Blogging || 4 Extra Reasons Your Blog’s Traffic Might Be Stagnant.

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I already blogged about a few ways you might be inhibiting your blog’s progress here, so I thought to add a few extra things that might make your blog’s traffic seem static.
I know that traffic is one thing most bloggers obsess over and are constantly looking for ways to grow and increase theirs. Though, I’d advise to not get so focused on just traffic or use it as a meter to judge your blog’s progress. I know that it also wouldn’t hurt to have yours grow.

There are lots of tips/posts on how to increase your traffic from guest blogging for big sites to hosting giveaways but I’ll be sharing a few reasons yours just might seem stagnant.

Let’s dig in.

1. You’re not promoting it enough. 

I get it. Really, I do. You feel like constantly sharing your posts might make you a bother to people online, so you don’t do it. Or you really don’t have the time to consistently push out your posts. I, myself know how stressful that can be.

Thing is, promoting your content is something you can’t avoid and it isn’t just a one-time thing either. Especially, if you want to see that stats counter keep going higher and higher.
Sharing your new posts just once with a title that says go check out my new post isn’t enough. You have to constantly re-share your posts at different times and with different click bait enticing unique titles for each time.

Social media is very important in growing a blog, so figure out which ones work for you and constantly promote your posts (in a nonspammy way). I know that Pinterest is really good for building traffic, although I’m still getting my footing in that.
You can also use tools like Buffer and HootSuite to schedule  and simplify your sharing process.

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Asides from social media, don’t be shy to mention your blog to people and tell your friends and family to share your posts as well!

2. You’re an island of your own on the blogosphere.

Just like in life, in the blogosphere too – you definitely will need people.
Networking is very important and some people are way too skilled at this (kacheetee this is your sub).
You will need to network with other bloggers by showing them blog love, commenting on their blogs, following on other social media and interacting with them, collaborating with bloggers, guest post for them etc
You can even go a step further to send short emails to people simply stating that you love their blog. Most often than not, it will be reciprocated and you not only get people to visit your blog but you grow your tribe too.

3. Your blog doesn’t encourage shares and easy accessibility.

Your blog might be hard to navigate or doesn’t make it easy for people to share your posts. I talked about how important a clean and responsive blog design is in this post.
I was reading a blog recently and I loved the post so much and wanted to share but couldn’t find any share buttons! Please don’t be like this, you can easily incorporate share buttons to your site with sumome.

Another thing is showing your full content on your home page instead of utilizing the read more option. You’d think this is something really simple but you’ll be surprised that a couple of bloggers still show their full content in their home page.
Of course, if people can read the full post at a glance, why bother still clicking on it?

One other thing to check out  (though this doesn’t fall under your blog design ) if you have an RSS feed is if your new post mail updates send the full posts to your subscriber’s inboxes. Meaning that they also don’t need to click on any link to go to your blog, since they get to view the full thing in their mail.

4. You’re invisible in search engines.

Now I’m not a guru on SEO but there are a couple of easy things to do to boost your blog’s presence on search engines.
One really big mistake that I used to make if you read my earlier posts is using just anything for my post title and post URL. I used to write titles like “the girl with the golden bicycle” lol! This doesn’t do much for you on search engines.
Even if you want your title to be that way, you can control the URL by editing it in your post settings (choose the custom permalink option) to something more descriptive before you put out the post.

For more simple SEO tips for your blog, check out this post by Louisa.

The important thing as always will be having good content with good visuals as well, on your blog. Because trying so hard and utilizing every trick to bring people to your site, only for them to meet an uninteresting blog would only be a waste of your time and theirs.

You also might just have a high expectation and expect your traffic and everything to grow quickly especially if you’re just starting out. There are a few exceptions but the majority of people (myself inclusive) have had to grow our blogs over time.

I hope someone finds this post helpful.
If you have any other helpful tips, please feel free to contribute in the comments!
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