WCW – A Few Of My Favorite Online Ladies.


The beauty of inspiration is its unpredictable timing and that it can be gotten from the most regular things like random chats on a dull tuesday evening and that’s how this post came to be.
I was in the process of typing up a style post when a friend messaged me regarding my dp of a quote screen grabbed from my blog planner and that’s when I got the brilliant idea to put this post together instead sharing some of my online faves and hey its wednesday, so why not?!

Some of them, I’ve been privileged to have a “sort of relationship” with but all of them super cool and creative in their own right. They are all bloggers but its not so much their blogs I’m celebrating here but the vibes they give off because when you meet someone with a pretty vibe, sometimes you have to let them know.

Ginikachi || (@Kachi.e)

If you’ve been following me on instagram (@CassieDaves), you’ll notice that I’ve made her #wcw a couple of times not only because she’s smart, super super creative ( like she’s amazing!) and talented but she’s got a good heart and when you’ve been around fakes, you’ll begin to appreciate that in a person.

Mary. A || (@The_Cocopolitan)

Mary is also another person I fangirl heavily for. My oldest memory of her involves sitting together in food and nutrition class way back in secondary school, then she popped up on the internet years later bringing major slayage and positive vibes our way every single time!! It wasn’t till I met up with her again recently that I realized that not only is her fashion game on fleek but her personality is too and you can never beat someone with a good personality so slay on girl!

Grace Alex || (@t2pitchy)

I don’t know Grace so well but there’s this sort of quiet grace (haha, see what I did there?) I get off her internet personality and also off reading her blog. It makes me feel like she is someone who isn’t too concerned about comparisions, competitions, bla bla and is just doing her own thing.It takes a level of maturity to be that way and I fux with that heavily.

Kunmi Oni  || (@Kunmio)

Kunmi also exudes that quiet calm thing too and she’s just a bag of wisdom. I know she’s also ‘becoming’ in her own right but every time I encounter her online, it seems like she’s always radiating with positive energy. Keep shining girl!

Mide || (@MideCoker)

Mide! Super talented photographer and all round chill person.
People show themselves to you in the little subtle things in which they say or do and after a particular not so random but random talk we had one rainy afternoon in a yellow taxi, I realized that this here girl sees life with the right mindset.

These are just a few of my faves but still in the spirit of #WCW, who are some of your female online faves? And if you’re feeling extra, feel free to tag them to this and leave them a word or two in the comments. Yes? 
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Author: Cassie Daves

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