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Wander Lust Diaries - Journey To Republic Of Benin.

Friday, 29 July 2016
Road Trip'in.

I've been thinking a lot lately of long endless roads and open spaces
Of people, love and endless laughter flowing around. Of good vibes
I've always had a mild case of wanderlust but of recent it has become increasingly present determined to be noticed at all cost....

That's the beginning of one of my many scribblings that I somehow never got around to finishing...

I'm currently on a road trip en route one of our neighbouring countries - Benin with two other people - Alabi of Urbane Hanger and Lola, who I just met but immediately bonded with (We were initially meant to be five, but the others didn't come through) and I thought to share a bit of the journey with you.

I'm seated right next to the window trying to take in all of the journey, whilst listening to a variety of old Nigerian songs I haven't heard in a while and thinking of Chris Daughtry's song about the start of something new and I can't help but think about how much beauty there is to see out there.
I want to see all of it someday, to experience it all.
Right now though, we haven't exactly passed any "beautiful place". Our route takes us majorly through Ogun state and It's been a lot of brown muddy roads, vegetations, school children running amok and rural type houses.

Although this wasn't one of the African countries I had in mind when I wrote my bucket list, I'm pretty excited to be doing one thing off my 25 before 25 list so soon already, especially since I never saw it coming (check out the bucket list Here)

We got in through the Idi roko border and I hear it could have been worse but we had to pay both on the Nigerian side of the border and again at the Benin side. I paid N3000 at the Benin side to get in because, apparently that's the fee for first timers, as opposed to N300. I also had to pay N2000 to get a yellow card.
My first experience of the people of Benin wasn't exactly pleasant - after the unexpected fees and the way they kept looking for an opportunity to scam us, we got in to meet a lot of rowdiness  - crazy drivers with zero regards for human life and people who had no problems with invading your space, touching you without warning and basically just being all over you. (Picture Yaba market but with more aggressive looking people.)

Driving from the border to the city proper, I started warming up slowly to the country. We are staying in a really nice part of the city ( Haie Vive) and its a break from the Lagos scenery I'm used to. The only downside of staying in a nice area is that there are majorly only high-end restaurants around. Getting food has been a struggle, both due to the price and language barrier (Not being able to read the menu and communicate well with the people). 

I'll be here all through the weekend, so guys!
Have you ever been to Benin? Please let me know where to check out or what to try!

Also, please what would you guys love to see? Should I document it daily? The people, lifestyle, and places? 

Let me know, please! 

I'll be sharing snippets on my snap chat : @cassiedaves
Let's connect.

Weekend Bits || The NFBYard Sale.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016
Shop. Bid. Network.

The NFBYardsale that I kept going on and on about finally happened this past sunday and I just cleared my schedule for the day because I knew it was going to be my main focus. I even had people help me decide on my outfit on instagram (@cassiedaves). Lol

Most of you might not know this, but that was actually the second edition of the yard sale. The first edition happened two years ago (quick shout out to anyone that was at the first one - you're the real MVP!) and being at this one, I was so impressed by the obvious growth! It goes to show that if something doesn't work at first, you might just need to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize.

The yard sale was held at the Ethnic heritage centre, which was where I also had my meet n greet event last year ( Read what went down at the meet n greet Here). I was particularly interested in seeing what the arrangement was going to be like and it was quite impressing to see how they managed and made the best of the space to fit all the vendors. There was also some food vendors around, good music and a sketch artist.

I didn't initially plan to sell anything, because I was too lazy to sort through my closet and I knew that I didn't have so much to sell. I finally decided to clean out my closet two days before the main event, which meant that I had to go with the option of "consigning" my things. I logged my bag to the venue and just left It to the care of my "consignee".
I honestly didn't sell much, but that's because of my own negligence and poor planning (didn't come with any hangers to hang up my clothes. Smh) I'm thinking of opening a "shop my closet" page on this blog to sell the remaining items. What do you guys think?

Pictures : Tunde Mason and @ Ordinaryandart
It was a pretty fun event though! Majorly because I reconnected with a few people I hadn't seen in a while (like my friend Ismail who shot this post and this post), also got to meet a few blog readers ( helloo ilamosi, senayafrances) and I went home with an "awuuf" - a dope skirt (the  skirt being held in the picture above) from the auction which Mrs Adesuwa (Publisher of TW Magazine - I've shot for them once HERE) bought for me.

Oh! A bit on that auction.
Remember I mentioned in this post that I was going to be hosting the auction at the yardsale? And was feeling a bit iffy about it all ? Well, I eventually just stilled my mind because what's the worst that can happen?
I didn't get to actually host it anymore after all my apprehension because my "co-auctioneers" had so much fun doing it and might have forgotten themselves in the process. Lol!
I didn't take any offense though, and didn't mind the help at all. Except that I had to stand there awkwardly doing nothing, not sure if to just leave or go away. I eventually went to sit down.
The Auction was basically a way to give back to the community as the proceeds from it was to raise funds for the expansion of an NGO - the iroto school of catering in Ogun state. The items that were auctioned were majorly "designer pieces" donated by some of our media and TV personalities.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next one and I'm sure it would be bigger and better. I think it is a great initiative to help find new homes for your old clothes.
I'm a cloth hugger, so I basically just keep piling mine up - whether I wear them or not. I keep thinking that I might need to wear it one day and it will be sad if I don't have it when that day comes. Lol. Of course the day never comes but I keep thinking. Smh. It felt good cleaning out my wardrobe and letting go of some of my clothes. Though, I just couldn't bring myself to let go of my vintage shirts. Lol!

Were you at the yard sale? What was your experience like? 
And while we are on it. I'm curious, what do you do with your clothes that you no longer wear but are in a good enough state? Do you pass them on to your siblings, throw them away or give to charity?
I'll really love to know.
Please share! And let's connect.

Style || Midriff Baring - The Crop Top.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

I still remember the crop top craze of the year 2014, when you couldn't look anywhere without spotting someone in one. The red carpets didn't make it any easier - with celebrities rocking the trend left, right, front and center.  Though it was one trend I was digging, I somehow didn't manage to get sucked too deeply into it - as evident by my lack of crop top looks on the blog (that is, except for this one, this one and this too. Oh and this one too )

Okay, maybe I ought to take back that statement. Ha ha.
I guess I infact did get sucked into it also. But I stayed on the safe end of the crop top scale variation - the not so tight fitted or cropped type that just flashes a bit of flesh when you happen to raise your hands.

This is my first time going full on midriff baring and I never thought I would love it quite as much as I enjoyed wearing this outfit. I actually loved it so much that the first statement I typed when I first started writing this post was "I need more of this type of crop top! NEED!"

I got this top at Ross when I traveled, despite my aunt advising me otherwise - saying how I wouldn't be able to wear it out of my father's house (knowing the type of father I have. Ha ha) but I knew it was going to come in handy and it was going to be my first "sexy girl" crop top, so I stuck to my guns.
I decided to pair it with black pants, a hat and coloured shoes to break off the "all black" look. I wore this to Desiree's store launch the other other weekend - I blogged about that here. I'm going to try layering it over a white shirt next. 

What do you guys think of this look?
How would you style it differently?
I'll be hosting the auction at the NFBYardsale tomorrow! Between you and I? My introverted self wants to push it all away because I'm not exactly fun or hyper. But I'm lowkey looking forward to it all tomorrow though. I hope to get to see some of you as well!
Right now, I'm just trying to finally decide on what to wear tomorrow. An all white outfit (crop top (he he) and pleated skirt combo) , something casual ( denim ), or another retroish inspired look (pencil skirt and waist coat)

What do you guys think?

Please share your thoughts on the look with me! And let's connect.

A Timely Perspective - Daniel Wellington Classic

Thursday, 21 July 2016

I've been itching to blog a review of  my Daniel Wellington wrist watch ever since I got it. I scheduled this post for the end of the month but I make the rules, so I can break it right?

Okay, let's dig in.

I'll be honest with you here. I've never really been into accessories. And watches? They were the very least of my concern when it came to accessories. I haven't owned one of my own (that I didn't take from my mum's closet) in the longest time now and I usually always forget to put on a watch as I head out, so I didn't bother buying and wasn't particularly interested in owning any.

That is, till I started spotting the Daniel Wellington wrist watch all over the internet. You've probably also been seeing this watch pop up all over Instagram and fashion blogs. Yes?

Now you might call it (I might call it that too, honestly) "the internet buzz effect" or just plain ol jumping on the bandwagon (and maybe a bit of wanting to also work with the brand too), but I really liked the look of their watches and of course, I didn't mind owning one too! So I was delighted when the good people over at Daniel Wellington reached out to ask me if I'd love to experience one of their watches.
Daniel wellington wrist watch review
Daniel wellington wrist watch review
Daniel wellington wrist watch review
Daniel wellington wrist watch review
I went through their website and was spoilt for choice. But like almost everything else, I'm more drawn to masculine cuts so I ventured first into the male section of their site and picked one from their "classic range" - the classic reading 40mm wristwatch.

It arrived in the house back in Atlanta in about 10  days. At first, I didn't hear anything from them and I was a bit doubtful about getting it on time seeing as I was going to be leaving for Nigeria. I emailed them my concerns and got tracking details almost immediately that quelled my concerns.

It came in a leather box that made me immediately fall in love. You know how I'm all about packaging and this one just oozed of class - I did an unboxing on snap chat ( @cassiedaves) when it arrived and got a few people asking where I got the watch from. Also In the box was an instruction manual, a warranty, and a spring removal tool to remove and replace the strap if you want. 
When I finally got to hold mine, I was glad to see that the buzz about the watch wasn't just "hype".
I really love the simple minimalist yet classy design of the watch, which is something the Daniel Wellington brand is well known for - simple, timeless and elegantly crafted watches.

My dad has been fighting me for this watch since I got it oh. It started with him wanting to buy it off me and then when I said No, he resorted to coming to ask me if he could wear it out every other day.
I think the Daniel Wellington watch would make a really good gift also. 
You can check out their site HERE.
Also, you get 15% off your purchase with the discount code : cassiedaves

For someone like me who only remembers that her wrist is bare when I look at a photograph and realize how empty my hand looks, I've been wearing this around lately.

So, just to prove my cousin wrong. I argued that in this era not a lot of people bother with wearing a watch because they can easily check the time on their phone.
Do you guys agree?
Please let me know if you're a watch person. 
Also what type of wristwatches do you like?
Feminine floral or big bold ones?

Please share! And let's connect.

Boost Your Blog And Blog Like A Boss.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Boost your blog . Build Your Brand. Blog Like A Boss
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You want to start your blog (with a bang) but you're unsure of how to go about it.
  • You've been blogging for a while now but you aren't seeing the progress and growth you want. 
  • You find it difficult to crank out quality posts for your blog and maintain consistency.
  • Even when you're posting consistently, you have trouble getting your audience to connect with your posts and you're struggling to get noticed.
  • You have consumed lots of information online about growing your blog and are overwhelmed by the process.
  • You have lost the motivation and are doubting if blogging can really pay off.
Here’s the good news: you can totally transform your blog!  But are you making these blogging mistakes?
1) Brainstorming without a strategy: All the beautiful ideas in your head are battling for attention but you haven’t determined your ideal audience, your blog purpose and vision, and how to be valuable. You also have no idea on what your brand message is and how you want it to be perceived. Instead, you’re using ineffective formulas and strategies that are costing you blog traffic, social media shares, the expert status you desire, and your income earning potential
2) Ignoring content marketing: Consistent content creation and promotion are constant struggles you experience. And because you are desperately trying to grow your blog audience, your change your niche several times. Or you abandon your blogs to create new ones, hoping to whip up some magic.

3) Chasing the next shining object: When you finally have the time to implement your strategies, you’re distracted by the next blogger who’s shining on Instagram. You spend the next few hours trying to make “latch” onto every new tip and strategy on the internet. Or worse still, you’ve forgotten the brilliant brainstorming session you had hours ago! Ouch!

You're not alone. Most bloggers spend years trying to build an engaged audience. But what if you didn't have to figure it all out on your own?
What if you could stop mixing strategies and tips and stop playing with your blog?

What if you could create a brand you are proud of and have brands scampering to work with you?

What if you could have other media outlets featuring you as the It person of the moment?

My name is Cassie Daves. I’m a Medical Doctor, an award-winning blogger, and a Creative Entrepreneur.
I launched the Cassie Daves blog in 2013 and over the years one thing that has been filling up my inbox is emails from people needing help and guidance on their blogging path. I started sharing blog tips here early last year as part of my blogging series when I realized that quite a huge number of people had lots of questions on blogging and needed help with getting started and also growing their blog.

It's one thing I find exciting and I actually itch to help people - both newbie bloggers and already existing bloggers create an online space they love. I've replied to a lot of these emails over the years -sharing tips/advice and it gives me absolute joy to see them currently doing well with their blogs.
I've decided to take it a step forward and launch my blog review/consultation services to help people more comprehensively and especially people really looking to take their blog serious.

For the past three years, I’ve been able to work with brands and turn my blog into a profitable space.

But it wasn’t always like this.

It didn't come easy and it took me a long while to figure it all out. Over the years, I have learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. I know how overwhelming it can be to build a profitable blog. I know this from building my own blog. That's why I'm here to help you sort through the mess.

The Cassie Daves blog consultation is for bloggers who want to get serious with their blog, want to create content that connects with your audience and attract brands/influencers to want to collaborate with you.

Together, we will
  • Clarify your blog focus and hone in on your niche.
  • Find your unique voice and create a space that reflects who you are.
  • Create personalized solutions/plan of actions specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Listen to what some people have to say:
Blogging newbies are welcome, too!
I absolutely LOVE helping new bloggers as well! If you’re a blogging newbie, Together, we will map out an effective strategy to launch your blog and quickly position yourself in the blogosphere.

Here’s How It Works :

BLOG REVIEW : If you just want an expert eye to look over your blog and tell you what you might be doing wrong, I've got you covered! I can help you pinpoint simple changes to make that can grow your readership and make your blog better. After going through your blog, I will send you an email with my feedback and any helpful resources.

BLOG CONSULTATION :  I know you might have your own unique needs, confusions and questions -Be it about growing your blog, working with brands or whatever it might be. The blog consultation involves a 30 minutes online discussion with me on your area(s) of need, and I'll give you full feedback, and a personalized solution with a follow-up email.

RATES :  The Blog review costs N7,500, while the Blog Consultations costs N15,000.
However, I'll be giving a price slash to N4,500 for the review and N8,500 for the first few people which will be valid only from now until the 8th of August. After this duration, the prices will revert back to the normal fee.

ANOTHER BONUS? If you order a blog review and blog planner together during the month of July I’ll give you 5% off the whole thing.

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?
Just click any of the bold buttons below to send me a mail showing interest and access the form
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Because I can take only a limited number of people, only serious applicants will be considered.

Feel free to share with your blogger friends.
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