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Happy Weekend Guys!!!

I’m particularly excited about this weekend because I’m going to be having my first sewing lesson today at nedoux’s sewing workshop! I’m always going on about how I want to learn to sew and I even listed it on my bucket list as something to “achieve” before I’m 25.

Unlike last weekend though, there is no events hopping in the picture this weekend. I have a family occassion to attend on Sunday and that’s something else I’m looking forward to.

This post isn’t about what I am or not doing this weekend. Its a style post! (Obvs). I was going to put up a different post but decided to do a quick weekend style post instead.
One thing I love about working from home (ever since my unemployment issue started) is that everyday is basically a weekend when it comes to outfits. I get to decide how I dress and there’s no code to conform to – I love it!
I’m usually always super laidback and ironically, my weekends are when I might even be more “dressed up” because #LagosWeekends!

I’ve been looking for white denim pants since my sister ruined mine by washing it with something coloured and I was super happy to find this! Although, at first I was a bit skeptical of the length but I think there is something about “awkward length” pants that just makes it work most times, you know?
I paired it with this cute off shoulder top I got off fellow blogger Mide Coker, at the NFByardsale event, and my @lucy.daves slippers. We are definitely still in “off shoulder” season and it seems not to be ending anytime soon! I’ve styled the trend here, here and here already.

Although, I wore this on a weekday for one of my errand runs, it would definitely work as a “casual weekend” outfit.
What do you think of this look?

I’m off to go prepare for the sewing workshop!

Anyone else going to be there?

What’s the weekend saying for you?

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