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Outfit || Decoding Menswear For Females + A Giveaway.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I guess it's no news that I have a thing for male inspired fashion a.k.a. androgyny fashion. I'm not quite sure when this love affair started but I've never really been a "girly girl'. As much as this would make me come off as rugged which I might have been , I remember walking back home from school with my tie hanging off my neck, not knotted like it should have been. I guess the knack for menswear and boxy silhouettes have always been there but it just took being more in tune with this style thing to fully manifest.

Its not everyone's cup of tea though. I took a poll earlier and I realized that while some ladies wouldn't even venture close to that end of the fashion spectrum, some others don't mind but are scared of not pulling it off well.

If you belong to the latter group, here's a quick tip for you : You don't have to go full on androgyny all at once, you can slowly ease into it by introducing one or two male inspired accessories in a look.
- Cute top, boyfriend jeans and heels
-  Pencil skirt, shirt and brogues.
Pulling off the Androgyny look doesn't have to be so hard, here's a quick tip to get you started. Click to tweet!
What's your take on menswear for females?
Do you belong to the "nay not my thing" group, "yass I love androgyny" or the mixed feelings group?
Let me knoww!

Pictures : @casterklicks
In this case though, I'm almost full on androgyny (because PRO! Lol). I wore this sometime last year to an art exhibition but I only just got around to shooting the look. I've also styled the shorts previously here and here.
My suspenders made its first appearance in my graduation outfit post here. I've also styled it here as well and I'm just looking for more fun ways to style it.

What do you think of this look?
If you answered "yass I love androgyny" to my first set of questions : what other ways will you incorporate a suspenders to your outfit?
Please shareee And let's connect!

P.S - Some of my other androgynous looks for your style inspiration! Just click on the 'like a boy' group
- Here

Oh and No! I wasn't misleading you with the giveaway in title. There's actually a giveaway!
Like my sandals? Well, I'm giving away a similar pair but from @gafasandals 
Its a size 42 (Outchea for my fellow big feet ladies)

This giveaway is a little different since its exclusively for my mail list subscribers. My wonderful subscribers will get the entry details straight into their inbox.

- Click Here to sign up to get access to this giveaway!
Please if you aren't a size 42, send this to a friend who is. You can also just share the giveaway by simply Clicking to tweet.

40 comments on "Outfit || Decoding Menswear For Females + A Giveaway."
  1. you always nail your adrogenous looks.

  2. I love that your tall and you express yourself in a unique and creative way . I admire you
    Also, I already followed you n d sandal page.��

  3. Hey
    Yes I adore you and your height
    Also the give away....My IG id is
    I love your creative sense

    1. Hey there fellow Amazonian queen! Thank youuu

  4. Nicely done Cassie. I like androgyny. Used to rock it steady that year but my style has evolved I guess.

  5. I semi-love androgynous looks. I'd pair suspenders with a figure hugging pencil skirt.

    I love mixing styles.

    A happy size 42 here - @SisiSugar on Twitter and @thealaroro!

    1. Semi love lool
      Yes, that will also definitely work. Thanks for reading Vivian

  6. Total Awesomeness :) You wear dirt and Rock it better than anyone else in the most Expensive Couture and I mean it Cassie! Not a 42 but I'm sure you'll find the Most Deserving to Surprise :) Be Safe, Well and Have a Splendid Day ... Much Love my Sweet Sis :)

    Post Script: Cassie when you have an opportunity please check out Charlotte Wright CWright Thoughts on g+ she was published (poetry) when she a teen, married, raised a family, divorced and just became published again ... think you would like her work available on g+. Thanks Sis

    1. I meant to say "You *could* wear dirt and Rock it better than anyone else in the most Expensive Couture *Fashions*" Many reasons I wouldn't make a good MD ... especially sleep deprivation :) I'm sure you understood my Very Simple Mind ... it's a dangerous place lol Thanks for overlooking Cassie :) Be Safe, Well and Wishing You and Everyone a Very Blessed Easter :) peace

    2. Hey Cheri! :* :*
      Thank you so much! And 'll definitely check it out, you know I love poetry

  7. I love the look on you but i dont think I've summoned enough courage to pull off the androgynous look.

    1. Hey Tokoni, I get your reservations but you can use the top I shared up there - except it's just not your thing at all.

      Thanks for the compliment!

  8. For some reason I wasn't expecting shorts, I like the outfit.

  9. Hi Cassie!
    I'm in the 'nay not my thing' group lol but you definitely know how to pull this androgyny thing off
    You look great !

  10. When I was younger I used to dress like a Tomboy.
    Then I went natural and felt I had to dress a bit ladylike so I won't look like a boy, especially when my hair was at the TWA stage.
    Now, I'm comfortable & confident enough to dress like a Tomboy with my natural hair and still have that Feminine appeal, like in my Bumblebee post :)
    Thank God for growth.

  11. Mixed feelings.. I love Boyfriend jeans,big shirt.. I think I love Androgynous ����

  12. I love androgynous looks.. I'd pair the suspenders with a skater skirt, denim or nice pant trousers..
    PS: the giveaway, followed all the steps.. Twitter and IG handle :@Preciouss_O
    Really hope to win.. Would be my first

  13. Ahan, Cassie, your glasses is bae. I'm indifferent about the androgynous look but I have a feeling this outfit would look really good on me.

  14. akeredolu oluwatoyin25 March 2016 at 14:45

    God, ur blog is beautiful����,
    Can't stay without it for up to a day����
    Btw, nice post and I give you a tubs up ���� for the tips you potsted for people who aren't into the whole androgyny style ����
    P.S - your style/fashion tips are awesome��.
    yahoo mail -
    ig handle- krissiana_
    Location- Covenant University

  15. You looked awesome and i'm also glad i have big feets. Twitter-Queenkingtee, Ig-Queenkingtee and

  16. I was stuck on buying suspenders at one point but I never got em now I think my love is back. I'm totally all Yay for androgynous looks. Love the fact you went with shorts.

    1. I had one back when I was in uni and kept looking to buy another till a friend dashed me this when I graduated. Best gift ever. Lol

      Thanks Sogie

  17. I love this location!
    Androgyny is definitely your thing

  18. Please I need these sandals in my life oh!
    And yay, I'm a size 42!
    Email -jenniferabah(at)gmail(dot)com
    FB- Jennifer E Abah
    IG and Twitter- jabahwocky

  19. I'm in love with men's wear and I always like to mix it up in a girly way so it looks like I'm wearing my boyfriend's clothes (I wish Lmao). I like the way you always look effortlessly cool in them too and you already know you inspire me.

  20. I've followed all pages *fingers crossed*

  21. Yay! Subscribed with: chicbenefits(at) IG; chicbenefits T: rushofblo_od

  22. Love, Love, Love!
    IG: @dm_lola
    Twitter: @LolaOgunnupebi

  23. I used to wear men shirts tucked in a pair of Jean without belts that was when my stomach was still flat... can't pull it off nw..sigh

    I'm a 42 hopefully will get the sandals #fingerscrossed. IG @ezed, Twitter: @ezdchick

  24. I have a thing, asin HUGE thing for mens shoes, it is just absolutely breathtaking.

    Simply Uneeke

  25. I love suspenders. Even I'm a girly girl, I can still see myself in some of your androgynous looks. Fashion's the only affair where I can take risks.
    You look great.

  26. Loooove androgyny but yh, I don't think I'll pull it off. I do own a lot of boyish shoes (it's almost an addiction) and broques, loafers and smoking slippers are everything

  27. Love Love Love!!

    IG: _romzy
    Twitter: romzy
    email addy:

  28. You've got legs for days Cassie! I love this look, the suspenders are a nice touch. x

    / O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

  29. This look is very laid back, i love!! I'm more stuck on if its the red or purple lippie that suits you more lol

  30. Cool. I don't think I can pull it off though.


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