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Blog Survey Recap

Friday, 27 May 2016
Hey guys!

So I'm taking a cue from berry in putting up a post about my survey results. Though I wouldn't be sharing the exact results, I decided to do this majorly because I had a couple of people ask some questions and I'll like to reply them with this.

First off, I'll just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that took the survey. Thank you! And I totally appreciate you.

Doing the survey was my way of finding out what works and what doesn't and of course, it is always super important to get feedback from the people you're putting out stuff for.

Here's what I learnt from the survey.

- I have more female than male readers (obviously) but a few guys read my blog. Thank You!

- Majority of my readers are in their twenties, with just a small percentage in their teens and thirties.

- Apparently most of the people that read my blog have been here for around a year. Makes me wonder where everyone from two/three years ago went to. Y'all come back to me please! I miss you! :(

- A great percentage found my blog via instagram - which I thought was strange. I guess I underestimated the power of instagram, I honestly didn't think people actually clicked links on there.
P.S - I'm on twitter too and on facebook. Let's totally connect! Its less of pictures and more of what's on my mind.

- People prefer my style posts, life posts, blogging tips, weekend bits and style inspiration post the most.

- They also want to see more of blogging tips, poetry, lagos living, candid talk and life posts. I hear ya, I hear ya! I'll work on that.

To the few people that said they will read anything I blog about, you are the real MVP! And you can have all my money! (When I make it)

- Most people get new post updates via my email list (Subscribe here yo!) and instagram. Feels good to know you all are opening my mails tbh.

Now to the bit where I answer your questions. I asked if there's anything you want me to blog about and I got a few requests.

- To the person that specially requested I do a post on how to blog when you don't have a camera. I already did that HERE.

- To the person that asked me to do a post on how to get your motivation to blog back after a while, your girl already got that covered in this here post.

- To the person that thinks I need to create categories on the menu page. Its actually right there, when you click the menu and also I have the label icons so you can click on any label and read posts related to that. Hope this is helpful?

- To the person that left me that awesome supportive comment, I just want to say thank you so much for that! Thank you! You will find good husband/wife and not the type that will disgrace you on social media! Amen!

I also took notes of the areas most people said they needed help with and I'm currently putting together something that will be helpful to yall!

That's it guys!

I'm going on a trip - if you're signed up to my mailing list, this wouldn't be news to you. Typing this while waiting to weigh my luggage. Wish me a safe trip!

Oh and Happy Children's day!!!


Style Crush || Cacsmy Brutus.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016
 Hey guys!
Long time, no style crush post ey?

Its been a while I've been enthralled by someone's style. Majorly because I haven't been searching and I've been a bit disconnected from the web - in the sense that I no longer actively look up street style and people to obsess over.

The closest I got to a "style-gasm" recently was going through Paola matthe's instagram feed and oohing/aahing over how much more fun and daring her style has gotten over time!
I did a style feature on Paola here when I first started this blog and I've mentioned her a couple of other times on the blog here and here. She gives me so much life!

I digress though.

Paola isn't my main focus today, Her muse and fellow haitian cool kid "Cacsmy Brutus" is!
You might probably have come across a picture of Cacsmy or Mama Cax (as she's more popularly called) before on the web posing unapologetically with her prosthetic leg and serving face while at it.
I know I have. But I never really paid close attention to her till last night when I stumbled on her feed again while going through Paola's, decided to take a closer look, and I fell in love!
In love with both her style and how full of life she seems despite having had to deal with cancer and then an amputation.

Her style is definitely up my alley and I can see myself in most of the outfits she's wearing up there.

What do you think of her style?
I'm looking for more people to "style crush" and obsess after, so pleasee let me in on whose style you are currently crushing on!
Leave me your thoughts please and let's connect!

Photo Credit via her instagram @caxmee

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Four Tips To Curate The Perfect Instagram Feed.

Monday, 23 May 2016

If you had asked me two years ago what my favorite social media platform was, I would most likely not have mentioned instagram, but right now I'm way deep into this instagram thing and I daresay that it has become one of my faves ( after twitter, because bants! I'm on twitter @cassie_daves, follow me!)

When I first started using instagram, I would collage the heck out of my pictures and slap on any random filter, but over time I've refined my instagram game and I now understand just how important it can be in building your brand especially as a blogger.

My instagram feed gives me life and I think I'm obsessed with its aesthetic. Its too real that I actually have a strategy behind my instagram and I pre-calculate anything I post. I love well curated instagram feeds, they give me so much life and I can tell that the person behind the page is a fellow "aesthetic obsessed" person lol.

I've gotten quite a number of compliments on my feed and a few questions on how I've been able to werk it, so I thought to share a few tips to creating a dope instagram feed especially for bloggers and people using it to grow their brand.
This isn't exactly a post on growing your followership but I can confidently say that the first step to growing your instagram is having a feed that is not only visually appealing but consistent and cohesive

                                  Let's dig in.

1. Figure out what you/your brand stands for/ what message you want to pass across.
I'm putting this first because its an important step that most people miss, and it doesn't apply to just instagram alone.
Not knowing what message you want to pass across or how you want yourself / brand to be perceived will make you put out any and everything without a clear concept. It should be easy to interpret what you're about from looking at your feed.
For example, I want people to easily relate with me as a fashion enthusiast and creative by looking at my feed.
My brand also focuses on the business of inspiring/motivating people, so I like to also share poems and inspiring quotes also.

Take a look at your instagram feed right now. Is it sending off the right message you want people to get of your brand/person?

2. Create a theme for your pictures.
This could be with the way you take and edit the pictures you share. I don't really edit my pictures so much but I try to use similar edits when I do, so that my feed looks cohesive.
I also have a theme for my pictures, in that I like to keep my feed minimalist. Sometimes I deviate from bright pictures to dark ones but I make sure to make them blend in a way that it all fits in nicely.
Some people like bright colours and they make their feed all happy and vibrant. Just figure out what works for you and stick with it.

Do you prefer muted tones, poor of bright colours, or a mix of both? Look at your feed currently, does it have a cohesive theme?

3. Keep it clean.
We Humans are visual people and we are drawn to things that are visually appealing too. When your feed looks too distracting, it won't attract people to want to follow you. So easy on the collaging and easy on the excessive filters.
You will hardly find me sharing quotes that have too many images or those funny pictures with words written all over, even if I love the quote. Instead I create my own quotes using a particular font and lots of clean white space.

Again, go look at your feed. Do you have excessive collages and filters in varying tones? You might want to check/fix that.

4 Tips For curating the perfect instagram feed and ultimately growing your following. Click to tweet!

4. Be Strategic & Consistent.
By being strategic, I basically mean not just posting any picture without considering what it will look like next to the previous picture and how it will affect Your feed as a whole.
I always save any picture I want to post on my instasize (photogrid as in the picture above) first to get a feel of how it fits in before actually posting it on instagram.
I also try to be consistent with the theme of my feed.

All in all, the key is always to do what you're comfortable with and what fits your own aesthetic. Some people use instagram just for fun, to share random pictures and life bits without any strategy or need to curate their feed and that's perfectly fine too! But if you want to take it a step further, especially if you're in the "creative field" or you want to use instagram to grow your brand, then you might need to pay more attention to your feed and what you put out.

Do you have an Instagram OCD like me? Lol What other tips would you add for creating a gorgeous feed or growing your instagram?
Also let's connect on instagram as well! I'm @cassiedaves. Feel free to leave your handle below.

If you want me to look over your instagram feed and give you my feedback on a few changes you can make to improve it , let me know in the comments.

I'll also appreciate if you can share this post by Clicking To Tweet! 

Please leave me your thoughts and comments and let's connect!

Styling The Off Shoulder Top || Casual Look.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

I mentioned in this post that I was going to do a "three ways to style" the off shoulder top and I decided to start with a casual look, pairing it with my black denim pants and lucy daves sandals.

My style is most often "casual" and dressed down, but I like to infuse a bit of me to give it some soul and make it not come off as boring regardless.
I think there's something about taking an otherwise basic outfit but putting the pieces together so well, that it comes off as stylish. That's one quality that draws me to people I consider as a style crush. The effortless, uncomplicated way they just make everything work.

I was going to pair this with heels but I think that might defeat the whole purpose of it being a casual look. I like how the sandals adds a little extra something to the look, and I tried to spice it all up further by making a play on layers with my neck chain.

What do you think of this look?
How would you style an off shoulder top for a casual look?

Pictures : @ijeworks
I wore this to the food art exhibition at Re.Le (I did a review of the place here) this past weekend. If you follow me on instagram (@cassiedaves), you might already know this. I didn't take pictures to do a weekend bits post though, but I'll just say how impressed I was with the food art. People are so creative these days, it's really refreshing to see. I also stopped by at stranger Lagos for another exhibition and had a nice time meeting some people I follow on instagram. 

I hope you're having a great week so far?

Please leave me your thoughts and comments on the look and let's connect!

Five Things I'm Loving Lately x My Blog Award.

Monday, 16 May 2016

This post has been in my drafts for a while now and I figured its about time I put it up, seeing as I haven't done a "five things lately" post in a while.

Let's dig in!

- Lucy.Daves Sandals.
If you follow me on instagram (go follow me! @cassiedaves), you might already be tired of seeing me wearing this. Its my new favorite sandals and I just love love how it adds some spice to my outfits (styled it in this post here).

I know some people have been wondering because of the 'Daves" in the name, so here's your answer - No, its not my brand. Its owned by my sister. I've had to listen to her go on and on about this for some years now, so I was delighted to see her actually push on and bring her vision to life.
It was love at first sight for me with this one and I bought it immediately she brought home the first batch.
I placed my order for two others and I can't wait to start rocking them too.
Check out the brand on instagram @lucy.daves
 A few others.

- Customized Phone Case.
I recently got a new phone and I've been hunting for a unique phone case for it. I put it out on instagram (shameless begging) and the good people over at @Chyder5printshop were kind enough to offer to make me one. I never miss an opportunity to sell my blog, so I decided to use my blog logo with the url. I wanted it placed horizontally but I can live with this. My dad loves the case so much and it has also been a good conversation starter too.

- Zaron Liquid Eyeliner.
See, this eyeliner is Bae! My winged liner game is quite weak and because of that, I stay clear of eyeliners and just stick to eye pencils cos its easier for me to handle.
When my eye pencil finished, I just had to use the next available thing which was this zaron eyeliner I found in my sister's make up purse.
I was a bit skeptical but I'm glad I gave it a try. The application is so easy, I love it! Now I regret giving mine away in my christmas giveaway *sigh*
I'm also loving the kajal in the picture too! I used to use it way back then and I'm not sure why I stoppped. I use it to line under my eyes and it applies really well too.

- Rococo Off Shoulder Top.
This isn't even a sponsored post or anything, I just love the top so much.
I got it from @rococothebrand as a "gift" *coughs* and honestly, I don't know if they saw me lamenting on twitter about how I just needed to hop on this off shoulder gang trend but this was one package I was really excited about when I unboxed it.
I wore it for my guardian feature here and I plan to do a three ways to style post featuring it soon.

- Cat Eye Glasses.
I've always wanted a cat eye frame for my prescription glasses but finding one was so hard. I finally found this one in the market and snatched it sharply but I'm a low-key way so the seller wouldn't know how much I wanted it and increase the price. Lol
I love how it makes me look a bit sophisticated in a stylish way (just peep this post here to see what I mean) and I intend to use this one for my prescription glasses soon as I stop being lazy to go to the optician.

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Oh and My Very First Blog Award!
Remember I mentioned that I got my very first blog award last month, in this post? I also promised to dedicate a post to it, but I think this works also. I finally got the award sometime last week and I was so excited to finally hold it in my hands! It now sits front and center in my sitting room.

So thank youuuuu to everyone of you that read this blog and to the @xperienceomaje team for thinking me worthy of this award!

What are some of the things that have your heart lately? 
Please share! and let's connect!

P.S : 
It just came to my notice that mailchimp is sending some of my mails to the spam folder of recipients. Please if you're signed up to my blog and you haven't been receiving mails from me, can you kindly check your spam folder please? I'm working on rectifying it soon but I'll really appreciate if you can check your spam and mark it as "not spam" Thank you!

P.P.S : 

Getting Inked || Henna Tales.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Henna or Laali as most people call it is majorly used by the hausas and muslims for beautification of their body and also sometimes as a part of their marriage celebrations.
I've always thought it a really lovely thing but I never had an interest in getting one done on myself because of how elaborate most of the designs are. That was till I saw the creative, minimal and out of the box way Bubu of IamIsigo utilized hers to make a fashion statement at the last Lagos fashion and design week.
You know that moment when you see something and wonder why in the world you never thought about it? Yess! (Happened to me also with the bandana neck scarf trend I talked about here)
I wonder if she got the inspiration from somewhere else or if the idea just popped into her head. Either ways, I thought it was absolutely genius and I just wanted to get inked myself.

I set out to find a henna place to fulfill my fantasies but I couldn't find anywhere (or maybe I didn't put in so much effort) - I found someone on twitter who said 5k or so and there's also thehennaplace on Instagram but I didn't want to bother asking because I know how these Island people behave with their prices, and so I let it go for a while.

When my friend Banke proposed the idea of we both having a 'Henna date' to me again recently, I decided to actively search for somewhere to get it done and that was how I came across a facebook page which led me to my new henna artist Dami.
We called her up and a date was set - She did a great job but the only downside was having to go way further than we originally anticipated from the address she gave us.
Luckily she does home calls (which we found out about later), and I'll share her details/pricing at the end of the post.

I didn't really think about what exactly I wanted done before heading there. I just knew that I wanted something minimal with a lot of straight lines and that I wanted it on my neck, wrist/fingers and ankle.
I was basically making up the designs there and then so I messed up the ones on my right hand - I think it looks like a child's play. Lol
The one on my ankle is Arabic for love.

My advice will be for you to have a clear picture of what you want because once you're inked, it can't be erased again till it eventually wears off by itself a few days - a week later.

I've been getting quite a lot of stares and people have decided to use it as a conversation starter ( Its no longer  'wow you're tall' *sigh* ).
I think its a really good way to live out your tattoo fantasies without having to commit to it being permanent.

I did a little digging/study and found out that Henna is actually the name of the plant where the dye is gotten from as well as the art of temporary body staining using the dye. The dye can also be used for the hair as well.
I can foresee it becoming a fashion trend soon. Lol. That's if it isn't already.

What do you think about henna?
Ever done it before? Do you plan to do it anytime soon or in the future?
What sort of design do you have in mind?
Share your thoughts with me pleasee and let's connect!

P.S - 
The henna lady's contact :
DAMI || 08092288057 || 29 Ejire street, off  Itire, Surulere. I paid 1k for everything.

P.P.S - 

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