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Style || The Flowy Midi Dress.

Saturday, 15 October 2016
Hi Guys!

Happy Weekend!
I hope your weekend started out fine?
My weekends are fast becoming non existent. I got off a 48hr call duty at work this morning and I still have to be back at work tomorrow, so yeah pretty much non-existent weekend but we move still.

This crazy work schedule and having to still tend to this blog has made me realize how much I actually enjoy blogging and sharing my style/thoughts with you all! Like, forreal.
Even on days when I'm pretty exhausted and when I get lower traffic stats than I'm normally used to (which can be discouraging), I still genuinely want to stay up and put together a post. I hope it stays this way because the burn out life aint pretty.

But I digress anyways.

Yes! Like the title says, this is indeed a style post and I'll get right into that bit soon.
But first of all, allow me to switch things up here from the norm and talk about the extra details of this look before the actual outfit details.
I've been carrying my hair around like this for the better part of the week and I quite like it. I also think it worked really well with this outfit and sort of fit into the whole casual boho vibes thing going on.
What do you think?

This look was very basic before I accessorized (The power of the extras right here yall!). I took these pictures just after I did some errand runs and switched things up for the shoot by throwing on this DIY Choker (Actually a hand bracelet thing I found at my cousin's house), clear aviators and applying some lipstick.
I like how you can easily change a look by switching up accessories!
These days, my daniel wellignton watch is never far away from my wrist which is a huge improvement for me, like I talked about in this post.

On this note, let me just introduce y'all real quick to one of my current fave clothing type - free flowing dresses!
I bought this dress at a thrift store during my vacation in Atlanta. Like this waist coat, the dress was yet another thing my mum couldn't understand why I insisted on buying but I was already seeing the future back then. Lol
I love how easy it is and the colour pop is another thing that caught my eye.
I considered wearing this dress for the blogger point brunch because of the floral theme, before deciding on this look instead.
I shot this outfit a long while back, as part of a feature for the good people over at OrdinaryandArt - check out my feature hereWent with my Lucy.daves lace up sandals to finish up the look.

What do you think of this look and how will you style it differently?
Leave me your please!
And Let's Connect!

Photo Credit : @Ace_Venom 
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28 comments on "Style || The Flowy Midi Dress."
  1. Pele, God would give you strength.
    The dress is really pretty and the choker is super cute. Who doesn't love free flowing dresses? Easy to wear and super comfortable.

  2. The dress is so pretty and looks super comfy!
    Love it!

    Have a fab week, hun!


  3. I love the dress and yess that pop of colour is something else.there's never a dull moment wearing beautiful bright colours

    1. I used to shy away from colours but now? Bring it on!
      Thank you!

  4. Thrift store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been here racking my brain for where to get sweaters and cardigans for the colder weather. Thanks for the reminder.

    I like the dress by the way.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Love this dress and free clothes are so fun to wear especially when they have lovely prints. I was already looking for a 'WALL' picture as I kept scrolling LOL! Cassie steady looking like a glammed up 'Amaka the village girl' LOL bye.

  6. Love the dress. It's so comfy and all. The power of extras is really evident here;the choker, sunglasses and all. Your hair suits you!
    6 Life Lessons From My Pancake Fails

  7. Nice dress, I love the choker.

  8. Cute dress, looks perfect for a beach at the weekend. Maybe I'm wrong but I think you rocked it during your trip to Benin. Anyways I love how the braids and sandals suit the look. Love the last few shots, the location has a cool asthetic.
    Princess Audu

    1. You are definitely not wrong. Wore it on my journey to Benin . Thank you!

  9. The dress seems comfortable. I love it

  10. Awwwwwwww kpele. I really love the dress. You are doing great

  11. Wow 48hrs that's...Thks for steady blog post still 😳 .. That choker tho 😍 ,I got to hand it to you you make plain slay and slay asin huge slay 💪💪💪

  12. Mehn... I don't envy your schedule but I like that you still find time to connect with us, thank you.
    I love your dress, the pop of colors are sweet.

  13. 48hrs work is gangster...i love your dress.

  14. Love the color of the dress and its free flowing- winning!! Like i said, the photography is dope

  15. Yes to free flowing dresses!!! So freaking easy and breezy. It's been super hot here in Cali so anything that quick and easy to throw on is #1 in my book! You look beautiful per usual!

  16. You are Inspiring I love your works

  17. So lovely,I love your bag and mostly the dress
    I love your uniqueness dear��

  18. The dress is actually really beautiful. Made your melanin pop!

    Do check out


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