BeautyinLagos)

I love documenting the behind the scenes of my shoots, something I started as a model sharing my model diary with you guys. So of course, I also have some behind the scene pictures to share from this mania shoot.
A rack of clothes behind the scene of cassie daves mania magazine shoot.
Godson Ukaegbu and Akin Faminu With Cassie Daves At Style Mania Office In Anthony Village
Cassie Daves Crochet Fro Hair Half Face Picture
Cassie Daves At Photo Shoot With Makeup On
We had the shoot the day before I had to leave on my road trip to Cotonou, which was going to be a bit stressful because I know how long these things can take but I was excited for it all. I got there early and took some pictures before/after my make up at the mania office before we had to leave for the shoot location.
Polaroid Pictures On Grass And White Shoes
The shoot location was at the MKO Abiola garden at Alausa. It was really funny because we didn't have anywhere to change lol but we found a way around it, even though it was quite awkward.
My first look was this peplum top and skirt mix. I can't recall the designer but If you buy the magazine, you can find all the details there. The shoot was also done with a polaroid camera, I'm not sure why though but that was the creative direction.
My second and third looks were my favourite! Unfortunately, I didn't get a full picture of the green dress and the polaroid pictures didn't do a good job in getting the outfits but it is by Designer Gozel Green. Same goes for the red dress, which was easily my fave! I think red is my colour, as evidenced by this dress and the red jumpsuit in this post.
Who else loves my lipstick in the picture up there? That makeup was my favourite!
There was quite a bit of hassle because we (and I mean the mania mag team) had to settle the touts around before we could shoot and even after that, we got back to our cars after the shoot to find the tires all deflated because they wanted to get more money from us. It was annoying and really saddening but I was just glad it didn't escalate into something else and we still managed to have a productive day regardless.
I also contributed to this edition as well, asides from the editorial. Like I said this edition was an ode to bloggers and I love that the blogging industry here is currently on a rise and bloggers are being celebrated/ recognized more. Unfortunately, more than a few people still don't understand the whole concept of blogging or what being a blogger means as I talked about in my previous post on the different reactions I've gotten from people here.
I got a couple of bloggers to explain the movement and importance of bloggers to those who haven’t gotten with the program.
To read what they had to say and see the full feature, just get a copy of the magazine for yourself!

Do you already have a copy?
What do you think of it?
Let me know your thoughts please 
And let's connect!

P.S - I've worked with Mania Magazine as a model and you can check out that shoot Here.
- Want details on my hair? I blogged all about my crochet fro here.

P.P.S - If you want to join the blogging gang or take your already existing blog to the next level, hit me up and let's work together! I'm currently taking on a few people for my blog consultations. Read full details here.

Outfit || How To Wear The Mom Jeans.

Monday, 19 September 2016
Waist coat for women fashion and mom jeans
mustard velvet waist coat and crochet fro
styling a mustard female  vest
Styling The Mom Jeans.

Hi Guys!

You may have noticed that I have a sort of schedule on the blog? I usually put up a style post, followed by two other non-style post. You didn't notice? No? Okay. Lol

Well, I have a style post for today (obviously) and all this preamble is majorly because I'm trying to just wing this post. Lol. Sometimes, it gets hard figuring out what to accompany a style post.

But let's get right into it!

Today's outfit is a mix of two of my favorite things - the waist coat and mom jeans!

My waist coat love affair is no news, I even dedicated a whole post on how to style a waist coat here.
The mom jeans however is one of my fave bottoms (besides the harem pants and boyfriend jeans) that I haven't talked about much here and that has been on my "Need list" forever now.
I finally managed to cop not one, but three when I traveled to Atlanta and that was honestly one of my happiest moments in my life. No jokes. Lol

Mom Jeans are definitely hot and in fashion! Although they aren't exactly the most flattering pair of jeans out there, you can't deny the cool vibes they give when properly styled.
The secret to properly rocking the mom jeans is definitely all in the styling.
Mom Jeans are back and here's how to style it! Click to tweet.

denim mom jeans fashion trend
I decided to go the "Androgyny inspired" route in styling my mom jeans. They already give off a menswear type vibe with the baggy fit, so topping up my look with a waist coat only seemed natural.
Okay, I lie.

It didn't exactly come natural, I was doing one of my styling sessions where I get out clothes I dreamt about (you don't dream of outfit combinations? Ah ) or thought up and try in front of a mirror. I accidentally happened on this pairing and I was so excited about how good it all looked together.
My mum and brother had other ideas though, they were constantly mocking my jeans but I wasn't going to let that faze me. I wore this to the nedoux sewing workshop I blogged about here.
I definitely have lots of plans to rock and rerock this jeans and can't wait to show you all the various ways I style it!

What do you think of the mom jeans?

Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less?
How would you style it better?
Please shareeee and let's connect!

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P.S -
Check out some of the different places I've styled this waist coat previously here.
Outfit || Black x Mustard.
http://Outfit || Vested
Styling the raffia hat.
Weekend casual style inspiration
Outfit || Bow - Tied

Oh, You're A Blogger? An Open Letter To Everyone Asking What I Do.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Over the last couple of days, I've had to answer the "so, what else do you do" question on more than a few occasions at work.
I always get hesitant when asked and I'm never quite sure if to bother explaining that I am a blogger. Of course, that's me just trying to state what I do in simple terms because saying I'm a creative entrepreneur and content creator might be a bit complicated.

The few conversations I've had haven't been motivating to want to bother giving a reply to that question. I've found that most people just immediately think that I must be into the "linda ikeji" type of blogging - news/gossip and when I delve further to explain that I am in fact a fashion and lifestyle blogger, they just seem lost and then proceed to belittle it.

A colleague's reply to my answer, after forcing my blog url out of me and checking it out was that "people must be really jobless to just sit down and read this and oh! So you just sit and write about yourself.
Another suggested some topics for me to write about and they were mostly political news. Lol

A good number of people have the same view of bloggers and blogging here in Nigeria. Right from my colleagues at work, to even my own family (both extended and nuclear)

My Aunt just recently asked me what I was going to specialize in and when I said I wasn't sure, she proceeded to give me a speech on how she's sure its that blogging thing that is still in my head. She made it sound like child's play, like a waste of time.
Also, the other morning I was trying to send out an email to my subscribers while also preparing for work and my dad looked and me and went "you know this computer thing you do" has to stop now that you have a job.

I can give a million and one instances where people have belittled what I do but it all still balls down to the same thing. They don't quite get what "this blogging thing" is all about and how much of a big deal it is.

So here's just an open note to anyone wondering what in the world I mean when I say that I'm a blogger.
  • No, I don't mean that I write about news and gossip. There happens to be other niches asides from that. I write about my personal style/ life journey, fashion tips and blogging advice too.
  • Yes I write about what I wear and my life, amongst other things but it is way more than that. Even if it weren't more than that, just doing this has made me able to work with lots of big brands and more yet to come.
  • No, I'm not just joking around on the internet and wasting time. I'm making meaningful connections and creating a name for myself in the process too.
  • Yes, I make money off my blog and No, I'm not as rich as Linda Ikeji yet.

And because I try to pick out lessons from every thing, this has shown me where I'm also at fault and taught me that I definitely need to ditch the generic way of introducing what I do, and get a more solid and concise elevator pitch.
Although, I honestly don't get offended (I'm more unbothered) when people don't understand what I do, it is important to actually educate them better. This is one of the reasons that I'm really excited about the new style mania magazine which has a focus on bloggers from different niche and the importance of blogging industry in Nigeria.

If you own a blog, that you happen to take seriously. Do you get similar responses from people when you tell them that you blog? What's your elevator pitch?
How do you explain "this blogging thing" you do to people?
Please shareeee!
And let's connect

P.S - I talked a bit about ways blogging has impacted on my life positively in this post
- And if you're a blogger , you should totally check out these 15 things every blogger can relate to here. I feel like I should add people misunderstanding what you do to that list.
- Also check out my blogging tips If you're looking to start your blog.

P.P.S - Please feel free to share this post using the share buttons.

My First Sewing Experience

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hey Guyssss!
Guess what?
I sewed something!

Although, I wouldn't exactly call this my first sewing experience because I made some pretty awesome aprons during home economics class, back in secondary school.

Learning to sew has been on my bucket list forever now, which in itself is pretty shameful because my mum does a neat job.
Now you might be wondering why I haven't learnt since I have a mum that sews but I wanted the real deal, learning from someone who made a living from sewing and who would be patient enough to deal with my slow pace. That, plus plain ol' laziness.

My sister recently signed up to learn under a tailor and she has been tensioning everyone at home with the lovely outfits she is already making and that has inspired me even more to learn. So when the opportunity for me to finally get some practical lessons presented itself in the form of a sewing workshop put together by Blogger and sewista Nedoux, I had to jump at it!
I mentioned that I was going to attend the workshop in this post and a couple of people asked me to do a recap post so if you did, this is for you!
I got to the venue a teeny bit late and immediately fell in love with the location. It was perfect! Unfortunately, the rain decided to ruin my chances of taking pictures there.

Nedoux put together for everyone a bag of the basic sewing tools we were going to be needing and even though that was to be expected, I still thought it was really nice.

We started off with the theory bit, sewing terminologies and a bit of gists here and there. Although I enjoyed the light banter, I was itching to get into the real work and couldn't wait to get started proper.
We were majorly going to be learning to sew a pleated full skirt and a few other basic styles. When we eventually got into the main work though, it didn't take too long for me to get tired. Lool. Mainly because we had to hand sew the skirt, but it was a pretty fulfilling moment.
Time wasn't really on our side, so we all couldn't fully complete our skirts but we definitely got the basic knowledge and framework down.
Another thing I was really impressed with was the food! We got a food menu and made our orders at the beginning of the workshop. It wasn't the usual food I was expecting, instead we got a robust menu and I had my fave - shawarma!
All in all, I had a pretty productive time and we all got a detailed picture tutorial of the workshop after the event.

I still plan to learn proper with a tailor after my housemanship though, because I can't wait to be stunting hard like my sister currently is and making most of my clothes myself.

I haven't found an affordable tailor to learn under though! So if you have suggestions, I definitely wouldn't mind at all.

Also, do you know how to sew?
If yes, how/where did you learn?
As always, leave me your thoughts please and let's connect!

Inspiration || 4 Hacks To Instantly Look More Stylish.

Saturday, 10 September 2016
  The Cool Kid Style Guide.

If there's one thing that gets me all excited and revved up in this fashion game is finding people with real style. People that slay effortlessly and can make even the most basic outfit look really cool! Style blogger, Grace Alex is big in my books because of this.

What I've come to realize though, from my own self-acclaimed "cool kid status" *side eye* and years of stalking stylish people is that you really don't need to have a large super cool wardrobe (most of us don't! I know I don't ) or even be a "fashion person" to look stylish/cool.
For some people, its just in them. True! but there are ways to "fake it, till you actually make it". Simple hacks and tiny tweaks here and there can elevate an outfit and make you look instantly cooler.

I talked a bit about this in my post on the power of the extras but in this post, I'll be sharing four of these "style hacks"/tips that will instantly make you look more fashionable, as well as some style inspiration to go with it.

Let's dig in.

1. Wear your jacket as a cape.

Read full post of Look One, Two & Three

And by this, I mean draping it loosely over your shoulders. This one is a personal fave of mine as you guys can already tell. I hear its called the "Shoulder Robing" or "Coat Slinging". What I know for sure though, is that this is one definite way of adding an extra oomph to an outfit and is a popular one amongst the fashion crowd.
Pictures : @songofstyle, @stylebyada, @seddyleketi

2. Put a hat on it.

 Or a Turban.
Read full post of Look One & Two
Wide brimmed hats of course take center stage here. They've been like the ultimate "fashion person/cool kid" accessory and for good reason! They definitely have a way of making you look super cool when worn right.
A turban is another one of my faves for spicing up a look. If you're still in doubt, Paola Matthe of Finding Paola is a walking example of how effortless pairing a head wrap with any basic outfit can instantly switch things up. 
Other hats that are slowly taking over are the Beret, fez, visors (topless hats) and gatsby hat. Currently looking to get me some visors and a gatsby hat!

Pictures : @findingpaola, @t2pitchy
Read my style inspiration post on the beret and fez hat.
And my picture tutorial on how to tie a turban perfectly here

3. Layer with a shirt inside.

This is one fail proof style hack and it automatically makes anyone look stylish. Simply jazz up a sleeveless dress by wearing a long sleeved shirt under it. The good thing is that it doesn't work for just dresses though! You can layer under sweat shirts and other tops as well, just leave the collars peeking out and buttoned to the top.

Picture : @freddieharrel

4. Sneak It In.
Finish up your look with a pair of sneakers. It never fails! The classic white sneakers especially makes everything look good and gives you instant cool vibes.

 Pictures : @muuchinto, @princessaudu

Some other style tips/hacks inlude the infamous half tuck, cuffed sleeves/rolled up jeans, mixing print, socks and shoe and of course finishing your look with a dope pair of sunnies!
Now it's your turn! 
What do you guys think of these tips?
Do you have any extra tips to add?
Please share!!
I'm going to be putting a some of these tips into practice in my next few style posts (hopefully I find a photographer) showing you how I take a relatively boring dress and make it look more stylish.

Leave me your thoughts please
And let's connect!

P.S -

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