Oh, You’re A Blogger? An Open Letter To Everyone Asking What I Do.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve had to answer the “so, what else do you do” question on more than a few occasions at work.
I always get hesitant when asked and I’m never quite sure if to bother explaining that I am a blogger. Of course, that’s me just trying to state what I do in simple terms because saying I’m a creative entrepreneur and content creator might be a bit complicated.

The few conversations I’ve had haven’t been motivating to want to bother giving a reply to that question. I’ve found that most people just immediately think that I must be into the “linda ikeji” type of blogging – news/gossip and when I delve further to explain that I am in fact a fashion and lifestyle blogger, they just seem lost and then proceed to belittle it.

A colleague’s reply to my answer, after forcing my blog url out of me and checking it out was that “people must be really jobless to just sit down and read this and oh! So you just sit and write about yourself.
Another suggested some topics for me to write about and they were mostly political news. Lol

A good number of people have the same view of bloggers and blogging here in Nigeria. Right from my colleagues at work, to even my own family (both extended and nuclear)

My Aunt just recently asked me what I was going to specialize in and when I said I wasn’t sure, she proceeded to give me a speech on how she’s sure its that blogging thing that is still in my head. She made it sound like child’s play, like a waste of time.
Also, the other morning I was trying to send out an email to my subscribers while also preparing for work and my dad looked and me and went “you know this computer thing you do” has to stop now that you have a job.

I can give a million and one instances where people have belittled what I do but it all still balls down to the same thing. They don’t quite get what “this blogging thing” is all about and how much of a big deal it is.

So here’s just an open note to anyone wondering what in the world I mean when I say that I’m a blogger.
  • No, I don’t mean that I write about news and gossip. There happens to be other niches asides from that. I write about my personal style/ life journey, fashion tips and blogging advice too.
  • Yes I write about what I wear and my life, amongst other things but it is way more than that. Even if it weren’t more than that, just doing this has made me able to work with lots of big brands and more yet to come.
  • No, I’m not just joking around on the internet and wasting time. I’m making meaningful connections and creating a name for myself in the process too.
  • Yes, I make money off my blog and No, I’m not as rich as Linda Ikeji yet.

And because I try to pick out lessons from every thing, this has shown me where I’m also at fault and taught me that I definitely need to ditch the generic way of introducing what I do, and get a more solid and concise elevator pitch.

Although, I honestly don’t get offended (I’m more unbothered) when people don’t understand what I do, it is important to actually educate them better. This is one of the reasons that I’m really excited about the new style mania magazine which has a focus on bloggers from different niche and the importance of blogging industry in Nigeria.

If you own a blog, that you happen to take seriously. Do you get similar responses from people when you tell them that you blog? What’s your elevator pitch?
How do you explain “this blogging thing” you do to people?
Please shareeee!
And let’s connect


P.S –
I talked a bit about ways blogging has impacted on my life positively in this post
– And if you’re a blogger , you should totally check out these 15 things every blogger can relate to here. I feel like I should add people misunderstanding what you do to that list.
– Also check out my blogging tips If you’re looking to start your blog.

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Author: Cassie Daves

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  • Well I honestly haven't met as much people that question my blogging venture, most people find it fascinating and think that I'm swimming in cash. Although I once met one guy who looked me up from head to toe than laughed in my face when I said I was a blogger. I honestly don't blame people for such responses and it has a lot to do with ignorance. On one hand blogging can appear a bit shallow on the surface but on the other hand like you said, it is about so much more. Creating a brand for yourself and networking with likeminded people should be things that are encouraged.

    Princess Audu

    • Yup! You said it! I thi k thats just it. Most people think it is shallow. Like you just sha sit and write about yourself sha and put pictures and people will sit and read? Vain much? Lool

      Someone actually laughed in your face? Rude!

  • God bless you for this. Most of the time I just usually nod when they start giving some Linda ikeji related talk. One recently said I should put him on my blog. Do you get this kinds of requests too?


  • Phew! I can totally understand. I've only been in this for about seven months, but i can relate on all levels. It's tricky. Because you're a doctor, and people expect you to be just that. I'm a Lawyer. And by God's grace, I know i'm a great Lawyer. So because i have a Cambridge degree, many people think "ok Ph.D" next. But I've realised it's perfectly okay to be MANY things. I love being a lawyer and i love love to write about everything! it's really just like talking to room full of people. And it appears, I just may be good to it. People write notes and share photos on Facebook. Why can't i do it in my own little corner of the web. Yes, people automatically think of some particular bloggers and think it's a joke. I still find it hard to say what my blog is about. But the one thing is I like it, and people like it! Plus there's so so much to learn off each other. And the people i've met via the blog in short a while, have been amazing! Don't let it get to you too much.

    And yes, we need to perfect our elevator pitch. I'm still pretty generic as well. You're awesome and you'll be fine. Looking forward to the Mania mag too. Rumour has it I may be in it! Lol!


  • I'm hoping to get a complementary/business card when I figure some things out. Maybe you should do that and hand it over to people.(They'd still ask questions though). I tell people: Look! I don't see Medicine more important than the other things I do: writing, blogging, simple photography,encouraging people, etc. Certainly, medicine so far has been more demanding and you cannot even begin to compare the investments made in my medical program to anything else but, I believe medicine and writing and photography and all others, are opportunities given to me my a common source: God. I believe I am to work, work those lines and make the best out of it. Whether I get money from what I do or not, passion and purpose calls out to me through more than one medium. I do not take what I do lightly.
    Alot of people just don't get it. They call it different names and link what you do to different things: LIB for instance or ah, this is the trend now. Well, we understand what it is to us so, just keep going jare and let that special meaning of what you to, reverberate and fill you up when someone misses it about what you do.
    Alot of people(especially OUR people), are used to the idea that if we're not strictly pursuing and immersed in the "usual" 9-5 (the one that stresses you out like there's no tomorrow), anything else, you're not serious. Great misunderstanding…

  • Gosh, I thought it was only me that gets the Linda Ikeji lines. I tell people I have a blog and next thing 'Laitan Ikeji' lol. I just roll my eyes, try to explain and then give such person my url. Your colleagues are hilarious and I'm quite sure the one who talked about people being jobless is a biiggg nerd. Cracked me up big time. I enjoyed reading this! And in a way, it inspired me. Thank you ❤❤
    Laitanbee Blog

  • My elevator pitch: I am an aspiring author and travel writer. For some reason, I am not yet accustomed to calling myself a blogger. I usually get favorable responses.

    As for suggestions, I have gotten many as well unrelated to my niche. I just say: thanks, I'll consider it.

    I can understand how annoying it can get for people to belittle what you're passionate about.

  • This one is dear to my heart and I agree with you 100%. Someone even asked me once" dont you have anything better to do with your life? you know blogging doesnt add value to your life"

    On this blogging matter I have seen, kilode. Many times I smile and move on.

    Nice post Cassie, you speak my mind with this one.


    • Wow! I can't believe anyone would say that to you! Some people can just be so harsh for no reason. I hope your blog becomes successful and leaves you satisfied every time

  • This is so true. You just wrote about my experience as a Nigerian creative. People just don't get or appreciate what you do and dismiss it as unimportant.

  • I can so relate. Especially with that comment from your dad. Honestly I think people don't rate you if you're not doing something conventional that they "understand". So people are more open to hearing "I'm an accountant", or "I work at KPMG" than to hear "I'm a freelancer" …they be like .."you mean… You work for free?" 🌚

  • Trust me when I say practically every Nigerian blogger goes through this. It's so irritating when people that know nothing about blogging try to give me ideas. My response is: "if you don't understand what I do then forget about it. My blog is about ME so deal with it". I can't even stress myself anymore. But you're doing a great job so ignore what anyone has to say.


  • I haven't found the liver to tell people i'm a blogger yet. Just to avoid awkward conversations like the above. I just let them think i'm jobless, since that doesn't bother me.
    After 5 months of stalking you across the internet, i finally leave a comment on your blog… Who says Buhari didn't bring change? 🙂

    • Aww Don't let what people might say get to you. If that's what you do, say it and just strong ya heart knowing that whatever they say isn't your reality.

      Thanks alot for finally dropping me a comment ohhh. You have marked register today, hope you mark for the next posts too 😆😆

  • I have to agree with you Cassie. I've been asked questions about my blog but on my side it's just to enlighten them about the blogging world. But just days ago I was asked what my blog is all about and if they pay (nigerian mentally) apparently nothing is worthy unless money oozes out from. They don't really get what it is to follow your passion, hobby or just something different from the norm. They actually think blogging is as simple as it sounds but not knowing the extra effort it takes to keep it running and being able to connect with your audience and all(you get what I mean). And also how big of a deal it really is. Anyways I respond based on their question otherwise I just keep their empty head wondering and keep enjoying blogging.

    Have a great day dear.

    • You Know This!! A friend actually said that to me oh! Because he was asking if I make money from my blog and I just said no. His response was what are you doing then? That's a waste of time! I just shook my head

  • Hi Cassie, I TOTALLY get your apprehension at explaining what you do. I had no idea how much work and skill is involved in maintaining a blog until I started one myself. I have huge respect for anyone who can work/study full time, maintain a social life and an online presence. I shrink from telling people I have a blog. I use a pseudonym (partly to avoid conflict with my day job, but also to remain anonymous). I've only told the closest of my closest friends. And I hate the word 'blog'. It's so reductive. You're more than a blogger. You're Queen of your own online universe. A universe you built yourself.

    Now tell me, what have your nay-sayers done with THEIR spare time?!

  • You took some words out of my mouth for real!

    Most people think blogging in Nigeria is only about gossip, I always get the you'll be the next Linda ikeji when I'm not running a gossip blog!

    My brother thinks I'm wasting my time and some friends are just like when will you buy house,
    Because when you open a blog money will be coming down like water.

    Its so annoying but like you said we have to educate them


  • Haha. Cassie just low-key subbed some family members in this post. Good sub, though. I understand how you feel when people bother you with these questions. I believe with time, these questions will be answered without you needing to offer the answer.

  • I came straight from instagram to read this.
    I always get the Linda Ikeji thing and then I have to actually re-explain,I also get some ppl that suggest/tell me to do it more of the news way but as you said definitely unbothered (I mean this was when I was like crazy consistent) I have a goal, I have a reason!!
    I can't even think about you not blogging. You are an amazing blogger, don't let no one tell you different.


    • Leaving links in bio in instagram actually works! Used to think people didn't bother with it. Thanks for clicking!
      I also had someone tell that shey I know that news/gossip sells better than what I'm doing or and He is sure that I would switch to that soon. Smh

      Thank you for the compliment! I appreciate it! Lol I think I've gotten to a stage now (thanks also to all y'all steady showing me love) that i honestly can't be bothered about someone belittling my blog because I know I be stunting lool

  • Well I hardly ever tell people that I'm a blogger. I say "I have a blog." And then I proceed to tell them that I write about MYSELF, and yes, people read it. Like I wrote in the Mania Magazine article, blogging is opening and has opened a lot of doors for people and businesses are being birthed directly and indirectly from blogging. Of course, not everyone will understand it and truthfully, it's been a good numbers of years since gossip and news has dominated blogging in Nigeria.

    If it's getting too awkward you can always tell them you're a writer. That's the one that I still can't wrap my head around – calling myself a writer.


  • I totally relate to this. Even in school, consultants used to complain about how I always wore makeup. I tried not to let it bother me. Now that I have a blog, it's like "that's even a thing??"…I resist from sitting them down and thoroughly lecturing them. I just think "swim in your pool of ignorance" and move on.
    Such a lovely post.


  • Your such a darling for writing this post I have to deal with this every time I'm asked what I blog about and why I blog, its really tiring trying to explain myself to people about why I love blogging and how its not child's play. Honestly I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only blogger whose content gets belittled once in a while!! Thank you Cassie!!


  • First time commenting! I've been following on insta and reading your blog. I just started a blog 2months ago and am also a doctor, the pressure of when are you starting your residency blah blah.. I've held my self back beacuse i low key cared about people close to me not getting it. But now that I'm 2months into I'm happier than I've ever been. And it made me realize it wasn't about them or anyone or was about me living my truth and doing what makes me happy,

  • I must admit that I used to be one of the ignorant ones who thought lifestyle blogging was easy. I thought bloggers just took pictures during their lunch break or when they had some down time lol. Thanks to a conversation with a few lifestyle bloggers, I was able to understand all the hard work and passion that goes into this profession. So, kudos to you for using the opportunity to educate those who are still uneducated about blogging. Keep up the good work and do not ever let anyone discourage you from your passion.

  • Wow,this is really awesome, I have being in that shoe lately, its a good things like these are here to encourage us.thank you
    Please kfb on Instagram ultron_e
    Sent you a request a long time.

  • At the risk of sounding like a hater, this Linda Ikeji's comparison has really begun to piss me off big time! The way people judge you when you say you are a blogger still trekking without even a golf car talk more of a Range rover, well, i guess people really need to be reoriented on this blog thing especially Nigerians. that's a nice article you have there Cassie. I just published an article on how people perceive bloggers:Nemyinspired : Five reasons Nemyinspired is perfect for the African youth || Things you didn’t know https://www.blogger.com/logout.gabout Nemyinspired

  • People automatically assume I study fashion just because I have a fashion blog. But to the contrary, I am an Economics student and as much as it is completely opposite to fashion, I just explain to those who are curious to know, that having a fashion blog is a hobby that I am slowly turning into a business. Like Sarah said in her comment, some people assume that I swim in money because I am a blogger. Little do they know that the income I get from this is peanuts but my motive is not money its simple sharing with young ladies on what I know about styling and beauty. lovely post I enjoyed the read.


  • This is a big deal like seriously. The comparison with Linda and people thinking blogging is just about gossip/news. I love to say I'm a content creator and it feels kinda beta cos I no get strength to explain any further. I started like joke like joke about four months ago and I mean… Different ideas keep popping. I like that you posted this. Good one!

  • You said it all. I get the Linda Ikeji line a lot and I don't bother getting upset about it anymore. I simply tell them that blogging is beyond writing about celebrity gossip and news. Some people have even gone as far as telling me what and what not to publish on my blog and I just smile and nod. My immediate family has been really supportive so far especially my parents and that's enough for me. You're doing a fantastic job here Cassie, and we appreciate you for your blogging skills and inspiration. Don't let no one tell you otherwise.

    Evita In Progress

  • People can be so rude. Ask you for your blog url (that you did not impose on them) and then proceed to diss it? Hian.
    Yes, more people need to know that there's more to blogging outside Linda Ikeji and entertainment/ gossip blogging.

    My mom was concerned about my blogging when I started in Law School, but she stopped after I passed my exams with a good result. Now, she reads every single post. Maybe your dad doesn't know your blog brings you some income? Mine jokes about it from time to time, asking me where my house is in Banana Island- or when bloggers are featured in print, he asks me why I am not there. It can be a little annoying, but I'm used to it now.

    So far, you have been blogging as a student. You are going to keep at it, even with your house job and much further. I'm optimistic that they will accept your dedication now. It's not just a hobby anymore. You are now doing this "blogging thing" with real life, not because you are jobless. Eventually, they will come around- esp as more things fall in place for you. Still, even if they dont? Their opinion is irrelevant. 🙂

  • That's tough, having people belittle what you do. I think blogging is like music in Nigeria some decades ago. People belittled musicians and now everyone can see how important they are.
    I can totally relate to the reactions you get. I say I blog and some people immediately conclude "oh Linda Ikeji got rich so everyone wants to blog". Especially guys. More girls seem to get it. My SR in paediatrics recognised me my first day of ward rounds from reading my blog, and she accosted me for more hair tips. Lol.
    I'm usually patient with the guys and I explain because it just means they don't know any better.

    You're already inspiring and getting rewards from your craft so I'm sure you're thoroughly unbothered by what people think.

  • Hey Cassie ,Dont mind them 'minds can never be the same' In the shop where I sew under my master as an apprentice, they look down on me wen I try to cut styles of cloth they have never done b4 at the end they mope at my designs.So ur family/colleagues may not understand cos it ain't in them but in YOU.When you hit it BIG,they will be the first to shake ur palms.

  • For this same reason of people belittling blogging that i had to shutdown my first blog a few years ago. I remember feeling like everyone else was trying to get at me for writing about stuffs i was passionate about.

    When someone asks me "What do you do?" I respond "I am student, a teen fashion designer, makeup artist and blogger."

    Immediately, their facial features get all judgemental. Often times than not, the first words that slip out of their mouth is "But you are a guy" then "Why are you wasting your life doing things that will lead you nowhere?" (para-phrased)

    I find it saddening that i let it get to me, but reading this article has #epped rise above that. Thank you so much Cassie. I Heart you.

    I've decided to start fresh, am starting all over again and i hope to have the enthusiasm to continue.


  • First of all, Love your spirit! Secondly, i realized that a lot of people not in the know have no idea how huge of a deal Digital media marketing/Social Media Marketing is today,And as a blogger you've mastered blogging, social media and content marketing and SEO implementation(see how well you use these tools to reach your subscribers!) without even going to a school to learn these things. All in all the world is moving from paper to internet and you're already 100% at your game So go girl!

  • Honestly, you literally just wrote down my mind. Like as I was reading I was wondering if we were living in the same house..Lol my dad had to ask me one day while I was explaining this whole blogging thing to him that "does it glorify God?" And I was like what?! And this question came up because I said I wanted to attend TBP's bloggers brunch o. I just typed the blog URL and told him to read any of the posts because I was just weak.
    Then I also get messages from people who tell me to try and input politics and things going on in the country into the blog and I'm like no thank you, that's Linda's speciality. I'm quite hopeful though with the way things are now that people will eventually get around what blogging really is.
    This was an amazing read!


  • Honestly, i admire you and your brand/niche and being successful in it also. On a contrary note, I think people are more fascinated that i keep a day job and i am also able to keep a thriving blog. Recently i launched my new blog, http://www.crownmusings.com with focus on Lifestyle|Business|Inspiration) and i am overwhelmed with the progress and number of contributors who wants to work with me. Keep inspiring me girl

  • Though I'm still fairly new to the blogging field ('bout 9 months), I often get the LIB line and politics suggestion when I tell people I blog.

    And you're so right! Most people see blogging as a joke or mere favorite pass time.

    I'm yet to carve a niche or generate income from my blog but i intend to stay long term in the blogosphere and build a reputable brand for myself and other businesses that'll spring forth from it.

    Thanks for this open letter Cassie. It's a grand way of giving understanding to those who seek to understand what blogging is about.


  • I can so relate to this. I try to explain and when they don't seem to get it, I just give them my blog link, smile and walk away. It's not their call to define who we are.
    Love your blog. It's a great lifeline for me since I started blogging. God bless you…
    Tosinolaniyi.com xx

  • Girl, that whole Linda Ikeji thing is so annoying. No offense to her but mba, that niche of blogging isn't my cup of tea but at least her success has made the idea of blogging more acceptable to some. still the ignorant ideas of what blogging actually is and the impact it makes is still elusive to many.

  • It does feel great to know i am not alone. Wish i could hit the reblog button here. I almost feel stupid most times explaining what i do. Funnily i got an upliftment this morning when my dad asked my opinion as to setting up my home office, getting a small generator so i an have constant electricity, honestly i was shocked. What have i not heard? Go to makeup and gele tying school, etc.

  • Omg! Like i can totally relate to this on so many levels. I just tell people I am a creative writer and Content creator. I have learnt you cannot let what people's opinion of you deter you from your goal or dreams. Especially the older generation do not seem to get the blogging concept but hey not all of us actually fancy the 8-5 schedule

  • Thank you for this post, like this so this world. When I tell people I'm a blogger, the next thing is Linda Ikeji and when I say I don't blog like her, they are like what other type of blogging is there. If I now tell them to check out my not that's have the advice starts. They'll start telling me to put maybe fashion news or something or talk about celebrities or their gossip and I'm like I'm least interested in all that. I pay for my domain I write what I want. Some even go to the extent of wanting to force me into writing something different and say what's the fun in writing about me. It took a while but my parents now get it a little. This country is just smh


  • I am so glad I'm not in Nigeria right now. Med student here, started this blogging thing recently, so I'm a baby blogger. I'm so scared of even letting people know especially the Nigerians. Only my closest friends know. My parents don't even know I can type because the reply would be "Where do you have time to blog when you should be reading your books". I'm just tired of the close mindedness of Nigerians.
    Funny enough, I was here saying you probably have so much fun and people must respect you because 4 years blogging and med school is a wicked combo. I guess some things never change. Keep up the great work. You made me believe that I could combine these two very stressful lifestyles I love.

  • Hi Cassie, for someone like me who just finished service and doesn’t work yet. Everyone is coming at me with what are you doing right now and so I say I’m a full time blogger and content creator and I’ve gotten varying responses. Some one once said to me I don’t look like a blogger and another said you bloggers are just vain and surface people, irked me so much. I do agree with you we need to work on an elevator pitch and summarizes what we do without belittling or overselling it.

  • For me, it’s just this smirk on their face that just won’t go away and I just smile and not bother at all. Some “well-meaning” friends just ask direct questions and I tell them how it works instead of their vague perception. Like you said, you are building a brand, it’s not about money (though, that too, is as important) You are quite fortunate to have a profession alongside your passion. Heard about you, so I visited. Great stride, Cassie!

  • Haha this amused me a lot, blogging can be hard enough to explain to folks in the Western world, I can only imagine how much harder in Naija. When I started blogging 7 years ago (yup blogging grandma here), it was barely even a ‘thing’. I was more likely to say I had a website, although I got more comfortable to call myself a blogger and be proud as I grew into my space and got involved with my community. Funny we do an elevator pitch for your blog exercise in our Mothers & Shakers blogging workshop (my blogging collective) and this is mine: ‘Babes about Town is a London lifestyle & family travel blog. I curate cool finds & experiences for parents of kids ages 0-12.’ Very pleased to discover your blog today, keep it up x

  • Hey! I was so glad to come across you and your blog. I’m a medical student, and before i thought that’s all i could be, that blogging on the side meant i wasn’t taking my studies seriously. Lol, i remember being shocked that yiu were in the medical field as well. So, thanks so much for being an inspiration! (ps, your blog is #goals)

  • Most people took me unseriously until they saw how serious I was. I think the best way to show them you are serious is to continually attach some seriousness and professionalism to what you, they’ll eventually come around.