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2017 Cassie Daves Blog Planner Now Available || The One Tool You Need To Have Your Best Blogging Year Ever.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016
It's okay to have big goals for your blog/site, but do you have the right tools to help you achieve them?
Finally, the one tool you need to stay organized, create more strategic content and blog better this new year!

You often find yourself scribbling everywhere, writing on your phone’s notepad––which can get tiring, and leaving your blog without posting for months!

You know you want to build a successful blog but you find yourself at a loss for content ideas and maintaining consistency.

You want to delve into the blogging world and you plan to put your best foot forward from the start.

You have trouble with promoting your content on social media and getting your audience to connect with your blog post

This is for you.

Fact: Blogging consistently can be tiring and a lot of work, especially if you also work at a 9-5 job.

We all know that successful blogging requires a steady dose of inspiration, and careful planning to stay organized especially if you already have school or a day job taking most of your time.
And if you are a creative like me with multiple interests and demanding schedules, you need a framework for consistency. Otherwise, your blog will suffer from no attention.

I get it. I relate. I used to be all over the place with my endless scribbles and to do lists too.

This was until a year ago when I looked at my blog notebook/diaries and realized that I kept writing the same things over and over! I also had difficulties finding where I wrote some things…my mind was a hot mess!Urgh!! 
Although the diaries helped me way better than not having anything at all, they still weren’t helping me stay 100 percent organized or reach my goals. So, I decided to do something about it and created the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, because smart bloggers don’t just brainstorm. They organize! 

The feedback and reception  from the 2016 planner was super awesome! I've been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to improve on the new edition and I'm happy to finally share the 2017 edition with you and announce that The Planner is officially available!

The 2017 blog planner comes in three different colors equipped with new features and everything you need to help you plan better, stay organized, come up with content ideas easily and ultimately blog better!
With the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, I was able to:
  • Cut through the schedule noise and
  • get focused on my goals.
  • Build a montly editorial calender that has helped me stay consistent and organized
  • Evaluate my blog goals, blog and social media growth monthly so I see what's working and what's not.

And it’s not just me. These content creators/bloggers experienced better blogging with the 2016 Cassie Daves Blog Planner! Listen to what they have to say:

The blog planner is soooooo comprehensive, I can't think of anything Cassie missed out. If you plan to take your blogging to the next level then this is one item you need to invest in. Don't just buy it and let it lie fallow by your bedside. Fill it in!!!! Go through the daily blog checklist and check out the list of useful blog apps. If you ever get stuck on what to write about there are blog topic ideas for you to choose from. Great Job Cassie, Thanks for creating this revolutionary product.           - Tuke Morgan | @Tukemorgan

I Love my planner! The design, content, quotes, every dang thing! This planner even reminds you of stuff you might have even forgotten and i think it’s a must have for every blogger.- Jacinta | @jacintaamune

The blog planner is an indispensable tool, very comprehensive and fully loaded with the technical know-hows! Especially for rookies like me. I've come to find blogging more interesting with this tool. I must confess, it's invaluable.- Lois || @ebonymedics. 

I can say with full confidence that it is definitely helping me get more organized. Once I write something down, it's just there staring back at me and I have to get it done. Using the planner has also helped me realize how much fun it is to check out other blogs and share content. I'm loving every bit of it and have actually considered getting one to giveaway for the second quarter. I know I haven't used it very long, but your planner has definitely improved my blogging life.- Coco || @ _thecxcx

Before I got my blog planner, I had a journal for my write-ups and blog post ideas. Sometimes I use my iPad to take notes when my journal is far away. But now, with my blog planner, I get to write my goals for the month, review of the past month, photo shoots, to-do lists and daily checklist. I also get free blog topic ideas for when I run out of things to post (which happens quite often) and useful blog tools and apps.
It’s simply amazing! I love how organised the blog planner is. It’s aimed at keeping you and your blog in check, like a disciplinarian in form of a book. If you’re ready to take your blog seriously, you should get one.
- Grace || @Graysbibi.

Features/Here's what you'll find inside the 2017 planner.
  • 2017/2018 Calender
  • Blog manifesto sheet
  • Monthly Quotes ( By some of your favourite bloggers!)
  • Monthly Post ideas/ note pages
  • 12 Monthly Content planner/ blog post calender
  • Monthly guest post and collaboration
  • pages.
  • Monthly blog goals and end of month goal reviews pages
  • Monthly finance/budget overview page*
  • Daily To Do list pages and check boxes
  • Daily Blog checklist
  • Social Media posting schedule* (To effectively share and promote your blog content)
  • Monthly looks to shoot pages ( hello fashion bloggers! )
  • 99 Blog post ideas*
  • Some useful blog tools and apps page
  • Important blog dates page
  • Brands partnership pages
  • Blog love/roll page.
  • Important links page

When you get the Cassie Daves Blog Planner today, you’ll get the keys to :
  • Map out the who, why and how of your blog so you create content that resonates with your readers.
  • Record your scattered thoughts so that you don’t ever have to suffer from writer’s block.
  • Eliminate procrastination and evaluate your blog/social media growth monthly.
  • Simplify your content marketing so you never have to slave over where to share your blog posts.
  • Pages with headings planned out for you so that you can focus on churning out great post ideas.
This 258 pages planner has been carefully put together to help you stay organized, be more productive, keep track of the important things and of course blog better.
It's hardcover, – to withstand wear & tear during your hustle, comes in a minimalist black & white cover design for a classy touch, and just the right size for your bags and slings.

Finally, It’s Your Turn to stay on top of your blogging game! Whether you're a newbie blogger or you've been blogging for a while, this is for you.

 And you know what? It is 100% safe. There are no side effects with the Cassie Daves Blog Planner. The only side effects are better content, increased blog traffic, and many peaceful nights…knowing that you have a system in place.

Here's another awesome thing about purchasing a planner for your blog - just being able to look back into it years from now and see all your blog plans/growth well laid out.

It’s Decision Time!

Ready to stay organized, blog better, and grow your social media?
Ready to get strategic about your blog and content?

You can now order the 2017 Blog Planner!


  • The Planner costs 5000 Naira | 15$
  • Orders will ship out from Dec 19th
  • When you pre-order, you can get a customized planner with your name written below on the front cover of the planner. ( Pre Order No Longer Available)
  • I'm working on making it easily accessible around the world but if you're not based in Nigeria, we can find ways to get it to you at an extra delivery cost!

Just click the Order button image above (Click the sides not middle of the button image if it keeps going to a Pinterest page) but if you prefer to do it manually, just email me :, let me know what color you want, location and what you want written in front.

P.S - It is available only in the perfect binding format (not spiral bound)

 Feel free to share with your Blogger friends please.
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78 comments on "2017 Cassie Daves Blog Planner Now Available || The One Tool You Need To Have Your Best Blogging Year Ever."

    I think that this has international appeal FYI. What are the shipping costs like?

    You already know I want one.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thank you so much Berry (for all your help and advice too).
      Its just 500 Naira. :D
      I shall email you in a bit!

    2. This is really great Cassie, I want one too.

  2. I'm so getting one! This 8-5 job and blogging needs to be thoroughly planned for real LOL.

    1. Lol wumi its not 'I'm so getting one'. It is "put my name down now" and send me payment details! Lool
      I'll send it to you sha, you have no choice finally :p

      And Thank youuuuu for all your help too ( both the ones you've offered and you're still offering). <3

  3. Dope much?, good luck babe. I do like the sleek design and how organized it looks.

    1. Thank You! I was a bit confused - minimalist or colourful? But minimalist won the fight because cost effective. Lool
      I'm glad you like it.

  4. I want but can't get one right now (broke tins) but by the time I can afford one, time would have passed na. Are you going to do one for next year? So I can plan ahead.

    1. Yess all things being equal, I definitely should.
      I can dash you the white sample one up there , its not the best quality like the main ones will be because its a sample and was hurried work but if you don't mind it. Then its yours!
      I'm also using the black/white one as mine

  5. Wow.. This is really a wonderful innovation, I also find myself scribbling and scribbling everywhere..
    Very nice..��

    1. Yess! You can relate! Not the best way. Thank you Viv.
      You just let me know if you need one

  6. Well done Cass.
    This is a good product. Writing in my phone's notepad as a blogger gets tiring.


    1. Thank You Steph!
      I actually enjoy writing in my phone's notepad but then its a blackberry with proper keypads and also there's only so much you can store in there.

  7. Congrats dear, great work!!! We bloggers need to get organized especially when one has such a busy life. Will surely order one #bloggersyear :)



    1. We do!
      Thank you so much, so should I put your name down? Because I'll actually need a total of people interested and their payments to get the orders. :D

      I just put your name down -_-

  8. Oh by the way...that cover design...awesome! ☆☆☆☆☆

  9. This is so brilliant! Got my business and creative senses tingling! Great job Cassie! reserve my copy! xx

  10. Yay Cassie, this is completely brilliant. Congratulations, this will come in very handy for bloggers all over the world to be honest.Is there any way I can get it in England? *hopeful face* lol. xx

  11. This is such a great idea, I'd love to get one when my budget allows. I love the design and I do agree with Berry, I can see the international appeal. You might want to prize this in dollars as well.

    Princess Audu

  12. Babes,this is wow! This is not a small something oo. You think it's just for Nigeria?! You better get money and print thousands of it alreadyy. The demand will be so high in no time. (mark my words) I'm proud of you, Cassie! Keep going!

    Heart Rays

    1. Haaaaaa. Thank you so so so much!! I haven't even started thinking that far yet but this your statement has got me hyped. Thank you! Amen!

  13. This is beautiful. Very creative!

  14. this is great cassie.

  15. This is DOPE. I looooooooooveee it. How much would it be to ship one to NY? You should definitely think bigger and create regular planners for work, school, daily life, etc. This is so great. Kudos Cassie

  16. Dope! Def going to get one soon! Love this idea and I think it will go very very far!

  17. Great job Cassie. I'm ordering one ASAP!! I have this one printed notebook where i have sub-heading after sub-heading but yours makes things a ton easier. *hats off*

  18. @FASHION REHAB @WUMI 'TUASE I can totally relate with the stress of juggling a successful blog and a day job..but the hardwork will pay off eventually.

  19. Cassie!!!!
    This is awesome 😊😊😊😊
    I'm soo happy for you.
    I'll order as soon as I can

  20. This is Brilliant and inspiring! You're an asset you should know that. More sales will come in no time. I really love it! Great job dear. More blessings allthe way

  21. This is wonderful really. As biggest fan, I would love to have one.

  22. awww how cool is this?? Biko put my name down for a copy asap

  23. This is a great Idea! I want to improve on my blog this year. Though it's not easy being a first time mum and joggling blogging and business but I would get there and I know that being intentional about what I want to do will help and it starts with writing things down. Kudos to you! You are sure taking your territory already #TakingTerritories

  24. This is inspiring, especially for people who have to go to work. 8-5 week days.

    The Fome Native

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. This is such an awesome idea and something I need. I live in the US.

  27. Wow! How fab is this??? Well done Cassie!!
    This planner is going to go places!
    I thank God for giving you the wisdom to do this for us.


  28. This looks good and I want one. Can I have payment details and how soon after order do we get it?

  29. Can Definitely see its international appeal. It's so pretty, great job dear. Would definitely order one as soon as cash frees up , working on my project right now.
    Hope you would be able to ship it out of Lagos then

  30. Congrats! Great idea. It looks awesome.

  31. You should be proud of this, Cassie. Job well done! I can totally relate with forgetting where one wrote what in a note pad. Had to deal with that. It's important to be organized. Good job!

  32. Put my name down for one! Awesome idea. As soon as money enters I'll get one. How do we do this?

  33. Scratch that, seen the info. Will send a mail when money comes in

  34. I think you are absolutely brilliant Cassie! Love it.

  35. I really hope i'm not late to the train, nice one, sending the email now

  36. This is such a great concept. I wish there was a way I can get one in US.

  37. Hi Cassie.. Any chance you could ship this down under? lol

  38. The idea is really good. About starting a blog myself and it would be really helpful.

  39. This is innovative; and I think you can extend it further : turn it into a slick mobile app and get bloggers to pay 25 % of the hard copy price to have it on their phones. App version enables you to take it with you anywhere; can't imagine carrying a diary everywhere I go ( that's me though )

    1. Yasssss! That's what my designer suggested when we both started working on this and now I think I'm going to launch that mid year. Thank you/for this!

    2. I love this suggestion. Please I hope you consider this. Though I love a hard copy but carrying it everywhere could be somewhat errrrh... I hope you make this a reality soon.

  40. And keep keeping up the good creative work here.

  41. This is way too awesome! I wish I was in Nigeria so that I could have one of these. I'm a sucker for Nigeria made products, plus I'm new to the blogging world and I have a notebook too. This would be wonderful. Well done!

  42. This is pretty awesome. It is a must have for al bloggers as it helps to make sure things are on track. You should really consider the international appeal as lots of people could benefit from it!

  43. Hi Cassie, This is absolutely fabulous. I have sent a mail requesting for one. I really hope this will help me grow my blog. God knows my day job is crazy as it is but this will help me organise my life better.

  44. Wow great work you have on here. More grace. The diary is a brilliant idea.

  45. Hey Sis filled out the survey ... not sure everything went thru. Any questions hollar at me. ah um i'm 30 your survey making me feel old as dirt lol just kidding :)
    Beats the alturnitive, be 31 in a few dang it sneaks up on ya b/c i still feel like a teenager ... act like one too o_O

  46. Hi Cassie, is this still available for order? I would love to buy one. Pls lemme know. My email is thanks. Great job. This is going to save me some stress and help with organizing.

  47. Wow!!i'm impressed,im soo eager to get one for my upcoming blog.salary delay is holding me back.

  48. Wow!this is sooo eager to get one for my upcoming blog.

  49. This is really cool I can already dream about all I'd write in my copy of Cassie's blog planner should b on my to do list ...oh money ...where art thou' ...nice one through and through can help my ministry tho' Cassie ...let my Christmas present come early #tongueout

  50. This is amazing! I really want to pre-order because of the customized feature 😍 but even I can't do that right now, I'll definitely still be getting one later. Great Job Cassie!

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Great job Cassie! I love the new features. Unfortunately, I can't afford to pre order, I would have loved my name on it. But hopefully, within the year I should be able to get a copy even though the colour I suggested in the survey wasn't used but the black should suffice. Well done and may God give you more wisdom to create even more beautiful things.

  53. Hi Cassie,

    Thanks for a very detailed Blog Planner! I actually stumbled on your instagram page by accident and my curiosity was aroused when I realised you were a blogger.

    The blog planner looks really beautiful and I should place an order soon.

  54. Just found out about this. Looks really great! Would love to get one but can't because well, no money right now. But can I get it next year? I really love the black and white journal.

  55. Lol @ no side effects! I'm itching to get my hands on a copy. What are the international delivery charges?
    What to do when you make more money than your man

  56. Great work Cassie. Gonna place my order now!

  57. This is actually a great feat you've pulled off Cassie Daves. I'm particularly enthralled by the precicive and all encompassing quality of your blog planner. Would show it off to my bloger friends....wish I had seen this before now.keep up the goodwork Cassie!

  58. I couldn't order for my blog planner


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