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Lagos Living || Road Chef.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

This post was meant to go up a while back (mentioned it in this weekend bits post) but my memory card got chipped and I couldn't access the pictures anymore. I was super bummed out because I had lots of stuff the last time I went there and took the perfect pictures *sigh*
It sort of put me in a slight fix (OCD someone? I doubt. Lol ) as I already had my posts all mapped out with my #cassiedavesblogplanner and so I decided I was going to have go back again.
Road Chef is a sort of new'ish fast food restaurant at the Ascon filling station, off admiralty Way in lekki phase one.
I went with a friend the first time and we both totally enjoyed ourselves. The staffs were all smiles and cheerful plus there was just something about the space that made me feel relaxed.

I had a Crispy Chicken Roadster Meal which is basically crispy chicken burger ( I chose this because it looks like my beloved kfc burger and with food, I always like to stick to what I know) and a side of sweet potato fries which I later regretted because it was too sweet and I easily got tired of it (It's perfect though, if you don't easily get tires of sweet things.) . The burger was quite good, though I didn't really like the taste of the mayonnaise they used but that's just a personal thing as my friend had zero complains about it. I also got an extra cripsy chicken which was also good but a bit too spicy for me. I can't really remember the name of the icecream I had afterwards but that one, I wasn't digging at all.

These pictures are from the second time I went there. I didn't have as much stuff as I did the first time and for some reason, the food didn't taste as great also. Maybe because I wasn't hungry or anything and was just going there for the pictures - Maybe my taste buds could detect it. Lol

They also have a drive thru which is open for 24 hrs? Really cool stuff!
All in All, its a place I'll definitely visit again and maybe tryout other things on their menu.
Have you ever been to road chef?
What was your experience like.

I decided to go extra casual because I really couldn't be bothered much with dressing up that day. I'm wearing a Mai Atafo pant I got from him at a super super price slash (as per VIP. Lool) which I absolutely love and have extra plans for.
My friend's mum has a surprise party planned for her today but unfortunately she already found out so we are both just playing along. Lol
Today should be fun!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 
What are you getting up to this weekend?

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P.S - For other reviews, check here 

Outfit || Noir x The Power Of The Extras.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Recently, I found myself thinking about how the personal style of an individual can influence the outcome of an outfit. Most times, its really more about how you wear an outfit and not so much the outfit itself.
You can give three people the same clothes and they'll all come up with different looks depending on what their personal style is.

I also got to thinking of how sometimes, its the little things that make a look - that take it from bleh to yass girl!
Not everyone understands the power of the extras and when I say extras - accessories play a huge role but I'm not referring to just how you accessorize a look alone, but to the extra details that add that little oomph.
Even the slightest things like folding up the arm of your t-shirt or the leg of your pants to show a bit of ankle can give the outfit a different vibe. Your hairstyle inclusive can give a look a different vibe.

I find that what differentiates someone who loves "fashion" from the average person who thinks that clothes are just to cover up is the lack of personal style and also because they don't know about/ haven't understood the power of the extras.

In this post, I took a basic outfit - black jeans and tee and totally owned it because I've both figured out my style and I understand the power of the extras.
I'll be talking about and sharing tips to finding your personal style in a post real soon but for now over to you,
 how would you have styled a basic black jeans and tee ?
I got this T-shirt from my friend as my birthday gift and I fell in love with it at first sight! It was just perfect for me - inscription & all and I knew I was going to style it with black pants first : cliche right? That's where the extras come in to jazz the outfit up a bit and also add a bit of "me-ness" to the overall look, I rolled up the sleeves a bit, threw on this black hat, sunshades, statement neckpiece and my leather jellies from this post.
Can we all just collectively agree on how dope all black outfits look? 
What do you think of this look?

I could throw on a slightly oversized black denim jacket over this, with heels and give it all a totally different look.
Just thinking about it all has given me another idea on how to style this tee and I'll be sharing that look on the blog soon ^_^

Pictures : @1smahel || Used my new 50mm lens. for some of the pictures. Can you guess which? That lens makes me sooo happy!!!!!
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How's your week going? 

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On Being An Introvert And Going Beyond My Comfort Zone.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

This year alone, especially the last quarter of the year - I've had so many moments where it hit me smack across the face how much of an introvert I am. Of course, this was something I already knew and accepted but somehow this time around, whenever the realization hit me, I was slightly sad to be one and for some hot minutes there I felt like there was something wrong with me.

That's the beginning of one of my many scribblings that I started last year. I was going to complete that with a speech about accepting myself that way and making peace with the fact that I would probably never be the life of the party & I might need extra pushing and prodding to get out of my shell a bit and that's okay.
Really it is and while I've made peace with that, I had a shift in perspective recently that made me realize that I can be just as accepting of myself but without letting the introvert label limit me from doing some of the things I would love to do.

Let's fast forward to that


The other day I updated my bbm personal message with "could this be the year I conquer my fear (for lack of a better word because it isn't really a fear per se) of public speaking and video related things"
You see, being an introvert means that I'm not particularly a talkative person and I'm not exactly excited about things that involve me having to do a lot of talking which sucks because I envision myself doing videos and things that have to do with making speeches in the near future.
What prompted the PM? I had just gotten an invite to appear on a fashion segment on stv and while I was still contemplating how I was going to get out of that (because I said yes already), I got another to speak on a panel for the upcoming social media week and yet another to talk at my secondary school alumni event .
While I realize the great potentials for exposure these opportunities hold for me, I'm always reluctant to leave my comfort zone. The introvert in me is always quick to draw out that "I'm not much of a talker shield"

I've done a couple of video and TV appearances before and now that I think of it, I do a good job motivating myself so kudos girl! *pats self*

The day for the STV show shoot came and it found me dragging my feet around trying to think of ways to still get out of it but after some back and forth in my head trying to motivate myself, I decided to go for it and I'm real glad I did because midway into it, I realized that I'm not half as bad as I think I am when I really get into it and I can only get better at it by doing this more often.

With Uju of
You should do things that scare you not because you’re reckless, butbecause you’ll end up realizing how much you’re capable of – Jinna

This year I'm going to try to stop over thinking everything, to just do and be. So here's to me taking more risks and not letting my introverted nature define the course of my life.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert and how does this limit/help you? Have you done anything that scares you this year? What are some things you're scared of? I'll love to learn from you too!

Here's one thing that works for me : I always try to say yes when asked, this makes it harder for me to opt out later because I don't want to come across as irresponsible.


I wasn't sure what to wear and I started thinking of it in the morning (smh) but Uju assured me that going casual was fine. Though I had about three options, I was already dressed in this before my neighbor finally decided to pick her calls and come around to help me make a decision.
I'm wearing a vintage shirt I got from @_vintagemuse (they sponsored my christmas giveaway here ), black jeans and suspenders (styled previously in this post)
It looked pretty good in the mirror but somehow looking at these pictures, I don't like it so much but hey! some outfits, just like people, sometimes look better in person. Consolation prize. Lol!
What do you think of this look?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend?

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Celebrating Three Years Of Blogging! x Blog Planner Giveaway.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

It seems like just the other day I was sitting with my uncle in ATL discussing the possibilities of starting a site. How is my blog three years old already?!

Its been a labor of love with potholes along the way here and there but three years later, it is slowly morphing into my own brand and I wouldn't trade the experience of having this space for anything. (I blogged about how starting this blog has changed my life here )
My blog serves as a gentle reminder to me every now and then to stay consistent because if you're putting out good work, eventually the pendulum will swing in your favour.

Today also marks the beginning of a new year for my blog and I figured what better time to do a sort of re-introductions right?
If you're new around here, welcome!
You can read a bit about me here & the blog here. I'll definitely love to read about you as well and you can introduce yourself here!

I started this blog majorly to share my life and random ramblings with anyone who cared to read but along the way, it has become a whole lot more.
Its a fun mix of fashion/lifestyle topics and I also like to create useful posts and share helpful tips on blogging for people trying to find their way around in my blogging section.

I'm so grateful to every single one of you - whether you've been following my journey from the word go or you're just arriving, I've gotten this far thanks to you, all the support and the wonderful comments you all steady leave me. I am constantly awed and humbled by it all, thank you!
I'll be giving away a blog planner (read all about my blog planners here) to one lucky person.

All you have to do is : 

- Click to tweet!
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- leave a comment stating why you want to win it and your email/social media handle.
- Winner will be announced on sunday.

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P.S - Read about my first and second blog anniversary here and here.

P.P.S -
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Outfit || Slouchy Fashion.

Monday, 18 January 2016
         COMFORT + STYLE!

Easily the best words to describe this outfit. Its no news that I'm in my zone in oversized clothes (a.k.a slouchy style clothes). I find myself choosing comfort every time and nothing screams comfort more than this here boyfriend jeans (remember its first debut on the blog here)
After my last denim DIY post, I've been having an itch to convert this one to a released hem style because it has that two shade tone at the hem but I've also been scared of ruining it seeing as this is the only one I have. What's the worst that can happen though? I can just sew it right back in if I don't like it.

I digress though!

This was one of the looks I came up with one random day while clearing out my closets, I had two options for my choice of shoes to go with it - nude heels or nude brogues. I ended up choosing the brogues mostly because of comfort but luckily for me, it still gives off a stylish effect so Win Win!
I'll still like to try it with the heels though but I guess I'll have to find a different top to go with it and switch up the look.

Do you ever have to choose between comfort and fashion? Which do you go with?

P.S - There's absolutely nothing wrong with going the other route. After all fashion is pain sometimes
I planned to wear this outfit to fashion week but ended up wearing this dress instead. I finally got the chance to wear it when we had the meet and greet event - TBC Connect ( Read all about it here). Again, I chose comfort and decided to dress true to my style and closer to home instead of going glam as my head kept telling me to seeing as I was one of the hosts.

What do you guys think of this look? And what will you style differently.

Picture : @Aniespixel

One of my blogging intents for this year was to not focus so much on stats and enjoy blogging the way it used to be back when. So far, its been going good.
I also just realized something last night! I don't have to collage my portrait shaped pictures to fit into my blog dimension, all I needed to do was upload the picture in original size. My days! Total Eureka moment for me right there! So here's to taking more portrait mode shots and less collaging.

I didn't get up to much this weekend compared to last weekend. I spent most part of it finalizing orders for the first batch of the blog planner ( Order now to be on the first batch and get yours asap! Details here), trying to create side banner ad for it which I succeeded at! (If you view the blog in web view, you should see the side banner Ad), trying to put together a creative resume and sorting out extra projects.

How did your weekend go?

I'm off to go scribble some notes into the to do list page of my planner and try to get it done! Here's to a week of productivity and bliss.

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