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TBC Connect Recap.

Saturday, 28 November 2015
I know I'm a bit late with this post and I'm sorry about that but hey! better late than never right?

After lots of back and forth between Tuke, Berry and I, our meet and greet event tagged #TBCConnect finally became a reality on the 14th of this month.
I've always loved the idea of putting together events and for the better part of this year, I've had a couple in the works so I was really excited to finally see this one through! ( I blogged about the inspiration behind the event here)

P.S - Slight picture overload !


We set up camp at the ethnic heritage center in ikoyi (this really cool artsy-cultural space in raymond njoku which I plan to still do a full post on as its one hidden gem that I feel needs to be experienced more).
The event was for 2pm and although we had some early guests show up some minutes after the stated time (Shout out to Nedoux, Uju and David!), we still had to make allowance for other guests arriving at Nigerian time and
from then it was a go go!

It was just the perfect intimate setting I had visualized and we had an awesome time getting to know each other, while sipping on wilsons lemonade, complimentary zobo, munching on cupcakes from K's factory and of course some small chops for the soul!

After the initial introductions from everyone, Tuke, Berry and I shared our blogging story and experience so far as well as some other random but inspiring talks on self esteem/confidence and finding your purpose from Berry and her husband Cakes with contributions from everyone.

I was honestly not the most talkative host as I'm more of an introvert but as always, it blows my mind when I get to meet blog readers and I did have a lot of fun chatting with and getting to know all the dope people that showed up!


We had Illustrator Precious Adebisi (@stylish_artist) on ground doing live illustrations for those that wanted to leave with a sketch to mark the day and we wrapped up the day with a series of really fun giveaway sponsored by our awesome sponsors ( -
Shay's Treats, Vane Polish, Ajali naturals, Nuella Michaels, Luxe Beauty Lounge,
Gbemisoke Heels from Kaymu, African Naturalistas, and The Kink & I) after which we all went out to have a photo session with our insta- board.
It was the most fun part of the day as we made people indicate what they wanted to win and defend why they should have it. Lol.
Almost everyone left with an item and I was lowkey envying them because who no like better thing?. I think the Eve and Tribe team read my mind though, because they showed up with a surprise package for Tuke, Berry and I. Weneverexperredit!!


A big shout out to some of the bloggers we had in the house, thank you all so much for coming out!

I'm feeling super proud of myself right now, I ticked off "put together catwalk classes for aspiring models (read about the lessons I learnt from that experience here) recently and now I'm ticking off "host a meet and greet event off my 2015 to do list"
I hope you're moving forward and doing some of the things you planned for this year also?
                        Love and Light,

Model Diary || April by Kunbi x Lanre Da Silva Ajayi (For LFDW).

Thursday, 26 November 2015
If you follow me on instagram (@cassiedaves), you might already know that I walked for Designer April by Kunbi and Lanre Da Silva Ajayi at the recently concluded Lagos fashion and design week.

It wasn't in the plans though.
Prior to and in anticipation of fashion week, while my fellow models were awaiting the release of the casting date, I was mentally preparing my outfits to attend the show as a guest.
I had no plans of walking the runway at all so I didn't bother going for the model casting.

My friend Temitayo Nathan ( You might remember him from this post, this post and this post) who has become this hotshot designer was the first to call me up to walk as an extra model for his show, then designer Nuraaniya (I worked with her previously here) called me up as well but somehow it didn't pull through.

When designer Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi called me up, I was a bit excited as I thought I was going to be doing it with my friend Tracy but then Tracy couldn't make it and I lost all ginger and almost cancelled also but I already gave my word so I just had to keep with it.

I'm glad I didn't cancel though.

I think I fell in love again with the runway and I remembered all the reasons I loved being a runway model - that feel of walking down the runway, of strutting your stuff. Amazing!
It was my first time working with Kunbi but she was so warm and receptive from the get go - no airs around her considering the fact that she is one of Nigeria's top designers. It didn't take me long to convert to #TeamAprilbyKunbi now.

Walking Lanre Da silva's show wasn't in the plans as well. The dress didn't quite fit well on the model initially meant to wear it because her shoulders weren't broad enough and guess whose shoulders came to the rescue?

I really enjoyed walking in her dress though. Hers was the final show for the night and by then the initial jitters had worn off and i was basically just having fun on the runway.
I heard some people call my name while I was walking and it was a struggle not to smile. Haha

After the show ended, I had a rethink and decided that maybe I should try to get back into the vibe of things.
Its been some weeks now and I'm slowly reverting to my old ways - the music meets runway audition is on saturday and I'm not sure I'm going for that.
Hope you all are having a great week?


In other modelling un-related gist, I've been thinking of starting a "weekly journal" segment here. I miss writing a personal blog and I've been wondering if to open another one or just incorporate that into this, that's how the weekly journal idea came up.
What do you guys think?

There's currently an ongoing sales over at Jeffery Coen, I recently did a style post featuring one of their tees here and now you can cop yours at 40% off. 

Outfit || The Denim Dress.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015
Only Slightly Obsessed With Denim.

Lately, I've been on a quest to fill my wardrobe with a bit of variety in the denim section. I'm talking more options than just the traditional blue/black pencil pants/skirt and denim shirt.

I'm really looking to add at least one (denim) bell bottom pants, proper mom jeans, culottes, skater skirt, bustier etc ( Birthday/Christmas gift clues for somebody out there that loves me maybe? ) so I was really excited when I happened on this one shoulder denim dress and even though it was a bit snug on me, I just couldn't let it go. I got it the same day I got this other mini denim dress I wore here.
I actually wear a sleeveless denim shirt dress to sleep sometimes. Weird or nah?
This look wasn't in the 'fashion week' plans I made earlier but like I mentioned in this post, I had to make last minute changes and decided on something easy and comfortable for the final day since I wasn't going to be a proper guest to the event but I was also going to be walking some of the shows.

This is just another casual denim look that I tried to upgrade by wearing this flowing cardigan I got off my neighbour, slipping on white toms and turning my silver chain link necklace into a choker for that extra extra feel.

I really love how it turned out
What do you think?
How would you style this one shoulder denim dress, maybe I can steal some tips from you for the next time I wear it.

Photos : @haastrupfoto
If you read my last post, then you'll know that I'm still on the job hunt and had an exam to that effect yesterday. Well, not like you asked or anything but yes it went well! I finished my first set of questions and I was like Hay God, is that it? Lol. I was pretty apprehensive going in but right now I'm a bit hopeful and praying I get in on merit and grace because I have no connection to help me push it.
* Fingers Crossed*

Reader Spotlight : Ella Medupin.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hey Hey guys!

I know its been a hot minute since the last reader's spotlight and I apologize for holding off this particular feature for so long.

Reader Spotlight is basically a way to sort of give back, finally stop yapping all about myself day in and out on my blog (seriously, don't you guys get tired of reading about me? Lol) and get to know my readers better.

Alright, so let's meet our third reader in this category!

Hi Ella, Please can you tell us a bit about you?
My name is Ella Medupin. I'm 21, a very recent computer science graduate, a natural hair enthusiast and  vintage lover.

We have one thing in common there, can you guess? lol. Please can you share with us some of your interests/passions
Basically I love doing everything with a hot cup of tea(green).
I love making my hair myself too, it sort of relaxes me and gives me time to think. I have a passion for recreating hairstyles I see on the web or other people. I also like movies (romantic comedies mostly), street style fashion and catching up on my favorite blogs.

I love street style fashion too! Hayy, another thing in common!
What are some challenges you face and what keeps you going?
For challenges, personally I don't push myself enough because I'm too cautious of failure. It's a challenge I'm currently working on. Also getting enough money to satisfy my hair it's just hard.. What keeps me going is that I'm pretty creative so I constantly find ways to make these things work and then I get compliments from people and it's all good.

Lol. I get you! On the enough money and being creative bit. I used to be too cautious of failure, but eyan le ku anytime so I'm just out here trying to do everything I possibly can in this lifetime.
Whats your dream career and how you are working to achieve that..... Or not

I would love to make wigs on a commercial level. It's my favorite kind of protective styling and I'm currently working towards that.

I like to think that I'm a wig person but somehow I just haven't owned any and I don't wear them much. I guess I'm not so much a wig person right? That'll be dope though! And just know that I'll be here to share your stuff when you finally launch.

Whats your favourite quote/advice that has helped you in life?

My favorite advice is 'He who kneels before God will stand before men'. The importance of prayer can not be over emphasized.

Defff! Currently loving ?
I'm currently loving colored hair and Afros. If you have colored hair, we may be besties and you don't even know it..

Lol, I love colored hairs too but sadly mine isn't. So I'm guessing we can't be besties :( . Can you share one random fact about you?
Random fact about me is that I hate doing my laundry..just hate!

What are some/any life lesson(s) you've learnt lately that you wish you knew earlier?
What I wish I learned earlier is that no matter what, you'll be okay..
Also, if you wait for things to get handed to you, you may have to wait forever. You want something, make effort to take it.

Is there any tip you'll like to share?  ( could be anything : photography tip, tips to keep organized, food tip/secret recipe etc )
The simple act of moisturizing and deep conditioning your hair could work wonders for your hair growth. I share styling and hair care tips on my blog..
Another one is to add half a lemon/lime to your cup of tea.. It changes the game completely!

Finally, Is there by chance anyway (style/ life) that reading my blog has helped you? (Or not. Lol).
I fell in love with your blog because it's very relatable. It constantly shows me how to achieve/create certain looks within budget. I have a shirt dress I'm going to style the way you did when next I wear it.

 Awww! ^_^ . Check out the way I styled my shirt dress here

Thank you so much Ella for reading my blog and taking time out of your day to chat with me, I think you have a really beautiful smile.

Check her out on Instagram:
@forellamedupin and her blog :

P.S - If you'll love to be featured on this segment - Reader Spotlight, Please send me an email on

Looking forward to knowing more about you wonderful people that read my blog!

P.P.S - Feel free to introduce yourself here or share a random fact about yourself here. Join the conversation yo!

In other unrelated news, I have another housejob exam tomorrow, wish me luck guys. 
Have a great week ahead!

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