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Hey Hey guys!

I know its been a hot minute since the last reader’s spotlight but I’m back with another feature today.

Reader Spotlight is basically a way to sort of give back, finally stop yapping all about myself day in and out on my blog (seriously, don’t you guys get tired of reading about me? Lol) and get to know my readers better.

Let’s meet our fourth reader in this category! ( You can read the others herehereand here)

Hi Terrie, Please can you tell us a bit about you?

My name is Theresa Compah-Keyeke, I
hope it’s not a mouthful. I am a student, blogger, PR for brands and an Etsy shop owner. I’m also a self-thought makeup artist, so I’m an extremely busy 23-year-old.

Girrllllllll, I love people that are making moves and trying to create the future they want, so kudos!!. Please can you share with us some of your interests/passions

I am interested in everything social media, makeup and fashion related. I also love to share what I know about makeup and lifestyle on my blog so my friends can always have a place to go when they are ever in doubt about something.
Unfortunately, my mind never sleeps, I’m always thinking and getting super ideas and I also love to share those as
well, who knows who might benefit.

I can definitely relate with the ‘my mind never sleeps part’. There was a time for me, that I literally had to shut my mind myself so I could sleep – it was always working overtime.
What’s one challenge you face?

My biggest challenge is TIME. I never
seem to have enough. I’m one of
the people that wish there were 50 hours in a day instead of 24, ut I’m a
really focused and organized person so I always pull through with the
mindset that my dreams have already been achieved with faith in God. He has blessed me with an endless flow of creative juices. Can I hear an AMEN…: ).

I like that mindset and AMEN!

Whats your dream career and how you are working to achieve that….. Or not
I would love to be an entrepreneur.
With a magazine, makeup brushes
and cosmetics line, a clothing line and a perfume line all to my name, and
I am studiously working on it.

Girl Boss stunttt! I like ya, I feel ya.

Whats your favourite quote/advice that has helped you in life?

A wise woman once told me, “hard work doesn’t kill, It gets you exactly what you want. Work hard and leave the rest to Jesus Christ”. These words are from my mummy, and they get me on my feet every time I’m getting down.

Defff! Currently loving ?

I’m currently loving my Maybelline
dream Velvet soft-matte foundation
in the shade coconut, it’s just too perfect, and my new set of kabuki
brushes from Etsy…

I don’t know much about make up/brands but ever since I got my maybelline powder ( review here) – I’m now #TeamMaybelline

Can you share one random fact about you?

I hate goats and sheep. I simply CAN NOT stand their smell, I would rather go hungry than try cheavon

Ehrr, I don’t know what cheavon is. Gimme a second, let me ask
What are some/any life lesson(s) you’ve learnt lately that you wish you knew earlier?

I actually wish I knew how important it
was to build your grades in first year before stuff starts getting harder.
It takes a lot of stress off you as you go alone. I learnt it the hard way.

That’s one thing I always advise people and one thing that helped me a lot. I got into school guns blazing from day one. I’m glad you know how key it is now and you’re sharing to educate others too. Is there any tip you’ll like to share?  ( could be anything : photography tip, tips to keep organized, food tip/secret recipe etc )

Take a leap of faith, especially if you want to get into blogging or anything social media related. Make sure you standout in everything you do. Your uniqueness is what gets you the loyal viewers. Although it may seem like your standing alone, don’t worry, the rest will catch up eventually.

Finally, Is there by chance anyway (style/ life) that reading my blog has helped you? (Or not. Lol), I’ll really love to know.

Your mix print inspiration post (Read the post here) was super dope. It has really seen me through a really out of the bloom meeting paaaa charle stop. I ended up looking like such a diva. It was the ultimate closer.

Awww! ^_^

Thank you so much Theresa for reading my blog and taking time out of your day to chat with me and answer my questions.  Have you subscribed though?

Check her out on I.G @bijouxquibrillent , her etsy and her blog here 

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Looking forward to knowing more about you wonderful people that read my blog!

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