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2015 In Style.

Thursday, 31 December 2015
You guys!
I've been trying to put this post together all day! My eyes are hurting and I'm so tired of staring into this pitiful excuse for a laptop that is my sister's computer (which I'm thankful for still though) but this "year in style" post is a tradition and traditions can't just be broken. 
So let's do this!
I feel like this post won't really be complete as this year I posted a lot less outfits on the blog compared to the previous years and I still have quite a number of outfit posts left to post and some that I haven't even shot yet because photographer struggle.

I think I did more "somewhat girly" looks this year , a lot less "with a twist* and of course more re-rocking!

I struggled a bit to figure out how to group my looks and I'm not even sure I got the perfect match for each but I finally decided to group them into five groups retaining some from last year's style recap post.
As always, just click the number below the pictures to check out the full post to any look.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
Casual but still fly as hell. Ha-ha. I'm not even sure how to pick a favorite look out of these because I loved them all - maybe minus the first look because that skirt was a bit transparent and it was too much stress worrying if my tight line was showing or not. Ugh
Which is your favorite look?


Double denim, Triple denim, Single Denim lol, I'm about that life! I played around more with denim this year and I loved every bit of it. My favorite look here is ..... uhm.... everything! but I particularly loved look six.
Which is your favorite look?

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
I can definitely pick a favorite here - look two! Which is yours?

I don't think I can make it through a year without wearing some sort of vintage outfit or print shirt. I really loved both outfits in the orange skirt 
Which Is your favorite?

Somewhat girly because most of the looks aren't fully "feminine"
I really love look six and seven in this group

Which group and look is your favourite?

P.S - Check out my 2014 in style post here

Blogging || Five Ways To Prepare Your Blog For The New Year.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015
What I love the most about the new year is the sense of 'starting afresh' it gives off. A sort of new beginning to work with. A blank page to try to rewrite your story.
This newness translates to us as bloggers as well. Most of us will set goals for 2016 and are already brainstorming ideas to implement for the new year also, so i thought to share a few ways you can also refresh your space for the new year!

- Reassess And Set New Goals.
Before moving into the new year, you might want to reassess how your blog did this year. I did a recap of my blog year in this post and it helped me review how I did and also opened me up to ways I'll like to improve. My blog planner has both a goal page and a monthly review page and that has helped me keep track of my stats so far.
You can also send out a reader survey to see what posts and segments your readers enjoyed the most and what they would like to see more of. I didn't exactly set 'goals' but I have a list of changes to make/things to do and you can also use this time to write down your own goals for your blog over this next year.

-  Get a Blog Planner.
I'm always preaching about how having a notepad for your blog is one key thing as inspiration can come at anytime but how about going a step higher and getting a blog planner?
This will up your organization level way better than an ordinary notepad will because I still find myself scribbling the same thing over and over in different pages of my book and then searching for where I wrote them. I've been working on a blog planner for 2016 and its almost ready. Its really buff and has everything you will need to blog better and plan better!

UPDATE - I finally launched my blog planners! If you're looking to stay organized, create more strategic content and blog better this new year. This is definitely for you. You can read the full blog Planner details and get yours NOW here

- Give Your Blog A Facelift.
Basically switching up your blog design, getting a new theme, changing fonts, arrangements etc. This is one thing I'm also trying to do and hopefully should have it all done by january. If you already love your theme as it is, you can maybe just tweak it a bit - get a new header image, blog tagline etc.
Update : I finally did it! Blogger about getting a new theme HERE

- Update Your About Page.
If you view my blog in web view, you might have noticed the little change in my about me widget in the side bar.
I also created that about image up there but I haven't put it on the blog yet. Its a bit amateur lol but I think it sends across the message I want it to clearly.

- Create A Blog Manifesto.
A blog manifesto is almost like an about page except that its more detailed and is also helpful to you as well because it keeps you on track. It like a blog mission statement and you can read krystal's guide to writing one here. Also, just peep the blog manifesto page in the cassie daves blog planner! Makes figuring it all out easier.
If you're also planning to work more with brands in the new year, you might want to create a media kit as well, which is a document you put together that gives prospective blog sponsors everything they need to know about sponsorship with you and why they should work with you.
There are lots of media kit samples on the net and you just have to google to find the one you like and tweak it to suit you.
Also check out these five tips to get started working with brands!

So that's it! Five things you can do to prepare your blog for the new year.
Which of the following do you plan to do and what other things do you suggest?

I'm looking to host an intimate blog workshop and start one on one blog consultations in the new year for bloggers trying to get a hang of it all/rebrand and blog better.
Its still in the works and I might be jinxing it by talking about it. Eeek! but if it sounds like something you might be interested in, don't hesitate to shoot me a mail ey?

Update : I finally launched my blog services!
If you'll like me to check out your blog and do a review of your site. You can now get your blog reviewed! Full details HERE
If you would love to dive even deeper with me and take your blog to the next level. You can book a blog consultation with me HERE.

Oh and yes! The giveaway winners has been long overdue and I'm so sorry.
Light and battery issues has held me down plus plain laziness to go through all the comments. My gash! Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway.
The Winners are
- Wumi Tuase for the first package.
- Florence for the second package.
- Ifeoma Nwawe for the third package.
I'll contact you all in a bit!

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2015 Blog Recap x 2016 Goals.

Monday, 28 December 2015
The other day, I was looking through my notes and saw a list of blog changes I wrote over and over on different pages at different points this year.
I wouldn't exactly say that I had a defined set of blog goals for 2015 but I had a picture of some things I wanted to do with my blog and some changes I wanted to make so I thought to revisit them and see how I did this year and ways I'll like to improve next year.
I already shared my year in review, so let's just say I'm doing the same thing but for my blog.

I really really wanted to change my blog design this year to a more responsive and mobile optimized one. Actually, I've been wanting to change it since 2013 but somehow it hasn't happened yet.
I had someone offer to help me when I mentioned it on twitter and its already in the works so I'm hoping that comes through soon.
I defined my aesthetic a bit more this year and also tried to incorporate a bit of graphic design to my posts but I hope to improve on my graphics, general aesthetics and blog photography next year.

You might have noticed that I had less outfit posts compared to previous years - it was a bit deliberate.
I moved from majorly outfit posts and blogged more lifestyle posts but I tried to maintain a healthy balance between it all.
I also blogged more about blogging, its something I have an idea about and I decided to at least share my expertise for people who might need help.
I didn't get to do the video I had planned and I really pray I find someone to help me with it next year.

I featured some guest bloggers and introduced some new categories this year - Lagos Living, Reader Spotlight, Weekend Bits, Candid Talk and Celebrating Creativity.

I definitely love the direction my content took this year and I hope you guys did too?
I'll try to work on better content, fresh segments and more guest posts as I truly enjoyed having people over.
Which of the categories did you enjoy the most or would like to see more next year?

I had quite a number of features on various blogs/sites which I'm really thankful for but one thing I actually wanted to do this year was get featured on some big sites either by writing for them, they featuring me or just doing a sort of creative collaboration that will get featured there. I eventually got featured on Bella Naija, TheStyleHQ (this one came as an awesome surprise!) and Stylevitae (even though I got featured as a model)
I added an 'in the press page' and you can view them over there, although its incomplete as I can't really remember some places I've been featured so if you know, please help me!

On the collaboration end, I set out to collaborate with other bloggers this year but I ended up collaborating with just Akin here and also did a video with Deola of omogemura here.

I hope to do more collaborations next year though and this time around I'm aiming higher! So I'm looking to get featured on international sites.

I was hoping to triple last year's views but I'm not quite there yet. I'm not sure if you guys stopped reading my posts or ... Lol
Towards the end of this year, I tried to focus less on my pageviews (mostly because focusing on numbers was causing me heart break. Lool) and more on creating good content and reader engagement. I'm going to try doing that next year too.
I got a mailchimp account and started to grow my mail list. I have over a hundred and fifty subscribers, thank you all so much for the love! ( You can join the party here). Even though my mailchimp was giving me troubles which I still haven't figured out how to fix till now, I decided not to let that slow me down and I started sending out post updates manually. Not the best but at least I'm getting work done, hopefully I fix it next year or find a way around my mailing list problems.

My Instagram grew a LOT this year! I was shocked myself ( You can find me @cassiedaves), I didn't promote my facebook page nearly enough (please like my page here) or use my pinterest as I set out to. I'll try to utilize my Pinterest more this year.

I learnt quite a number of things on branding and presenting my blog as a brand (which it infact is).
I wrote a blog manifesto, put together a media kit/Rates sheet and treated my blog with more professionalism.
I worked with more brands also and you can view that here.
I definitely need to work on replying emails faster next year though

So that's it! My 2015 blog recap and some more improvements/changes for 2016
What goals did you set for your blog this year/How did you do with that?
What goals/ways are you hoping to improve your blog in the new year?


2015 In Words.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Its becoming a bit of a tradition of mine to do a year in review post. A tradition I started in 2013, continued in 2014 and although I've been procrastinating writing this and having troubles finding the words to write down, its one I intend to keep so here goes.

As I lay in bed reminiscing about this year and trying to think of words for this post, I can't help but be thankful to God for His grace in everything.
A lot of things happened this year and in between every frustrating moment and every joy filled moment, I still felt a bit secured knowing that He was there for me.

I had the most dreaded final professional exams and amidst lots of tears and major depressing moments, I graduated med school and officially became a doctor (I wrote about that here). Even though I'm still currently unemployed, that's one thing I'll always remember 2015 for that.

I also experienced being broke on another level this year. Haha but I know that soon I'll look back at it all as just another learning experience.

I didn't do a lot of modeling this year compared to previous years and I didn't die. Lol. There was once a point where I just couldn't imagine what will happen when I eventually had to stop modeling but I got tired of it all myself instead.
I had the first edition of the Cassie Daves catwalk classes, I'm not sure if I'll like to continue with this and though this wasn't in the plan at the beginning of the year, I was super proud of myself for doing it.

I also had my meet and greet event 'TBC Connect' and this was another high note for me. There's truly nothing as delightful as seeing something you put together come to life.

I learnt to drive this year, went to a proper driving school but still haven't driven a car after that. Hopefully, I don't forget how to.

I cut my hair again, remember the very first time I cut it in 2013? Read the story here.

I started learning this makeup thing from my makeup artist friend, but I didn't complete it so I'm still #TeamBrowsNeverOnFleek

I also learnt a whole lot about my potentials/passions and also a lot of things that I can do. See, associating myself with doers, thinkers and all round creative people was one of the best things I did for myself this year.

This year I impressed myself a lot! With the level of maturity I approached and tackled some life issues. Of course, I still had moments when I let myself choose the irrational way out but I can definitely see the difference between where I am now and last year.
I grew a whole LOT! and learnt a lot of things - through both bad times and good times.
I learnt a few lessons in friendship.
I re-learnt the beauty of just letting go.
I learnt to communicate my feelings on things a bit more instead and not let anyone make me feel bad for choosing to share how I felt over hoarding it inside.
I learnt that nobody really owes me anything.
I also learnt that people can be evil sha but then thank God for the beauty of letting go so I freed my mind.
I learnt to do more of the things that brings me to life and to say no to fear.
I learnt a lot about love, about how its more of a decision than butterflies and giddy feelings.
But most importantly, this year I learnt to stop limiting myself so much especially in my thoughts, to dream big and also to constantly guard my heart against envy, jealousy and all round negative thoughts.

BECOMING - that's the theme of my 2015.

I'm still a work in progress but I'm only getting better.

I didn't do a "the real mvps" post like last year but I have to say a big thank you to Kachy for just being a positive influence, Ismail for never hesitating to help me out, Laiza for always encouraging me to be better, Anthony for being supportive at all times and you guys of course for all the love.

Whats the one thing you achieved this year that you're most proud of / the highest point of your year?
How was your 2015?

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P.S - You can still enter my Christmas Giveaway here, it will be over in a bit

Outfit || Weekend Casual x Tracy Braimah.

Thursday, 24 December 2015
Today started out a bit slow, I woke up to my parents still at home after 9am and I was a bit confused till it dawned on me that it was a public holiday. I was slowly getting used to having the house to myself every weekday. It continued in the same slow paced manner till somewhere around 3pm.

I had initially planned to do a shoot with my blogger boo but somehow we couldn't find a photographer on time and the whole back and forth was slowly making me lose most of my initial ginger. We eventually found one and agreed on a location but then I had to go see my uncle which put a dent to all the plans.
Don't you just hate when you hussle to put something together and it still all falls apart last minute?
The best decision I've made this year concerning my wardrobe has to be hanging most of my clothes up. This made it easy to put together this look in a heart beat. I was initially going to pair the pants with my iconola crop top but changed my mind and went for this top instead. Added some minimal accessories and this eve by emisara necklace and rushed out of my house.
I think it all tied up nicely don't you think so?
I have an outfit post pending featuring this pants in a sort of similar get up which I'll still post later nonetheless.
I hooked up with my friend Tracy after leaving my uncle's place.
Now, you might already all know Tracy because she has been a constant face around here. ( If you don't, not to worry! I'll leave the links to some posts where she shared some of her slayage with me on this here blog below).
In as much as she frustrates me on a regular and vice versa, its almost always all forgotten when we hook up.
If there's one thing I like about Tracy, its how effortlessly stylish she is.
I don't think I tell her this enough which is bad but hey Tracy! If you're reading this, I love you and I think you're one of the most stylish people I know!

She showed up in this simple combination of leggings, a black tee, sleeveless denim jacket and a face cap and all I could think of was how cool she looked regardless and how I should try a face cap sometime soon. We took turns taking each others pictures and I got the house of tara jemila lipstick which I reviewed here as a birthday gift from her.

All in All I think my day turned out fine.
I'll mostly be on the road tomorrow as I mentioned in this post so here's wishing you all a very merry christmas from Tracy and I
How did your christmas eve go?
What did you get up to and what are your plans for christmas?

P.S - I have a giveaway up here.

Outfit || Vintage Shirt x Skater Skirt.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015
I started typing this post earlier today but when I decided to return to it after a long fun day with Mary, I realized that I forgot to save the post somehow.
Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how I felt but regardless we move still, so I'm laying in bed now thinking of future plans while trying to put up something real quick

This outfit post is one that's long overdue as I wore it for the first time to accompany Tuke to a samsung event way before we had the TBC Connect event but I only just found an avenue to shoot it recently.
I've worn it multiple times after that but with variations majorly to my choice of footwear -  With flats to the samsung event although it wasn't the most appropriate outfit for that event as I would find out later, with heels as in the picture above to the LFDW press event and then later on with sandals to run errands/see a movie.
I just love me a good versatile outfit! And I find that this combination also works pretty fine with the shirt tucked out fully for a more laid back look.

My wardrobe consists of about twenty percent vintage print shirts because I fell in love with them and haven't looked back since. I think they are a must have and that's why I'm giving away one each along sides other goodies to three people in my christmas giveaway here. Go check it was out!

I picked up this skirt during our last nigerian fashion bloggers yard sale and I'm only just utilizing it. I have a couple of looks planned around this as well because its capsule wardrobe perfect!
Having a serious Marilyn Monroe moment here.
Is it beginning to look like christmas over at your end ? Because I'm not so sure I'm getting the christmas feels just yet over here. There's a lot of knockout (banger) going off presently in the next street as I write this but still not feeling so christmasey yet.
Oh how I long for the christmas of my childhood! Of playing pranks by throwing knockouts into the next compound and trying to hide from the gateman. Of actually buying christmas clothes, making christmas hair and of course christmas money from visitors which just meant returning a little bit richer from the village.
I'll be spending my christmas on the road, and the rest of december/new year in my home town. Although I feel a bit sad about leaving Lagos now that it seems to be fun, I'm looking forward to having a bit of relief from adulting for a little while.

Can you tell that I struggled more than a bit on finding a title for this post? I decided to just go the easy route as nothing was coming to mind. What other appropriate titles will you suggest for this post?
Oh and least I forget, let me know your thoughts on this look and how you'll style anything differently!

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