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Outfit || A Casual Look For Your Weekend Plans.

Saturday, 29 August 2015
Weekend casual style in vintage pleated full skirt
Hey people, how did your week go?
Another outfit post, another struggle for words. Haha but I"ll just wing it and go with the flow like I mentioned in this post.
The weekend is when most people get to let down their hair and dress really comfy and casual except you're one of the lucky ones that don't have to follow a dress code at their workplace.
I decided to go extra comfy the other other saturday and by that, I mean I'm wearing a camisole! Ha ha.
If you've noticed, I never really wear exposing clothes per se for normal day- day waka (it lowkey sucks though, I mean have you seen my legs?! Yes, I'm proud ).
I think its the way I was brought up plus growing up in an environment where you can be stared at funny/called names if you wear short things on the road. When I have to wear a spaghetti hand top or skirt that's a bit short/exposing, there's always this battle going on in my head.

Me (1) : maybe you should just go with a jacket in case
Me (2) : Come'on Cassandra! Its not like you're showing off anything and you're young! Stop acting so old and live.
Then I'll leave home, walk to the gate, walk back and call my sister to throw down a shirt for me. Haha

The inspiration for this outfit actually came from having to go for castings and of course not being able to wear shorts out on the road so I just look for a big skirt to wear over the shorts and pull off at the casting venue. Smart ey?
This can be worn for your weekend shenanigans and you can choose to glam it up by changing the accessories.
I've styled this skirt here, here and here (in different ways that you might like to see, so clickk)

You can switch it up for sunday (or work on Monday!) like I did when I wore it out the next time by throwing on a waist coat (see ways to style your waistcoats here).
Save yourself the stress of thinking about what to wear the next day :d
You can just switch up the shoes and wear heels instead or a different color of shoes if you're feeling iffy about repeating outfits.

Really planned to do this post overnight but I was just too tired and decided to save my brain the stress and sleep. I have an exam (another semi useless house job exam like I mentioned in this post) and I'm real glad I could post this up before leaving for it.
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Who is going to be at the grey sale?

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Model Diary : The Throw-Back Edition.

Thursday, 27 August 2015
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I'm completely sold on that.
Its the forgotten pictures that you find one day while randomly going through your laptop that makes up the real memories, as you remember with a smile on your face all the emotions you were feeling at that particular time the picture was taken.
Its a beautiful thing really, to be reminded of days past in unexpected little ways.

I just came across a set of pictures from way back when. Pictures taken with my small red blackberry pearl and it took me down memory lane to back when modeling was too live for me and there was nothing I enjoyed more than the thrill of walking down that runway. That is, after the initial jitters wore off.
I sometimes wish I started this blog back then so I could have a more rich modeling experience to share with you all in my model diary segments (because most of my best experiences happened then plus it was still all so new and I had lots of stories to share).
From catwalk classes to hitting the runway proper for the first time, attending my first ever modelling competition screening (nnsm and almost getting into the finalists but corruption).
Here's a little throwback from the good ole modelling days because its Thursday and just the right day for a throwback, yes? Yes!
(Forgive the poor quality images, most were taken with a blackberry pearl so you can imagine)

First Show.
I was legit shaking before I walked on stage and I can only imagine how awkward I looked. It was a show organized by Genevieve magazine for the governor's wife or so. The photographer ( Hakeem Saalam) only gave me the pictures to serve as a reminder. Lol

First Shoot.
This one was for the face of sleek competition Ad/flyers and I almost missed out on it because I was worried sick about how I'll perform but I finally gave in and I was just glad the pictures came out nice.

First Shoot For A Magazine.
Even though they ended up not using the pictures (I was sad sha) but it was meant to be for Genevieve magazine's wedding issue. 
First Shoot For An Ad Campaign.
For lagos style week ad campaign. Also my first 'sort of fashion week' experience which aside from the struggle show and pay was fun because first time rooming with models who were too cool. I'm wearing orange culture in this picture.

Just some other pictures from various shows. Its so sad that i did'nt document it all well and have lost lots of other pictures but I definitely had a great time back then. Although, these days I'm not too revved up about it all like I was back then. Meh

I already talked about how I got into modeling in this post (and how you can too) If you want to be a model or you know someone that you think just has to be one, I'm working on something that might just give you the extra edge you need especially in this Nigeria of ours where there are really no set laws. *fingers crossed*

So how's that for a throwback ey?

P.S - I know I'm making it sound really exciting but its also work, the pay is shitty, designers don't dash out clothes and models aren't exactly treated with respect most times.

P.P.S - Long time no outfit post right? Next post is going to be one, I promise


Weekend Bits x The Grey Giveaway.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015
Hey people,
How's your week going eh? I hope its off to a great start!
Time for another weekend bits post but this time around there's a giveaway included at the end so stay with me okay? okay, let's dig in....
This weekend was just one kind, I didn't really do anything much but I still felt like I did. I'll start from friday because that was the origin of it all.

I look like that prince musician dude *tears*
I had to go on set for a TV program in the morning and I basically just shared a quick way to spice up your look in their style segment, then we played that guess what I'm trying to say game (I failed woefully).  
I re-wore my bella cosa shirt dress from this post and switched it up to a more dressy look for them which I'll still blog about anyways.
It was actually somewhat fun, even though I was fretting the night before about going there, acting shy and messing it up. Lol. I was actually looking for an excuse not to go but decided to just go and give it my best shot.
Lesson I learnt from that experience is 'Just get up, show up and fake it till you make it'
Goofing around at four points after the vlisco event
Then from there, I was to go to a vlisco event at four points with a friend. Plenty waka waka sha, we finally got there by past 4pm or so. See me that I was hoping to be done with the event and be home by that time. Lol
It was her birthday and she had some other plans so I was thrust into this unplanned adventure which I enjoyed anyways because I met some of her cool friends and its was fun being out on a Friday night for once. 
At this point let me just lament about how jealous I am of you people that your parents let stay out late because the way my mum was hitting up my phone ehn, my mind couldn't even be at peace to enjoy this rare outing.
If you want to go out in my house, you'll first answer 21 questions (who, where, when, whom, why, with etcc kai!) and once it starts getting dark small like this, the end!
Please is this an african parent thing or I'm alone in this? Who else has such experience at home?
Touched down at Afropolitan vibes briefly (and by this i mean I just got through the gate and had to leave again)  before I had to run home *sigh* Times like this I long for med school days when I could just sleep over in my hostel room and not be bothered. 

I was meant to go see a movie with my friend shaenk (remember I mentioned him in this post and this post?) but we finally ended up in unilag to shoot some blog pictures with my new super photographer friend ( @1smahel, show him some love on instagram guys because he has been too good to me). 
Every time I go to the campus, I'm always in awe of how beautiful the place is!
Luth is just super bleh compared to unilag. We also spent some time at the lagoon front, we went pass the restricted line and It was so serene being surrounded by that body of water and nature.
Too beautiful, I tell you. 

Spice bowl Victoria island in sleek studios opposite silverbird cinemas
I was meant to include this in my previous weekend bits post but I might as well include it in this.
So I went to spice bowl ( an Afro-Asian restaurant) at the Sleek studio just opposite silverbird galleria and had chinese ( can't remember the exact name of what i had) but see, I've accepted that I'm not a fan of all em fancy food and stuff. The food was actually nice but not up my alley so I didn't eat much of it. It was not expensive and the quantity was quite much.
Their service was good too although it took a while for the food to get served after they took our order.
Have you ever been to spice bowl? How was your experience? 

Sunday fun day? Nah! I just relaxed at home all day.

Remember Grey? I collaborated with them here wearing one of their mod dresses ( Go check it out, its one of my favorite looks this year)
Well, they are having their annual sales on the 29th&30th at the social place and decided to offer a 10,000 Naira voucher (to be reedemed at the sales) to one of my readers.

All you have to do is follow these rules :

- Repost the flyer with the caption #CassieDavesxGreyGiveaway, more details on (everything and not just the hashtag bit)

- Follow Grey @greyprojects (Since you're already on Instagram, you might as well follow me @cassiedaves ;) although not compulsory )

- Subscribe to my blog here

- Like my facebook page here

- Leave a comment with your email & social media handle.

(See ehn, I asked plenty questions in this post so if you like you people should forget all that long story I typed up there for you and only leave giveaway comments *snaps fingers* )

The winner will be announced on thursday and must be able to come to the sale to get their voucher.
The offer is only on the 29th and 30th of august and the voucher is non-transferable.

Good luck guys!
Hope you all have a fruitful and blessed week.

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Seven Ways Blogging Has Changed Me For The Better.

Saturday, 22 August 2015
I started this blog back in 2013, not quite sure of what direction I was going with it and what I hoped to do with it. For me, it was just another hub to chronicle the things I love but it has grown into so much more and Its been such a thrill journey.
Two years plus later, lots of changes and learning, I can say right now that my blog is one of the best things that has happened to me in so so many ways! And that's what I'll be sharing today

Here are seven ways blogging has changed my life for the better :

1. Community :
Meeting and connecting with all you wonderful people and fellow creatives that I'm forever learning and drawing inspiration from. Sure there's the fact that I was also in the modelling industry and I already knew some people but blogging opened me up to a whole lot more and also helped cement some connections.

2. Social Life :
I've become more sociable thanks to blogging. It encouraged me to make more of an effort to go out, mix and meet people. I'm also so much better at networking for it because networking is one thing I can't do away with regardless of what field I'm in anyways. Yesterday, I went to a vlisco event and I noticed (gave myself kuddos for too) how well I was flowing with some of the people I just met. Haha! I'm slowly mastering this thing. (Blogged about how to master this networking thing here)

3. Improvement :
In the sense of being able to acquire new skills and knowledge. I've been able to learn new skills because of this little ol' blog of mine just so I can try and up my game. Skills I probably wouldn't have bothered about otherwise : Photography, currently learning graphics and also trying to pick up some basics of coding. Blogging opened my eyes to these things and I've also amassed some knowledge in so many other things like seo, branding, social media, etc and still learning new things everyday!

4. Platform :
Not only has it opened me up to so many opportunities, working with all these brands both big and small that I probably wouldn't have worked with by just being a medical student.
I've also been able to grow my name and myself as a brand so that if I decide to start up something now, I already have a sort of edge and that in itself is priceless.

5. It has helped me discover some of my potentials/Creative side :
There are some projects I have in the works and things I can do as a side hustle that I probably would never have thought about if I hadn't started this blog. For example, my blog planners that I created recently! It's a perfect tool for bloggers and content creators, check on it HERE.

6. Life Lessons : 
Blogging has thought me some valuable life lessons too that has helped me evolve as a person. Lessons that I've learnt both through some of the negative things that come with being in the blogosphere and also introspecting with some of my musings I put up.
Lessons like :
- How comparison is the thief of joy.
- On patience and trusting the process.
- Like how I really can't win with everyone and to quit trying to.
- On knowing my worth and not letting people dictate it for me.
- Like not letting the fact that I'm not appreciated in a certain way I think I should, stop me from putting in work.

7. Figure out my style!
Lastly but not the least, it helped me refine my style. It wasn't till I started blogging that I really started experimenting more with fashion and trying to figure out where my style falls in. Now I can confidently answer the "how would you describe your style" question without thinking so much about it. I talked about my "style journey" in this post and also shared some tips for people trying to figure theirs out. If you call in that category, you should totally check out that post.

On the side, it has also helped me realize the value of commitment, consistency and putting in work. I carry my little book everywhere, jotting down ideas and organizing my thoughts. I now see inspiration everywhere and beauty in the oddest places. I'm forever seeking out shoot locations and you can find me randomly screaming "hey that wall will be perfect for some blog shots"!

How about you? How has blogging changed/helped you? What are some things it has taught you? Please do share and lets connect!

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Street Style || Stripes x Slides.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015
Hey y'all!
I bet you didn't know I had a street style section on the blog right? Well, I do!
If you've been here from the get go, you would have seen some, but its not too late though and you can check the previous street style posts here

Today's street style feature is this lovely lady I met at cafe neo during the bialere exhibition. I remember watching her walk in and thinking 'oh I love how chilled but stylish she looks' so I asked if I could take some shots of her for my blog and she agreed.
Onoja Tiana
What I do- 
Engineering student/fashion stylist
What inspired my outfit choice -
I have always been about incorporating African pieces into recent trends and also wanted a simple yet trendy look. So, I wore a boot cut jeans and hat for a trendy look, leather cross strap slide for a simple look and paired it with African inspired accessories
What I'm wearing -
Jeans - Levi's
Shirt- H&m
Accessories - Lekki African market
Hat - Asos
Wristwatch- Michael kors
Slides- selfmade(I made it)😉
Contact her if you want one
Connect with her on Instagram: @tianablacx

I think every girl should have a monochrome striped shirt. It always looks so good and is also a perfect base for a mixed print outfit (I styled mine here)
What do you think of her style? How's your week going?!

Pictures : @kachi.e

Let's connect! Subscribe if you haven't too!

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Outfit || Denim x Polka Dot.

Monday, 17 August 2015
You know what blows my mind every time? The way I can be stuck, not quite having the words to put down and the next minute, I have a complete post ready to go.
Same thing happened to me with my last post on friendships, I finally decided to finish it up after putting it away for long. I struggled with finding the right words for a while but it finally came together at the end.
I think the secret is in just starting, free styling (see what I'm doing here?) till you get it right.
I read a post  on Tycee's blog about how we don't need to wait for inspiration and all we actually need is a conviction to get it done. I sort of agree, its one of the points I highlighted in my post on getting your blogging mojo back.
What do you guys think about that?
I'm sure I'm not alone in trying to figure out words especially to accompany a style post, how do you finally get it done?
Anyways, on to the main business of the day. This was what I wore to the kene rapu store launch but I couldn't take pictures that day so I kept plotting and waiting for an opportunity to take the pictures.
I finally got one with the art twenty one exhibition which I grabbed my upcoming photographer friend off to (also bribed her with a movie) and planned my outfit in such a way that it was easy for me to switch up what I was wearing to this for some blog shots. (Check out what I wore on that day here)

Who else plays around with looks on free days? I do that a lot , both in my head and actual trying on of the outfit to see if it works. That was how this look was birthed and I think it werks!
Denim shirt, pleated polka dot skirt and white platform sneakers...
What do you think?
I've worn that skirt previously here too.

And that's it for today's post!
I'm off to go think of how I'll explain to the nurse at Randle hospital (Nigerian nurses don't smile) that an adult like me forgot the date of her RCT (root canal treatment) appointment and have come to ask for another date. *sigh*
Wishing you all the very best this week!

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