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These past few weeks have been an amazing and extremely relaxing one for me. Although, it started out a bit rough, with me having difficulties adapting to the new routine but with time I got with the program.

I’m leaving atlanta today (Started writing this before I left for the airport. I’m currently sitting at the airport in Dubai awaiting my connecting flight to Nigeria.) and thought to share some pictures I took while I was here.
I didn’t get to do lots of exploring or experience the city as I would have loved to – majorly because of transportation issues and it didn’t exactly help that we live in the suburbs where there aren’t lots of exciting places and things to see/do. I tried something new though – I went skating and embarrassed myself

I spent most of my days with my cousins playing games, riding our bicycles around the estate and down to the lake, going to the movies, taking pictures and the occasional grocery shopping/errand runs. Seems like the most ordinary things but I was making beautiful memories.

The last time I came here some four years ago, I got to go downtown Atlanta with my uncle and we went to the Georgia Aquarium.
This time around, I hooked up with blogger Winifred and together with my cousins, we tried to do a little exploring of the city. We went to the CNN building, checked out the centennial olympic park and admired the skyview ferris wheel. My most exciting part of downtown has to be the five points area- that’s where all the graffiti and coloured walls and the people really are. I hear its also where most of the violence occurs.
I saw a couple of really interesting characters, from spiky blue hairs, homeless people sleeping around the street – some smoking blunts, a street musician, down to the guy who freestyled (rap) for us.
I didn’t really take pictures of the five points area but I got the last four off Google (photo credit below) to show you what it looks like.

I’m having mixed feelings about returning back to Nigeria and seriously now re thinking practicing medicine in Nigeria too.
I’m going to be spending lots of hours in the airport in Qatar , already made inquiries to my lost blog planner and there’s still no positive response. *sigh*
I’m off to go do a bit of “airport exploring” and I will be sharing some on my snapchat: @cassiedaves.

I hope you’re having a good day?
What have you been up to?
Also, lets connect!

Photo credit : herehereand here

P.S : I did one blogger collaboration while I was in Atlanta with Anjola of Bejewelled Bud here

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