Ten Tips To Perfect Your Flatlay Game

If you follow me on Instagram (@cassiedaves), you might already know that I have a thing for flatlays, which started with my discovery of that word and form of picture taking early last year. I even dedicated a post to it back then, sharing one of my top find/tip to taking a perfect flatlay with a focus on the background in this post. 
     My flatlay game has definitely evolved since since then and though I still learn a thing or two on it every now and then, I daresay I’m fast becoming a pro at it. I think it is one skill that’s important for bloggers, especially bloggers who do posts like product reviews, haul posts, beauty essentials, current favourites and the like as they’ll most likely have to capture these items in an appealing way.
Mide Coker is one blogger whose flatlay game has been seriously popping since day one, so I asked her teamed up with her to share ten tips on how to create the perfect flatlay.
This was initially meant to be a guest post solely by her but since the pictures all belong to me (and most of the words), I guess I can call this a collaborative post ( Right? Right! ).


     1. Use a neutral background for your flatlay : I like to take my flatlays on plain backgrounds and I mostly use cardboards. You can also use your bedsheet, rug, fur, wood backgroumd, the floor etc etc but  make sure you have a background that wouldn’t be too distracting and won’t take away from your pictures.

     2. Ensure
that you take the pictures in a well lit place, for a brighter photo and to
erase shadows. (sunlight is best)  : I think this is a no brainer because good lightening is very key to taking good pictures as i shared in this post. I usually take mine right next to the window in my room.

      3. Have
one or two main pieces, then arrange smaller pieces around them : It always helps to have a main piece as you can just build around that and add extras in.

    4. Pick
a colour (or two) to focus on
: Though you can throw in random colours and
texture, you’ll have to be extra creative to pull that off. Your best bet will always be to pick a colour pallette to work with and build up on.

    5. Don’t
be afraid to remove or add an item if your flat lay looks like a hot mess or
looks naked. Also move things around and experiment with your layout until you find what works best.
    6. The
items do not have to be in a particular order or perfectly arranged – everything doesn’t have to fit in perfectly. You can have some items inserted halfway at the edge of your flatlay frame. 

    7. Take
your photo from above and not from any other angles  
: Like the name goes – its meant to look flat and that can only be achieved by taking the shot from a higher point, so get as high as you need to – stand on a stool if need be.

     You can see me standing on my bed to achieve this shot. Lol

   8. You
can add literally
ANYTHING to your flat lay, it does not have to be a fashion
: Yes, Anything! Flowers, gadgets, food items. Name it. 

   9. Flat
lays look better when the photos are taken in square format – if you’re taking it with your phone. 

 10. Practice, Practice and Seek inspiration! Like they say – practice makes perfect. Also try to dig for inspiration. You might think your flatlay game is popping till you Google search “flat lay” and see so many cool ones!

    Ten quick and easy tips for taking the perfect flat lay picture.
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And those are my ten tips for mastering the flat lay. Do you have any extra tips? What’s your take on flat lay pictures? 
    Leave me your comments please and let’s connect!

 Check out Mide on Instagram : @Midecoker and my humble self : @Cassiedaves.
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