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Reader Spotlight || Theresa Compah-Keyeke

Saturday, 27 February 2016
Hey Hey guys!

I know its been a hot minute since the last reader's spotlight but I'm back with another feature today.
Reader Spotlight is basically a way to sort of give back, finally stop yapping all about myself day in and out on my blog (seriously, don't you guys get tired of reading about me? Lol) and get to know my readers better.
Let's meet our fourth reader in this category! ( You can read the others herehereand here)

Hi Terrie, Please can you tell us a bit about you?
My name is Theresa Compah-Keyeke, I
hope it’s not a mouthful. I am a student, blogger, PR for brands and an Etsy shop owner. I’m also a self-thought makeup artist, so I’m an extremely busy 23-year-old.

Girrllllllll, I love people that are making moves and trying to create the future they want, so kudos!!. Please can you share with us some of your interests/passions
I am interested in everything social media, makeup and fashion related. I also love to share what I know about makeup and lifestyle on my blog so my friends can always have a place to go when they are ever in doubt about something.
Unfortunately, my mind never sleeps, I’m always thinking and getting super ideas and I also love to share those as
well, who knows who might benefit.

I can definitely relate with the 'my mind never sleeps part'. There was a time for me, that I literally had to shut my mind myself so I could sleep - it was always working overtime.
What's one challenge you face?
My biggest challenge is TIME. I never
seem to have enough. I’m one of
the people that wish there were 50 hours in a day instead of 24, ut I’m a
really focused and organized person so I always pull through with the
mindset that my dreams have already been achieved with faith in God. He has blessed me with an endless flow of creative juices. Can I hear an AMEN…: ).

I like that mindset and AMEN!
Whats your dream career and how you are working to achieve that..... Or not
I would love to be an entrepreneur.
With a magazine, makeup brushes
and cosmetics line, a clothing line and a perfume line all to my name, and
I am studiously working on it.

Girl Boss stunttt! I like ya, I feel ya.

Whats your favourite quote/advice that has helped you in life?
A wise woman once told me, “hard work doesn’t kill, It gets you exactly what you want. Work hard and leave the rest to Jesus Christ”. These words are from my mummy, and they get me on my feet every time I’m getting down.

Defff! Currently loving ?
I’m currently loving my Maybelline
dream Velvet soft-matte foundation
in the shade coconut, it’s just too perfect, and my new set of kabuki
brushes from Etsy...

I don't know much about make up/brands but ever since I got my maybelline powder ( review here) - I'm now #TeamMaybelline

Can you share one random fact about you?
I hate goats and sheep. I simply CAN NOT stand their smell, I would rather go hungry than try cheavon

Ehrr, I don't know what cheavon is. Gimme a second, let me ask
What are some/any life lesson(s) you've learnt lately that you wish you knew earlier?
I actually wish I knew how important it
was to build your grades in first year before stuff starts getting harder.
It takes a lot of stress off you as you go alone. I learnt it the hard way.

That's one thing I always advise people and one thing that helped me a lot. I got into school guns blazing from day one. I'm glad you know how key it is now and you're sharing to educate others too. Is there any tip you'll like to share?  ( could be anything : photography tip, tips to keep organized, food tip/secret recipe etc )
Take a leap of faith, especially if you want to get into blogging or anything social media related. Make sure you standout in everything you do. Your uniqueness is what gets you the loyal viewers. Although it may seem like your standing alone, don't worry, the rest will catch up eventually.

Finally, Is there by chance anyway (style/ life) that reading my blog has helped you? (Or not. Lol), I'll really love to know.
Your mix print inspiration post (Read the post here) was super dope. It has really seen me through a really out of the bloom meeting paaaa charle stop. I ended up looking like such a diva. It was the ultimate closer.

Awww! ^_^
Thank you so much Theresa for reading my blog and taking time out of your day to chat with me and answer my questions.  Have you subscribed though?

Check her out on I.G @bijouxquibrillent , her etsy and her blog here 

P.S - If you'll love to be featured on this
segment - Reader Spotlight, Please send me an email on
Looking forward to knowing more about you wonderful people that read my blog!

P.P.S - Feel free to introduce yourself here or share a random fact about yourself. 

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Blogging || How To Take Good Blog Pictures With Your Phone.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
No camera? No problem!
As long as you have an iphone or a good android phone.

I've been meaning to write a post on this for a while now because one question I get asked all the time is - "Do I need to have a camera before I can start my own blog?"

While I'm currently an advocate of starting out strong with blogging (because everything is somewhat easier right now compared to some years back) - you don't really have to wait till everything is in perfect conditions but this is by no chance an excuse to still not make the most of what you already have.

You can fake it till you make it and I'm here for that! I'll be sharing some quick tips on how to make the most out of your phone when it comes to taking blog photos (with a focus on outfit pictures)

Its really all about the background and lighting.

- Background.
If you follow me on instagram (@cassiedaves) , you might know that I'm a sucker for a good ol' plain wall. I like how it shifts the focus to just YOU and brings out your outfit more too.
My advice is to take your photos against a simple wall, whether it’s brightly coloured or plain white. You can find these walls around and other options include trailers, brick walls etc
You can also take your pictures in a normal environment, as long as you don't have too much going on in the background - Don’t let a messy
background take away from your picture.  Use your creative eye and you will eventually come to find good backgrounds in almost everywhere you look.

- Proper Lighting.
This one can never be overstated. This is why some people have mastered the art of the selfie. They simply chase the light - natural light.

- Oh and of course editing!
My top tip here will be to avoid over editing and all those excessive harsh filters. A little brightening, a little highlighting, increase saturation if needed and I'm sure you'll be good to go.

- Some Extra Tips.
I hear that also cleaning the lens of your phone before taking a picture helps, and of course keeping a stable hand while taking the pictures.

Another thing I do is utilize photographers at events I attend or fellow blogger boos. If you know someone that has a camera/ photographer, you can always try to pitch a collaboration with them and come up with a way that you both can benefit from. Just make sure to shoot in bulk that day! Lol

You might not get that blurry depth of field type of picture with the above tips but at least you'll get a picture that's somewhat easy on the eye and shows off your outfit well too.

No camera? No problem! Here's how to take equally good pictures with your phone Click to tweet!

Do you guys have any great tips on how to take better photos especially with your phone?


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P.S - Some of the pictures might be a bit hazy because I lifted them off my instagram and that reduced the picture quality a bit.

Outfit || Turban Days.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Popping in real quick to share this super casual outfit I wore one fine weekend last year.
If you've been here from the word go, you'll know know that I love me a good well tied or not well tied turban.
My love for turbans made its first appearance in this post and since then it has only gotten worse - I've had it on in this post, this, this, this, this and this too. (Seriously guys! Check out those posts - those were some of my fine moments albeit old)

I think a turban is an instant outfit booster and that's why I wore it that very day. That and the fact that my hair was a hot mess. It also helped that I could find a scarf, with the same colours as the outfit I was wearing!

I wore this to the film festival last year - I'm wearing the same harem pants in this postI also have a super easy to follow turban tutorial here.
What do you think of the outfit? 
How's your weekend going as well?
I'll probably spend today trying to get some work done and obsessing over my blog theme that needs to be fixed. lol
 How about you?

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Inspiration || The Beret Comeback.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

The beret, like the pinafore is yet another thing that reminds me of junior secondary school. Also of churches and uniformed personnel.
Isn't it amazing how things formerly deemed uncool come back and then take centre stage?  That's one of the reasons why I just love fashion!
Fashion is one proof to never write anything off because you never know just when that thing might be the next cool thing.

Today's style inspiration post is all about the beret trend that made a come back last year and which though I'm totally digging, I still nurse some slight reservations about. All reservations just flew out the window when I laid eyes on Bubu's picture below.
As always, I have collated some style ideas to help you make up your mind on how you feel about the beret.
Bubu Ogisi totally killing this look!
Grace Alex of gafashion
Via Natalie Off duty
Via whatoliviadid
Now over to you! 
What do you think of the beret comeback as a Fashion item? 
Will you be trying one soon?
I know I will!
P.S - other images via gettyimages and first picture via @natashandlovu

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For more style inspiration posts, check here.

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Weekend Bits : Social Prefect LCC Tour.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
I have a bit of wanderlust which I still hope to feed someday when I don't have so much family and monetary restriction, so I'm always drawn to people who actively explore and feed theirs.
Chiamaka of socialprefect blog is one of such people. I came across her blog sometime late last year and discovered that she also organizes 'tours'. I had planned to go for her tarkwa bay and badagry tour but somehow it didn't fall through (a.k.a I chose the hermit lifestyle instead). When I saw that she was organizing another tour - this time of the lekki conservation centre, I decided to sign up and stop being a hermit.

I've been to the lekki conservation centre twice already (wrote about my first time experience here) and I signed up majorly because I thought it will be fun being with and meeting new people. The meeting new people part didn't really happen as I thought It would though, I wish there was an initial introduce yourself activity to help (or maybe there was and I just missed it).

Tosin of Olorisupergirl showed up with her little sister and I spent the rest of the tour coupled with them and my friend that came along with me.

My highlight of the tour was the canopy walkway. I almost didn't go through with it but Tosin's sister didn't meet up to the age limit, and I went in her place instead. That walkway was fun and scary mixed together but more of scary! It has six different height levels , each one higher than the other till the fifth level or so where it gradually slopes downwards to the end point.
It got to a point where I was hugging the ropes and practically crouching. Lol! but I made it through. I'm never getting on it again though - that one time experience is enough for me. 
I'll suggest it to anyone, I think it's something you should try out at least once.

Have you been to LCC recently or gone on the canopy walkway?
What was your experience like?
Also, what's the most adventurous thing you've done?!
I'm wearing basically the same outfit as in this post but with a different waistcoat (check out my waist coat style inspiration post here) and different accessories.

I didn't get up to much on sunday, I basically stayed indoors lazying around so there's no gist from sunday.

How did your sunday/ weekend go?
What did you get up to?


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