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Postcards From Atlanta x Life Lately.

Sunday, 26 June 2016
These past few weeks have been an amazing and extremely relaxing one for me. Although, it started out a bit rough, with me having difficulties adapting to the new routine but with time I got with the program.

I'm leaving atlanta today (Started writing this before I left for the airport. I'm currently sitting at the airport in Dubai awaiting my connecting flight to Nigeria.) and thought to share some pictures I took while I was here.
I didn't get to do lots of exploring or experience the city as I would have loved to - majorly because of transportation issues and it didn't exactly help that we live in the suburbs where there aren't lots of exciting places and things to see/do. I tried something new though - I went skating and embarrassed myself

I spent most of my days with my cousins playing games, riding our bicycles around the estate and down to the lake, going to the movies, taking pictures and the occasional grocery shopping/errand runs. Seems like the most ordinary things but I was making beautiful memories.

The last time I came here some four years ago, I got to go downtown Atlanta with my uncle and we went to the Georgia Aquarium.
This time around, I hooked up with blogger Winifred and together with my cousins, we tried to do a little exploring of the city. We went to the CNN building, checked out the centennial olympic park and admired the skyview ferris wheel. My most exciting part of downtown has to be the five points area- that's where all the graffiti and coloured walls and the people really are. I hear its also where most of the violence occurs.
I saw a couple of really interesting characters, from spiky blue hairs, homeless people sleeping around the street - some smoking blunts, a street musician, down to the guy who freestyled (rap) for us.
I didn't really take pictures of the five points area but I got the last four off Google (photo credit below) to show you what it looks like.

I'm having mixed feelings about returning back to Nigeria and seriously now re thinking practicing medicine in Nigeria too.
I'm going to be spending lots of hours in the airport in Qatar , already made inquiries to my lost blog planner and there's still no positive response. *sigh*
I'm off to go do a bit of "airport exploring" and I will be sharing some on my snapchat: @cassiedaves.

I hope you're having a good day?
What have you been up to?
Also, lets connect!

Photo credit : herehereand here

P.S : I did one blogger collaboration while I was in Atlanta with Anjola of Bejewelled Bud here

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Style || Weekend Wear x My Current Favorite Budget Friendly Phone.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016
Hey Guys!
So, I'm dedicating the techy half of this post to Lade of toyinwithfashion because of her new phone mishap. She made me realize that I didn't quite talk about this phone well enough, and maybe highlight a bit more of its qualities and how it can come in handy for someone on a budget but trying to get a phone with a good camera/video quality. 

Before I go on, I'll just like to state that I'm by no means a tech person. All I basically look out for in a phone is how good the camera is.
I'm also of the believe that you don't need to shell out lots of money to get a good phone that will do what you need it to do - and for me that's taking good pictures, browsing, and basically using the various social media apps. 

The infinix hot 3 ticks the camera quality box well and does way more than one might expect from it.
I know the stereotype that comes with the infinix brand, so I was also really skeptical when I first got the phone.  Though I already knew that it was specifically designed as a "selfie phone" being that its their first phone with a front camera flash but between you and I honestly, I was still very very skeptical. Imagine, my surprise when I checked out the camera quality and it was really good! I shared some pictures I took with the phone in this post here.  

At approximately N30,000, the infinix hot 3 is pretty fun to use. It comes with its own user interface - techy word that I had someone break down for me too lol , and some really fun features like the gesture/smile/voice recognition and smart gestureThe user interface is basically the experience you get from the phone and this one allows you to customize/personalize most of the features to how you want it to look.  

I hear it also can work as a power bank for other phones, although I haven't quite figured out how that works yet and I don't think the battery life lasts for so long.  You can read the full specifications/ another review here.
Do you have the infinix 3? What is your experience with it.
Also, where do you stand when it comes to phones?
Are you more of a name brand person as per the latest gadget type person, or you'll just rather use a phone based on its ability to do what you need from it ?

Now, that I'm done with that. Can we talk about this waist coat for a minute? I am absolutely in love with it and proud of myself for sticking with it even after my mum repeatedly called it trash. *sigh*
Going shopping with my mum is such a pain because she doesn't understand my style and basically runs down most of what I pick. Struggz
I picked this up from the thrift store recently and even though, my mum couldn't see why I would want it - I knew it would definitely come in handy and it did this past weekend. I talked about my love affair with waiscoats and shared a few styling tips as well in this post.

Do you have this problem with your mum understanding your style too?
How do you deal with it?

We had a church picnic during the weekend and I had to wear something casual. I initially contemplated wearing shorts but the insects wouldn't let me be the last time I did and went down to the lake, so I settled for this net dress (Yup, its a dress that I tucked in) , black denim pants and my waist coat to add a little extra fun to it. The hat was basically a necessity because my hair is currently a mess. If you follow me on snapchat - you might already have seen how much of a mess it is. I also shared some clips of the picnic on my snapchat - @cassiedaves! Add me up guys!  

What do you think of this look?
What would you style differently?
Let me know your thoughts please and let's connect!
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P.S - I received this phone courtesy of infinix, but all words and opinions are mine.

P.P.S -

Model Diary || Mai Atafo's "Stay with me" video.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Blogging || Five Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Blog.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

If there's one thing I absolutely love doing is helping new bloggers (and already existing bloggers too) find their ground in the blogosphere.
Its a sort of obsession for me and I'm always eager to offer help in reviewing blogs every now and then and point out places that need to be worked on.

You know that itch when you see something that has so much potential  but just need a few directions to come to life and you just want to walk in there and let them know? That's legit how I feel going through blogs. So, I thought to share five  common mistakes I've noticed from reading and reviewing blogs that might be inhibiting your blog from growing.

Let's Dig In.

1. Having a cluttered blog design and a non responsive blog theme :

I was guilty of this one (the non responsive theme) for soo long! But I knew about it and was working towards changing my theme. 
Your blog design is the first thing someone notices and it can help decide if someone sticks around to actually go through your content.  I come across some blogs and just close them immediately because they don't have a responsive theme but instead they have their full web view show on mobile and it is just too bulky or they have zero white space and lots of colors going on. 

A responsive blog theme is basically a theme that adapts to fit whatever device someone is using to view your blog - or in simpler terms : all your sidebar widgets should be able to be seen in mobile view also. Its not only SEO friendly but makes it easy for a reader to spend more time on your site because they get to find more posts easier. 

I find that most people just don't know where to get themes from or how it all works. Well, its pretty easy. You can just google "responsive blog theme for blogger or wordpress" .
I talked a bit about this in my post on starting a blog here 

2. Not having visible share and follow buttons.  
I find it quite upsetting when I see a blog I like but just can't for the life of me figure out where their follow buttons are! Especially the bloglovin follow button.  
Everyone now is having a "subscribe via mail widget and even pop up subscribe tabs" but no bloglovin or GFC. Not everyone wants to commit immediately to following you via email, so I advice you hop on to bloglovin also and make your follow and social buttons very visible. 
I always place all my social/follow links at the end of each post as well as the ones at my sidebar too. 

3. Blogging about too many things : 
A.K.A not having a niche. If your blog is all over the place - gossip today, style tomorrow, Music next week - then it might be a bit confusing to people reading it. I wouldn't say you should box yourself in, but at least limit how "all over the place" you are. 
4. Not Being Consistent : 

I think the consistency thing is quite obvious how helpful it can be -not just for your traffic but also with building trust with your readers. 
Its easy for people to forget blogs if everytime they come to check, there is no new post up. Especially if there is a very long stretch between your posts.  
Not just being consistent with your posts but with your aesthetic too. 
creating a website, posting great content, and then forgetting / losing motivation / getting distracted. 
I have a post in the works on how to be more consistent but I'll also advice that you get  blog planner to help you plan better. Luckily for you, I have made just the right planner for you HERE.  It not only helps you stay consistent by planning ahead and in an organized manner but it also has blog post ideas for your inspiration, a social media plan for promoting your posts and a page to brainstorm your blog manifesto.

5. Trying to be like everyone else / do what everyone else is doing : 

You're cramming in style posts because you think that's what sells and what everyone enjoys reading, though you know that you're not so versed in the style thing. 
I've had some people complain to me that they don't think people want to read blogs about life/fiction and that's why their blog isn't growing - so they think switching to also being a style blogger might help them. 
Trust me, that isn't true. Regardless of what your niche is, people will read it if you make it interesting and useful also. Find your voice and what works for you also.


If you'll like me to check out your blog and do a review of your site. You can now get your blog reviewed! Full details HERE
If you would love to dive even deeper with me and take your blog to the next level. You can book a blog consultation with me HERE.

Do you have any other things to add to this post? Please share with us, as I'm always open to learning more too.
I hope you found this post helpful also.
As always, let's connect!

Outfit || The Shift Life + My Liebster Award.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

I was going to include this post into the May recap post but I figured that might just make it bulky and a mumble jumble of  too many things, so I separated it. You might have seen the full post when I initially posted it, before I took it out and I hope this explains the confusion.
So, I got nominated for the liebster award by Tega and Its been a while I did this  - I got my first liebster award three years ago here and I've gotten a few others over the years, that I haven't really addressed yet.
The Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. Though, I'm not a new blogger (My blog clocked three the other other day here
and I blogged about it here). Let's get right to it.

Who or what inspires you?
I honestly can never think of a particular person whenever I'm asked this. I think I'm generally inspired by anyone working hard to create a future for themselves and live a life that they love - a creative life.

If you were to choose one place you'd rather be, where will you pick?
Right now? I'd rather be with bae. >_>

What is your favourite book?
Ehrm, I really don't think I have a favorite book.

What do you do for fun?
I mostly just go to the movies. lol

What is your best quote?
Ehrmmmm. I don't think I have a best quote per se. I have a lot of quotes I like.

If you could be one celebrity, who will it be and why?
My first thought was Beyonce, then Michelle Obama ( I don't know if she is a celebrity? )and Finally Chrissy Teigen because Bae!

If you could have one super power, what will it be?
I just tweeted this the other day. lol. I wish I could travel back in time, so that I would change things and make sure that I don't forget my planner on the plane.

Do you have a fashion item in your closet that has a special story?
I used to but I threw it away because "moving on" lol. Right now, I can't think of any other item in my closet with a special story.

Which one luxury product do you wish you had in your collection?
Ehrrr, I also can't think of anything now. *sigh* I know I'm totally messing up the point of these questions :(

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Honestly? Just living a life I love - and that means having my own family and working for myself.

Tell me a random fact about you.
I already shared more than one random fact about me here.

I'm meant to nominate other people but I'm leaving it open to anyone interested in doing the tag, please feel free to and tag me if you do!


Ignore the awkward pose up there lol! I just thought to also include a quick style post, featuring my first ankara (African prints fabric) dress in a long while now. I wore this dress back in Lagos and people in my neighborhood couldn't stop going on about how this is the first time they are seeing me in an ankara outfit. lol I think this is the second ankara outfit in my closet currently and its not for lack of fabric oh - just plain laziness to have it sewn.

I've been wanting to get a shift dress for the longest time now, so I jumped at the offer when my mum decided to sew something for me. I really like how easy shift dresses are and I'm looking to add a few more to my wardrobe. The denim jacket was just to jazz up the look a bit, and I finished it off with my white leather jellies.
What do you think of shift dresses and this look?

P.S - I got featured on Kachee's blog, you should totally read the interview. That's one of my best features so far, because she left the over asked and generic questions I get all the time. Read it here.

P.P.S - I'm on snapchat fo'real now!! It's @cassiedaves.

Lets connect!

May Notes And Recap.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Happy New Month Guys!

Long overdue greeting and month recap but like I always say, its better late than never. 
We are already halfway into the month and I still can't believe how fast this year is going! Its amazing really but hey, congratulations for making it this far! 

May was a wonderful month in so many ways and I'm just going to highlight a few of them. 

For one, my blog planners sold out again. Winning! I'm currently trying to sort out new orders and see how to make it work for people just requesting. I guess most people also go with the better late than never ideology too. lol

I got featured in the newspaper with some of Nigeria's finest bloggers and that was a really awesome opportunity. I blogged about it all and shared some behind the scenes here. My little cousin saw a picture of the newspaper on my phone yesterday and went "does this mean you're rich?"! Loool! No honey, but yes I'm rich in Christ. 

I also got lots of brand collaboration offers and though, I had to turn down more than a few - It felt good receiving those emails because its a good sign and of course, I'm always open to working with brands

You know how I mentioned that I was a bit confused about the whole love thing in my April Recap? Well, I think I actually really fell in love all over again in May and that was a really good feeling, although quite scary as well. 

I got to travel finally. Although, not to any of the places I was really interested in going but its a change nonetheless and one I appreciate. 

May didn't end so well though, because I lost my personal blog planner - forgot it on the plane actually and after lots of back and forth with the airline, the conclusion was that it wasn't turned in to them, so there is nothing they can do for me. Makes me wonder if the cleaning people threw it away or someone just decided to keep it. The whole thing was just so depressing and it made me disorganized and unmotivated to get any work done. 

I'm still a bit sad because I have lots of important things and notes in there but I'm slowly trying to get myself together again. I also still have faith that I will get it back cos I've prayed about it and I'm really really hopeful about it all. 

On the "lessons" end, I didn't really learn anything new - it was more like relearning things I already know - about protecting my heart, my thoughts and basically resisting the urge to feel envious or jealous of others. 
This month I'm trying to just focus on the positives and the million and one things I have to be thankful for. Also trying to stop this procrastination thing and learn a couple of new things like make up, photoshop . Its looking a bit like this housemanship work thing will happen this month, so yeah fingers crossed for that.

How did May go for you?
I hope June is treating you well already?
Please leave me your thoughts, experiences/ lessons in April and what you're looking forward to this new month.
Also, lets connect!

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