Five Things I’m Loving Lately x My Blog Award.


This post has been in my drafts for a while now and I figured its about time I put it up, seeing as I haven’t done a “five things lately” post in a while.
Let’s dig in!
– Lucy.Daves Sandals.
If you follow me on instagram (go follow me! @cassiedaves), you might already be tired of seeing me wearing this. Its my new favorite sandals and I just love love how it adds some spice to my outfits (styled it in this post here).
I know some people have been wondering because of the ‘Daves” in the name, so here’s your answer – No, its not my brand. Its owned by my sister. I’ve had to listen to her go on and on about this for some years now, so I was delighted to see her actually push on and bring her vision to life.
It was love at first sight for me with this one and I bought it immediately she brought home the first batch.
I placed my order for two others and I can’t wait to start rocking them too.
Check out the brand on instagram @lucy.daves
 A few others.

– Customized Phone Case.

I recently got a new phone and I’ve been hunting for a unique phone case for it. I put it out on instagram (shameless begging) and the good people over at @Chyder5printshop were kind enough to offer to make me one. I never miss an opportunity to sell my blog, so I decided to use my blog logo with the url. I wanted it placed horizontally but I can live with this. My dad loves the case so much and it has also been a good conversation starter too.

– Zaron Liquid Eyeliner.

See, this eyeliner is Bae! My winged liner game is quite weak and because of that, I stay clear of eyeliners and just stick to eye pencils cos its easier for me to handle.
When my eye pencil finished, I just had to use the next available thing which was this zaron eyeliner I found in my sister’s make up purse.
I was a bit skeptical but I’m glad I gave it a try. The application is so easy, I love it! Now I regret giving mine away in my christmas giveaway *sigh*
I’m also loving the kajal in the picture too! I used to use it way back then and I’m not sure why I stoppped. I use it to line under my eyes and it applies really well too.

– Rococo Off Shoulder Top.

This isn’t even a sponsored post or anything, I just love the top so much.
I got it from @rococothebrand as a “gift” *coughs* and honestly, I don’t know if they saw me lamenting on twitter about how I just needed to hop on this off shoulder gang trend but this was one package I was really excited about when I unboxed it.
I wore it for my guardian feature here and I plan to do a three ways to style post featuring it soon.

– Cat Eye Glasses.

I’ve always wanted a cat eye frame for my prescription glasses but finding one was so hard. I finally found this one in the market and snatched it sharply but I’m a low-key way so the seller wouldn’t know how much I wanted it and increase the price. Lol
I love how it makes me look a bit sophisticated in a stylish way (just peep this post here to see what I mean) and I intend to use this one for my prescription glasses soon as I stop being lazy to go to the optician.

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Oh and My Very First Blog Award!

Remember I mentioned that I got my very first blog award last month, in this post? I also promised to dedicate a post to it, but I think this works also. I finally got the award sometime last week and I was so excited to finally hold it in my hands! It now sits front and center in my sitting room.

So thank youuuuu to everyone of you that read this blog and to the @xperienceomaje team for thinking me worthy of this award!

What are some of the things that have your heart lately? 
Please share! and let’s connect!

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