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2017 Cassie Daves Blog Planner Now Available || The One Tool You Need To Have Your Best Blogging Year Ever.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016
It's okay to have big goals for your blog/site, but do you have the right tools to help you achieve them?
Finally, the one tool you need to stay organized, create more strategic content and blog better this new year!

You often find yourself scribbling everywhere, writing on your phone’s notepad––which can get tiring, and leaving your blog without posting for months!

You know you want to build a successful blog but you find yourself at a loss for content ideas and maintaining consistency.

You want to delve into the blogging world and you plan to put your best foot forward from the start.

You have trouble with promoting your content on social media and getting your audience to connect with your blog post

This is for you.

Fact: Blogging consistently can be tiring and a lot of work, especially if you also work at a 9-5 job.

We all know that successful blogging requires a steady dose of inspiration, and careful planning to stay organized especially if you already have school or a day job taking most of your time.
And if you are a creative like me with multiple interests and demanding schedules, you need a framework for consistency. Otherwise, your blog will suffer from no attention.

I get it. I relate. I used to be all over the place with my endless scribbles and to do lists too.

This was until a year ago when I looked at my blog notebook/diaries and realized that I kept writing the same things over and over! I also had difficulties finding where I wrote some things…my mind was a hot mess!Urgh!! 
Although the diaries helped me way better than not having anything at all, they still weren’t helping me stay 100 percent organized or reach my goals. So, I decided to do something about it and created the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, because smart bloggers don’t just brainstorm. They organize! 

The feedback and reception  from the 2016 planner was super awesome! I've been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to improve on the new edition and I'm happy to finally share the 2017 edition with you and announce that The Planner is officially available!

The 2017 blog planner comes in three different colors equipped with new features and everything you need to help you plan better, stay organized, come up with content ideas easily and ultimately blog better!
With the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, I was able to:
  • Cut through the schedule noise and
  • get focused on my goals.
  • Build a montly editorial calender that has helped me stay consistent and organized
  • Evaluate my blog goals, blog and social media growth monthly so I see what's working and what's not.

And it’s not just me. These content creators/bloggers experienced better blogging with the 2016 Cassie Daves Blog Planner! Listen to what they have to say:

The blog planner is soooooo comprehensive, I can't think of anything Cassie missed out. If you plan to take your blogging to the next level then this is one item you need to invest in. Don't just buy it and let it lie fallow by your bedside. Fill it in!!!! Go through the daily blog checklist and check out the list of useful blog apps. If you ever get stuck on what to write about there are blog topic ideas for you to choose from. Great Job Cassie, Thanks for creating this revolutionary product.           - Tuke Morgan | @Tukemorgan

I Love my planner! The design, content, quotes, every dang thing! This planner even reminds you of stuff you might have even forgotten and i think it’s a must have for every blogger.- Jacinta | @jacintaamune

The blog planner is an indispensable tool, very comprehensive and fully loaded with the technical know-hows! Especially for rookies like me. I've come to find blogging more interesting with this tool. I must confess, it's invaluable.- Lois || @ebonymedics. 

I can say with full confidence that it is definitely helping me get more organized. Once I write something down, it's just there staring back at me and I have to get it done. Using the planner has also helped me realize how much fun it is to check out other blogs and share content. I'm loving every bit of it and have actually considered getting one to giveaway for the second quarter. I know I haven't used it very long, but your planner has definitely improved my blogging life.- Coco || @ _thecxcx

Before I got my blog planner, I had a journal for my write-ups and blog post ideas. Sometimes I use my iPad to take notes when my journal is far away. But now, with my blog planner, I get to write my goals for the month, review of the past month, photo shoots, to-do lists and daily checklist. I also get free blog topic ideas for when I run out of things to post (which happens quite often) and useful blog tools and apps.
It’s simply amazing! I love how organised the blog planner is. It’s aimed at keeping you and your blog in check, like a disciplinarian in form of a book. If you’re ready to take your blog seriously, you should get one.
- Grace || @Graysbibi.

Features/Here's what you'll find inside the 2017 planner.
  • 2017/2018 Calender
  • Blog manifesto sheet
  • Monthly Quotes ( By some of your favourite bloggers!)
  • Monthly Post ideas/ note pages
  • 12 Monthly Content planner/ blog post calender
  • Monthly guest post and collaboration
  • pages.
  • Monthly blog goals and end of month goal reviews pages
  • Monthly finance/budget overview page*
  • Daily To Do list pages and check boxes
  • Daily Blog checklist
  • Social Media posting schedule* (To effectively share and promote your blog content)
  • Monthly looks to shoot pages ( hello fashion bloggers! )
  • 99 Blog post ideas*
  • Some useful blog tools and apps page
  • Important blog dates page
  • Brands partnership pages
  • Blog love/roll page.
  • Important links page

When you get the Cassie Daves Blog Planner today, you’ll get the keys to :
  • Map out the who, why and how of your blog so you create content that resonates with your readers.
  • Record your scattered thoughts so that you don’t ever have to suffer from writer’s block.
  • Eliminate procrastination and evaluate your blog/social media growth monthly.
  • Simplify your content marketing so you never have to slave over where to share your blog posts.
  • Pages with headings planned out for you so that you can focus on churning out great post ideas.
This 258 pages planner has been carefully put together to help you stay organized, be more productive, keep track of the important things and of course blog better.
It's hardcover, – to withstand wear & tear during your hustle, comes in a minimalist black & white cover design for a classy touch, and just the right size for your bags and slings.

Finally, It’s Your Turn to stay on top of your blogging game! Whether you're a newbie blogger or you've been blogging for a while, this is for you.

 And you know what? It is 100% safe. There are no side effects with the Cassie Daves Blog Planner. The only side effects are better content, increased blog traffic, and many peaceful nights…knowing that you have a system in place.

Here's another awesome thing about purchasing a planner for your blog - just being able to look back into it years from now and see all your blog plans/growth well laid out.

It’s Decision Time!

Ready to stay organized, blog better, and grow your social media?
Ready to get strategic about your blog and content?

You can now order the 2017 Blog Planner!


  • The Planner costs 5000 Naira | 15$
  • Orders will ship out from Dec 19th
  • When you pre-order, you can get a customized planner with your name written below on the front cover of the planner. ( Pre Order No Longer Available)
  • I'm working on making it easily accessible around the world but if you're not based in Nigeria, we can find ways to get it to you at an extra delivery cost!

Just click the Order button image above (Click the sides not middle of the button image if it keeps going to a Pinterest page) but if you prefer to do it manually, just email me :, let me know what color you want, location and what you want written in front.

P.S - It is available only in the perfect binding format (not spiral bound)

 Feel free to share with your Blogger friends please.
For Bloggers & Content Creators : The one tool you need to kick off your best blogging year ever!Click to tweet!

Style Crush || Andile Biyana

Sunday, 27 November 2016
I've mentioned more than a few times how much finding people with great style excites me. That's why I started this style crush segment on the blog - because I absolutely love sourcing out and sharing the stylish people I come across.
Its been a while I had a style crush post here though and I thought to correct that. My last feature was the awesome Cacsmy Brutus from New York here.

But now, allow me to introduce you to Andile Biyana my latest style crush. 
Andile Biyana is a South African law student and one of the founders of a "fashion group" called Khumbula -  A trio of stylish south africans using fashion to showcase the African art. I'm not here to talk about the fashion group though. I singled out Andile because she happens to be the only female in the group and I LOVE her style, which is what I'm spotlighting here.

I've been following her on instagram for a while now, although I can't really remember how I came across her profile. I'm a huge fan of retro fashion, which makes up a big part of Andile's wardrobe as evident from her style. It is definitely not everyone's cup of tea but she owns it well.
Her style is different, refreshing and totally hers and that's what I love about it.

What do you think of her style? Also, whose style are you currently crushing on! 
Leave me your thoughts please and let's connect! 

Outfit || 90's Vibe For LFDW'16

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hi Guys!
How's your week coming along?
Just a quick one before I get into today's post. Let me share a discovery I made this morning during one of those my nightly half breaks I mentioned in this post. I was scrolling through my blog and old posts when I realized that on this same day last year, I also put up my look to the final day of LFDW 2015 as well! Coincidence Maybe? It definitely wasn't planned! You can check out that look here and read what my mind was like back then. Haha

Pictures : @thelexashlifestyle
Do you shop and piece together how each item you pick would work together or with other clothing items in your closet? I do!
I bought everything I'm putting on (well, except the shoes and accessories) at the same time and immediately knew they were going to come together as a look someday.
Although I didn't decide on the choice of footwear back then and I never imagined that I would end up styling it with a face cap (of all things!) But what can I say? Never say never in fashion.

I also didn't know I was going to end up wearing it to fashion week but thanks to my habit of writing down looks I think up in my blog planner, I remembered this and it came in handy as an emergency outfit on that day.
I wasn't sure what to title this post/outfit but looking at it, I feel like I look like a cut out from the 90's : Mom jeans, print waist coat and all that swag! What do you think?
I've styled this waist coat previously on the blog here and still have more looks in it coming soon!
Oh and for those squinting at their phones wondering why this outfit looks so familiar, let me help you out here : Remember my outfit post on styling your mom jeans? It's a similar style formula to this - waist coat, camisole and mom jeans but with notable differences in the way I wore both and accessorized.
Let me know your thoughts on this look and leave me links to your faahion week outfit posts if you attended fashion week!
Let's connect :

In other non - fashion news, thanks to all your help with the blog planner survey. I've finally been able to settle with three cover design options to suit everyone's needs. 
It will be out soon and I can't wait to share the new features with you all!!!
Sign Up HERE to get notified when it's out so you can pre-order yours asap and get a specially customized planner.

P.P.S :
- New around here? Not sure what this blog planner thing is? Read all the details HERE!
- Check out the testimonials and feedback from the 2016 planner HERE
- Some of the lessons I learnt from creating my first product here.
- And the behind the scenes to the making/packaging process HERE

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Blogging || 5 Tips To Get Started Working With Brands As A Blogger.

Monday, 21 November 2016
I still remember my very first brand collaboration on the blog like it was yesterday. It was for a scarf brand that wasn't even based in Nigeria and I remember being so excited that my blog was finally getting noticed by brands. And especially non - Nigerian ones at that! I've definitely evolved and gotten to work with more awesome companies since then.

I know that working with brands is one thing that almost every blogger desires. It's also top on the list of things I get asked all the time - asides from how to start a blog or grow a blog. So I decided to put together a post sharing a few tips on how to get started with working with brands.

Let's dig in.

1. Realize That It Might Take Time.

When I first started my blog, I didn't even know that I could make money by working with brands, I was basically doing it for fun. Blogging right now has changed and I know that a couple of people open blogs hoping to start earning and working with brands immediately.
I'm starting with this because I also know that people get frustrated when that doesn't happen, so I'm here to reiterate that it might take a while but if you focus on building your blog and creating good content, at some point working with brands will come.
P.S - There's really no set length of time before you're qualified to work with brands.

2. Make Your Blog Look The Part.

If you're serious about working with brands, then your blog has to look the part - clean and with a professional feel. Brands definitely do their research and you don't want them coming to a cluttered site that makes you look like you don't know what you're doing.
Whether you are blogging as a hobby or as a business, having a site with a clean and professional feel is important. This also makes it easy for these brands to navigate through your blog easily and find any information they might need, so pay attention to the little details.

I shared some things in this post that you might be doing wrong as regards your blog design and which can ultimately sabotage your opportunities Check it out here.

3. Brand Yourself.

You might think that branding is just for big companies but if you’re active in the digital space, you have a personal brand and how it is perceived by people is defined by you! What are you putting out on social media? Does it go in line with your blog/brand manifesto, what you want to be known for and also show your expertise?
Working With Brands As A Blogger. Five Tips To Get You Started. Click to tweet!
4. Create A Media Kit.

I talked about what a media kit is in this post. If you're really serious about working with brands and you don't have a media kit yet, drop what you're doing right now and go put one together! A media kit doesn't only make you look more professional but it also makes it easier for brands to see at a glance everything they need to know about sponsorship with you and why they should work with you.

What to include in your media kit?

- Blog Logo
- Picture of you
- Contact Email
- Brief Blog Bio/Your audience demographic
- Social links
- The Stats! - Blog's pageviews, unique visits, email subscriber counts and social media followers.
- Services offered
- Notable press you've gotten and a few brands you've worked with (optional)
- Your rates (optional)

If you feel you're still a small blog without huge numbers. You can mention in your kit how you're a relatively new blog but a fast growing one and talk about your engagement if you have high engagement.

5. Pitch to brands.

Did you know that you really don't have to wait for brands to contact you? You can totally reach out to them! What's that thing about the mountain going to Mohammed again?
I'm putting this last because before you reach out to any brand, you must have the other things I've listed in place so it makes turning you down harder and increase your chances of them saying yes to you.

How do you pitch to brands?
Its as easy as shooting them a short sweet email introducing yourself/your blog and asking if they are open to collaborations.
Make a list of companies or products you love and that for your blog's theme, find out their contact info and pitch! This is exactly why I included a brand collaboration page complete with brand name and contact info in the Cassie Daves Blog Planner to make this process easier for you. The 2017 edition of the blog planner will be out soon, sign up here to get notified and preorder!

Do you have any other things to add to this post? Please share with us!
I hope you found this post helpful also.
As always, let's connect!

If you would love to dive even deeper and get more in-depth information on working with brands and taking your blog to the next level. You can book a blog consultation with me HERE.

If you'll like me to check out your blog and do a review of your site. You can now get your blog reviewed! Full details HERE

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