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Now that’s not exactly a word that I would confidently or totally use to describe myself. Maybe my alter ego, Yes. If you’ve ever read my bio here, you would know that it’s something I wouldn’t mind being.

For now though, being in this outfit (most especially the top) the other weekend gave me this solange’y vibes that got me feeling all free spirited and boho chic.

I received this victorian style lace crop top from the zinkata store – made by a brand called Dahlia. I got it on the day I left for Atlanta and because of all the rush, I didn’t have the chance to ooh and aah over it properly or go into full fashion trial mode till I got back to Lagos.
When I eventually did, I fell absolutely in LOVE with it! I tried it with a couple of bottoms and it all fit perfectly!
Yes, of course that means that you would be seeing more of this top soon.

Pictures : @ace_venom

This outfit was as unplanned as the idea to share the different looks I put together to wear to the yard sale on instagram (all the looks are still on my instagram – @cassiedaves , in case you want to check them out) for my instafam to help me choose a look.

I had initially planned to go all “white out” and pair the top with a white skirt (that look was everyone’s choice by the way) but I ended up merging two of the looks together to create a totally new one – this one, which I finally wore to the yard sale.

I love dis-assembling and pairing up outfits to form new ones! That’s one of the fun part sof this fashion thing.

You might remember this pants from its debut on the blog here. It was also a key part of my capsule wardrobe last year and I’m introducing it into it again this year. I’ve also styled the pants In this post here.
In case you’re wondering what a capsule wardrobe is – its a way to really maximize your wardrobe by selecting a particular number of clothing items and mixing and matching them to create different looks that will last you for a particular length of time. I talked more about it in this post.

Now, to the ever important question. 
What do you think of this look? And how would you style this top differently?
Shareee! And let’s connect!

P.S –
Zinkata is having their annual shopping party this sunday at the store which is located at 13b Awori road, dolphin estate by 12pm!

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– This outfit is easy like a Sunday evening and that’s really all I’m here for. Comfortable clothes. And Sunday evenings.

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