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Weekend Bits || Easter Weekend Shenanigans.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

I didn't exactly take time out to proper document my easter weekend and because of this, I didn't plan to put up a weekend bits post. I was casually going through my picture folder a short while back and realized that while I dont have "top notch pictures", I can actually still whip together a post with the few pictures I took with my phone.

Carrying my camera around with me is something I don't do so much these days which shouldn't be seeing as I'm working on a street style project that requires that I have a camera on me all the time, but it is so much stress. I'll do better starting from the new month but for now, let's get back to the main reason we're here.

If you're signed up to my mailing list here, you might already know how I'm always roasting in my house on Friday nights and the constraints I have when it comes to late nights so my Friday was such a welcome change.
I went for a friend's dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. I didn't really get to appreciate the place as I would have loved to because it was late/dimly lit then, but their aesthetics is so so nice and right up my alley! I immediately fell in love with the place, till I saw their price list :') :') Tuke did a review on hard rock cafe here.
I was going to wear my GREY dress (Remeber GREY?  I've worked with them previously here) - the outfit in the flatlay picture but I ended up just wearing the same outfit in this post instead, because the dress is a bit short and I didn't want to be the one looking like a tramp. Lol

I had quite a number of events to attend on saturday but I ended up just going to see Batman Vs superman at Genesis Deluxe Cinema. Worst!! I almost slept off at different points of the movie, it was so long and took a while to peak. It didn't help that the hall was so filled up, we had to sit at the very first roll and to top it off, there were lots of noisy teenagers in the hall *sigh*
Have you seen the movie?
What did you think about it?

I really wanted to just lazy around on sunday but I already had a prior engagement and had to keep my word. I helped out a fellow blogger take some pictures for her blog, go check her out here and since I was already there, I decided to also take some myself as well (See the post here)

I was already thinking I'll have a roasting monday but my Aunt saved me.  I went to her church (This present house) souk (a sort of market place - think mente de moda) with my small cousins and did a lot of walking around. Seeing lots of cute kids running around was just making me happy *sigh* I think I want to have just 3 kids though, How about you?
How did your easter weekend go and how did this new week treat you?
What did you get up to?
Please shareee and let's connect!
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4 Tips For Getting Out Of A Creative Funk.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Hey guys!
How did the easter break treat you?
Mine was really good but unfortunately I didn't actually document it and I don't have so much pictures to make a weekend bits post. Would you still like me to put it up?

You may have noticed that I've not been so present on the blog this past week, I've been feeling a bit out of touch/uninspired recently.

We hardly talk about the behind the scenes of the work - be it blogging, or just being a creative. The frustration and challenges that comes with it all sometimes.
For me, it ebbs and flows. I have periods where I'm on a roll and then the low periods where I feel stuck, uninspired and generally tired from having to continually put out work.

Some of the things I'm constantly learning from these periods and I hope to encourage you with if you ever feel stuck are

- Embrace the process : I also wonder why it can't all be smooth sailing all through but I've realized that the chaos, challenges/frustration are all part of the process. Embrace it while doing the work it takes to keep moving forward.

- Don't wait around for inspiration or for it to feel easy : I always try to keep it moving regardless and that's how this post came up (which I should have put up earlier but couldn't for the life of me figure out a title for it). 

- No one is going to do the work for you : At the end of the day it still boils down to you getting things done because it is your life and no one will do the work for you. This is one thing that gets me going too - knowing that if I don't get out of it and move, I'll probably still remain in the same position.

- Lastly, don't give up : You won't reach your goal if you just drop out of it all. You can take it slow and steady if need be but giving up shouldn't be an option.

Do you ever have periods like this?
How do you get through it?

Don't wait around for inspiration or for it to get easy. Embrace the process while doing the work it takes to keep moving forward. Click to tweet!
I shared this look on instagram (@cassiedaves) and asked if I should put it up on the blog also. I probably wouldn't ordinarily have put this up otherwise but I got some positive replies.
Its an easy casual style that I tried to update a bit by throwing on the denim jacket. I wore this one fine sunday to accompany my friend to run some errands. I wasn't even going to get out of the car so I don't know why I took the jacket with me but its like they say 'its always better to come prepared'. I not only ended up getting out of the car but we eventually went to see a movie where I bumped into a reader. *If you're reading this, hiiii again!*

The green heels was a last minute decision -just for the pictures. I'm wearing my sister's gbemisoke shoes from our TBCConnect event.

What do you think of this look and how will you style it better?
Please leave me your thoughts and let's connect!

Pictures : skynotfancy

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Outfit || Decoding Menswear For Females + A Giveaway.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I guess it's no news that I have a thing for male inspired fashion a.k.a. androgyny fashion. I'm not quite sure when this love affair started but I've never really been a "girly girl'. As much as this would make me come off as rugged which I might have been , I remember walking back home from school with my tie hanging off my neck, not knotted like it should have been. I guess the knack for menswear and boxy silhouettes have always been there but it just took being more in tune with this style thing to fully manifest.

Its not everyone's cup of tea though. I took a poll earlier and I realized that while some ladies wouldn't even venture close to that end of the fashion spectrum, some others don't mind but are scared of not pulling it off well.

If you belong to the latter group, here's a quick tip for you : You don't have to go full on androgyny all at once, you can slowly ease into it by introducing one or two male inspired accessories in a look.
- Cute top, boyfriend jeans and heels
-  Pencil skirt, shirt and brogues.
Pulling off the Androgyny look doesn't have to be so hard, here's a quick tip to get you started. Click to tweet!
What's your take on menswear for females?
Do you belong to the "nay not my thing" group, "yass I love androgyny" or the mixed feelings group?
Let me knoww!

Pictures : @casterklicks
In this case though, I'm almost full on androgyny (because PRO! Lol). I wore this sometime last year to an art exhibition but I only just got around to shooting the look. I've also styled the shorts previously here and here.
My suspenders made its first appearance in my graduation outfit post here. I've also styled it here as well and I'm just looking for more fun ways to style it.

What do you think of this look?
If you answered "yass I love androgyny" to my first set of questions : what other ways will you incorporate a suspenders to your outfit?
Please shareee And let's connect!

P.S - Some of my other androgynous looks for your style inspiration! Just click on the 'like a boy' group
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Oh and No! I wasn't misleading you with the giveaway in title. There's actually a giveaway!
Like my sandals? Well, I'm giving away a similar pair but from @gafasandals 
Its a size 42 (Outchea for my fellow big feet ladies)

This giveaway is a little different since its exclusively for my mail list subscribers. My wonderful subscribers will get the entry details straight into their inbox.

- Click Here to sign up to get access to this giveaway!
Please if you aren't a size 42, send this to a friend who is. You can also just share the giveaway by simply Clicking to tweet.

Lagos Living || Lihao Chinese Cuisine.

Monday, 21 March 2016
Though you guys didn't respond to my question in the last  weekend bits post on if to review the lihao chinese cuisine, Tuke's Yes was heavy enough to make me decide to do just that.

I've never really been a fan of chinese - even back when the hype on it was too real, so finding one spot that has made me casually think about their food (the same way I just casually sit and think about the shawarma from southern delicacy I reviewed here) is worth a review!

I've sort of always known about the lihao chinese cuisine - I even had my catwalk classes in the building right next to it but because not a fan of chinese, I never thought to try it out.
I had to give a talk at a small meet up of some lovely group ladies sometime last month ( yup! I am conquering my fear of public speaking one step at a time) and the restaurant was their venue. That was how I eventually got to try their food and ended up copying down the name of what we got for the next time I come.

Lihao's Chinese Cuisine is located No.1, Thorburn Avenue, Yaba, Lagos.
I wasn't really wowed by the ambience/decor of the place. Its not particularly charming or exciting like art cafe, but I guess the decor sort of works for the whole oriental - chinese theme. Meh still.
They had a rowdy nigerian music playing in the background the last time I went there and some really loud guests who probably thought it best to let the whole restaurant know what they were discussing. *sigh*

The service though, was really good. The waiter was helpful and we got our food on time. Also, the fact that I didn't even get one stray stare or word from the management or staff on the fact that I was using my camera in there gets them major points from me.
Because I like to play it safe and I can be a creature of habit some times, I basically ordered the same thing I had at the meet up. Unlike road chef, it wasn't disappointing the second time around and still tasted as good as it did the first time.
I went with my friend and we got their medium fried rice plate which costs N2800 and is enough for three people - depends on their appetite though. Otherwise, it will be filling for just two people. We also got their chicken sauce on hot plate which costs N3500 or N3800 (I can't really remember) so we were surprised when we got our bill and it was almost N9000.
Apparently, they have other extra fees and charges they add which I honestly didn't understand.

Will I go back there?
Well, I really like the food I had so yup! its possible.

Looking for a Chinese restaurant on the mainland? You should check this out. Click to tweet!

Have you ever been to the lihao Chinese cuisine?
What was your experience like?
Are you a big fan of chinese - one of those people that dance whenever they hear chinese lool or you're like me - would rather just prefer trusted jollof rice ?
 Share! And let's connect!

P.S - I did a mini review of spice bowl here.

7 Style Lessons I've Learnt Over Time.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

This post has been stuck in my drafts for a while now just waiting to be completed. I'll be sharing just a few style bits/lessons I've picked up over time. Some I have to constantly remind myself of because though they aren't in my "style nature", I absolutely dig them and some I quickly inbibed into my style routine.

Let's dig in :

1. Sometimes all you need is that one statement piece. ( Click to tweet! )
Not feeling particularly dressy or just don't have the time to stress over what to wear but you still intend to represent small? Sometimes all you really need to do is pick out a statement piece - could be anything from your top, bottoms (skirt/pants), shoes or blazer.
This is one tip I've always known but it was reiterated when I attended a show with Kachi. She showed up in a really lovely beaded top by virgos lounge tucked into blue denim and still looked really good! Of course, the embellished top was the statement piece here.

2. Accessories Matter.
I'm not really one for accessories and you might have noticed this from my style posts but I know how they can make an outfit. Just see how it transformed my outfit in this post and this one.
You can spice up an outfit with the right accessories. I'm slowly beginning to take this into consideration.

3. Straight Skirts can be fun too.
I tend to only associate pencil skirts with formal environments and I have med school to thank for that, but I'm beginning to see the diverse ways a straight skirt can be styled to not look so rigid.

4. Tuck It Out!
My first instinct whenever I have separates to wear is to tuck the top into the bottom. Always! It is so bad that my mum is constantly complaining of how I'm always tucking in. This is one lesson I constantly have to remind myself of - 'Not everytime tuck in" Tucking out sometimes gives your outfit a different vibe and is also effortlessly cool.

5. Slap some brooch on:
I guess this should go with the accessories tag but I'm giving it a header on its own because dang! I always wondered what all the fuss on brooches was about but I discovered this during my birthday shoot. The dress sort of seemed incomplete a bit - my friend gave me a brooch to try on and I could immediately see the difference.

6. Don't be afraid to mix proportions.
Via @the_duchesss
Now this is one that I haven't really tried much but I keep making a mental note to do more of. When I say mix proportions - I mean baggy on baggy, layering and not the usually school of thought that says we have to wear "big on top, skinny on bottom" and vice versa.

7. Never underestimate the power of a waist belt.
Re-discovered this one during my birthday shoot too. I wouldn't have thought to wear a waist belt on my dress till my friend suggested it. Yup,she suggested both the brooch and belt addition to the look and it was an instant transformation.

Oh and here's an extra one I learnt from my blogger boo Grace and its that panty hose is actually not such a bad idea!
I was big on this in my first year in uni but somehow I lost the flair for it, but seeing grace effortlessly incorporate it into her looks gives me some major style inspiration.

Seven great style tips and lessons every female should know.

Do you have any style tips/lessons that you've picked up over time? Like my thing for 'tucking in', do you also have any go to style quirks?
Do you agree/disagree with any of my tips?
 Share! And let's connect.

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