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Lagos Fashion & Design Week - Street Style Guide ( What To Wear)

Monday, 26 October 2015
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Every once a year, the fashion scene in Lagos literally comes alive as fashion insiders, creatives, bloggers and enthusiasts troop out in all their glory determined to bring on their A game and serve face. If you guessed the Lagos fashion and design week, you're absolutely right!
The Lagos fashion and design week is around the corner again, it starts on the 28th which is just two days away to be precise and I know one struggle most people face is that of picking out what to wear.

I remember my first time ever attending fashion week in 2013, I was stomped for ideas on what to wear and I made the mistake of thinking to get styled by a designer because I also wanted to look all put together like awon Lagos fashion big babes.
Thankfully, I had a last minute surge of inspiration and decided to stick with my own original style instead.
I still wore the outfit I got from Chechi Arinze who is one of the LFDW Fashion Focus finalists this year but that was after experimenting with my own clothes.

( Check out my LFDW 2013 looks here, here and here )

I honestly get majorly excited for fashion week because of all the street style I expect to find, it gives me soo muchhh life being surrounded by stylish people! I can't explain the feeling!

So I've put together a few quick tips to help you get fashion week ready and look like a streetstyle star!
Fake it till you make it huh? I'm here for you.

Let's dig in!

1. Add a little Quirk Factor :
Click for the full posts : 1, 2, 3.
Fashion week is all about a dash of the unexpected. Playing it safe will only get you so far so have fun with your look and make a statement!
You can do this by wearing bold quirky accessories or even a piece of clothing in an unexpected way.

2. Bring on your Hat-Game :
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Click for the full post
I think  last year, there was a secret competition on whose hat had the widest brim or maybe i just missed the memo. Hats aren't just for bad hair days, they make a good addition to any outfit, adds an extra oomph and gives you an automatic cool kid status
Oh and yes! Head wraps too, of course!

3. Play With Prints :
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Mixed prints, Fun retro prints, Bold colours and graphics are all guaranteed attention grabbers so bring it on!

- Finally, don't forget to be yourself and be comfortable in what you're wearing. 
“If quirky and colourful isn’t in your
personality, It might end up looking a bit forced and you don't want that.
Also remember that it's not just about what you wear but also how you carry yourself in it! It's not just an outfit, but an attitude. 

I hope this was helpful to someone?
Who is going to be at #LFDW?

Seemed like just the other day I was writing about last year's fashion week in this post
I honestly didn't think I would be able to attend this year's edition because I envisioned being employed now and slaving away in a hospital somewhere but as life has thrown lemons at me, I might as well have some fun yes?

For tips on how to network at fashion week? Read this post!

Inspiration || Bandana/Neck Scarf Trend.

Friday, 23 October 2015
Has anyone else noticed the recent comeback of the bandana? But this time around, its been worn more as a neck accessory than a scarf. 

I was a 90's Kid through and through and I remember wrapping mine around my head and wrist back then but I never thought to use it as a makeshift necklace so it was like an eureka moment when I saw Denike (picture above) rock hers that way.

After my initial phase of wondering why I never thought of rocking it that way especially for someone like me who has a sizeable collection of small vintage scarves that can easily do the trick (Oh yes! Its not just a bandana thing, any scarf can get the job done as long as its not a very bulky scarf), I decided to do some googling for more inspiration. 
I've also been spotting this bandana/ neck scarf trend pop up here and there on my bloglovin feed and although its not exactly mainstream yet, I dare say that its fast becoming a thing and I already have plans to jump on this bandwagon.
I think its a really cool way to jazz up your look and of course make that old bandana/scarf of yours useful again.

What do you guys think of this trend?
Will you be trying it soon?

Some other ways to incorporate bandana to your outfit?
- Wrapped around your wrist or your bag.

Picture credits.


P.S - For more style inspiration posts, click here

Outfit || Double Denim With A Twist.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015
Double Denim. .
The trend that took on 2013 and is yet to lose relevance even in 2015, considering the short lifespan of 'trends'.

I myself jumped on the bandwagon way back then with this first look after gathering inspiration from my then style crush/muse - Shala Monroque.
I experimented with the trend some more, adding a slight twist last year and this year with this look and this look.

All three times though, as with most other people and which seems to be the most common way to do the double denim trend, I wore a denim shirt on denim pants/skirt.
                               But Hey!
Another way to ease into the double denim trend asides the regular denim shirt on pants or skirt way? Why not try on a denim dress instead?
Remember my post on updating your work style? Nah forget what I said.
A quick way to update 'ANY' style and nail the effortless cool kid look? Drape a denim jacket over your shoulders and you're set to go!
I've been wanting one forever but not actively doing anything about it so the other other day while heading to my catwalk class venue, I passed through the market and decided to see if I can find one. I didn't find one in the color I wanted - light blue but I left with this and this dress also at a super cheap price! Yes to bargains!
I wore this to the woman in bloom exhibition that I talked about in this weekend bits post and slipped on my pink toms from this post instead of sneakers because it wasn't really working and even though I'm a sneaker head, sometimes I do get tired of seeing people wear it anyhow these days because most don't know how to pull it off and still wear it even when it clearly doesn't go with the outfit.
I sound like a party pooper right? Lol, forgive me.
(This post on ways to style your sneakers might help though)

So what do you think of this look?
Have you done any double denim looks ( rhetorical question, I'm sure you have. Ha-ha!) , leave me your links please and comments too!


Pictures by @TundeMason - He took the pictures in this post and this too

Catwalk Classes Recap x Lessons I Learnt From Hosting It.

Sunday, 18 October 2015
By now, I'm guessing its no news that I recently put together a catwalk class.
I blogged about it and the inspiration behind it all here and if you're signed to my mail list, you probably got a bit more of the low down.(Sign up here)

It didn't all seem real till I put out that first post on social media and I knew I just had to see it through.
Thinking about it and planning it though, it honestly didn't seem like it would be so hard to pull off but I knew I was going to have to step up my organizational and creative skills if I had to make it work.

I picked out the dates, created a passable flyer design with canva (that I didn't end up using) and scoured the lagos streets for a suitable venue.
This bit drained me out because I couldn't find anywhere I liked that could accommodate my budget but I eventually settled on a venue hoping that when people started signing up, I'd be able to foot the bills.
It didn't all work out as I imagined but fast forward a month after and I'm glad to say that I pulled through regardless. It was also a learning experience for me as I learnt a few life lessons along the way and I'll be sharing them in this post

1. Always Believe In Yourself.
We humans place one of the biggest constraints on ourselves with our mindset. I knew I could do this because I've done my own share of runway shows but there was still some fear of 'what if I'm not a good teacher and they don't learn'? But I eventually had to shake off the self doubts and remind myself with affirmations.

Its like the quote I shared on my instagram recently that says : You can do more than you think, You are more than you think"

2. Start Where You Are, Do It Afraid.
I was waiting for everything to be a 100 percent before putting the word out plus also the fear of how it would be received held me back from putting it out, but my friend Laiza adviced me to just start proper, put it out while still trying to perfect the other things.
If I didn't do that, I doubt I would have ever done the workshop because the search for venue was too real and the only thing that made me keep going was the fact that I had already put it out there.
Sometimes it’s better to jump in with both feet and shore up the details as you go. Although this depends on the nature of what you're planning to do.

3. Its okay to ask for help.
I'm the sort of person who just hates to be a bother to anyone and I feel funny about requesting for support so I try to do the best I can do and avoid asking people to help/for favors.
I delayed asking for reposts because of this but when I eventually did, I got so much positive replies. Of course, there were some people who still didn't give me face but at least the positive replies outnumbered the negatives.
I also eventually got help with my graphic design, thanks to Bella Alubo (someone I haven't even met in person!!) who introduced me to her graphic design friend @onaziogaba
And some of my friends came through for me on the first day and I was able to secure a cheaper venue because I asked my friend to help me with bargaining.
I honestly wouldn't have been able to pull it all off without all the help I received from everyone when I eventually decided to ask for it.

4 . Things don't always work out as planned.

And how you choose to respond when
things just don’t go as planned is
important. You can choose to remain stuck there and wallow or move on and try to find a solution.

I thought it would all go well but it didn't at all! I almost cancelled it at some point but my boyfriend just wouldn't let me do that.
I had to be calm through it and try to move on quickly to the next decision/damage control.

5. Always have a Strategy/ Plan to how you'll achieve your goals. 
Its not enough to just put it out and rely on the universe to do the work. Even though I had a sort of plan, I agree that it wasn't a properly detailed one and I kept on thinking that I just needed ten people so I didn't need to do any deep advertising for that. Wrong! I'm sure I didn't reach my full target audience because of that assumption .
If I had to do it all over again, I'll make a proper plan for both promoting it, branding it and all.

6. Celebrate the small victories.
Even though I didn't exactly reach my goals : ended up with less than the number of students I wanted and little profit, I still gave myself a pat in the back after the last day.
It was an awesome experience and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching 'my girls' and watching their progress.

Do I plan to have another edition? Maybe, I just might!
Follow the journey on Instagram @cassiedavescatwalkclasses

Are you putting together any project, event, business? Hopefully one or two of these lessons I learned can help you out.
If you've done something similar also, please share some of the lessons you learned as well.

Have a good week guys!

Currently Loving - Nude Lips With Miss Rose Lipstick.

Thursday, 15 October 2015
Sneaking in a quick beauty post because I just love sharing my good finds with you all and because I'm currently in love! With nude lipsticks that is. Thanks to this miss rose tube that I found in my mum's make up bag and promptly stole acquired to try out.

My love affair with coloured lipsticks is no news, especially bright reds, purples and bold lip colours,  though I am yet to embrace pink still.
I'm an all or none type of girl when it comes to wearing lipstick so that on days I don't feel up to using lipstick, I don't bother and just go plain but I have recently taken to applying this nude lipstick instead and I'm loving it!
Wondering if that's me up there? Yes, your mind isn't failing you, it isn't.
Well, I decided to slap some of the lipstick on my little sister and turn my lens on her instead because every attempt to get her to take a decent picture of me wearing the lipstick failed. Don't you just hate when other people can't get a decent non blurry shot of you? Uggh!

I did some googling and realized that miss rose cosmetic products aren't really so popular, though I think its a brand I've come across before because the name sounds oddly familiar.

Anyways, this one is their nude in color R59 and though its not matte, its also pretty long lasting and the application is real easy and goes on smoothly.
My mum can't remember how much she got it for but she thinks its either 300 or 400Naira (Cheap yeah!) and she picked it up at a random supermarket but I'm sure you can also find this in the market.

Before I call it a day, I've got questions though!

-What do you think of this shade?
-Have you ever used any miss rose product?
-What are your favorite nudes and which other brands (nude lipstick) do you swear by and recommend I try?
Feed my obsession in the comment box!
-Oh and while we're at it - What's your go to lip colour and which are you still skeptical about trying out?
If you've also done any nude lipstick review, leave me your link okay?

P.S : Other goodness from my hair and beauty segment :

Outfit || Work Chic x Jeffery Coen.

Monday, 12 October 2015
I'm not so big on 'new year resolutions' per se and I mentioned why in this post but I did have a list of things I hoped to do this year and more recently, this list has turned to 'lists' of the same thing written over and over again in an effort to try to be organized. Ha ha
Things ranging from the smallest things like learning to draw my brows, buying a new blog theme and the big things like my catwalk classes and putting together an event.

It wasn't till the second half of the month, that I really decided to stop penning down so much and actually start taking some actions. Of course, this also had to do with the fact that I was no longer an over stressed medical student but a new graduate with lots of free time on my hand.
Putting together my catwalk class, even though things didn't quite go as planned gave me this great feeling of accomplishment that I wouldn't be able to write about right now if I didn't stop strategizing so much and just go for it.

Wondering where I'm going to with all of this?
I'm not quite sure myself, but you don't put on a tee shirt that says 'Stop Dreaming, Start Doing' and not feel the need to preach it even if a little bit, you know? So I guess this is a sort of little monday morning/new week inspiration for you all and a reminder to myself as well.
I think T - shirts are everything really, because of their versatility.
Its called street wear but who says it can't make an appearance as work wear too ey? Simply wear it tucked it into high waisted corporate pants or skirts With the right accessories also, you're set to go!
You can also update your work style a bit and nail that 'work chick' look by throwing that blazer or hey a denim jacket! across your shoulder.
What do you think? 
I'm wearing this Tee gifted from the good people over at Jeffery Coen, which is a brand that creates positive, inspiring, quality t-shirts for men and women.
The positive- inspiring bit doesn't need to be explained much as I'm wearing one with a call to action quote.
I also agree with the 'quality' bit as that was one thing that stuck out for me when I put on the tshirt, the plushness of the fabric and I could tell because I had just done a customized tee for my sister a short while back and I could definitely feel the difference in quality.
My Tee came in a really nice packaging and they were also gracious enough to change it for me when I complained that it was a bit too body hugging for me. Nice customer service.

This was the look I planned for church but ended up not wearing it. Blogging about it doesn't make it unwearable anymore, I don't care! #StyleBloggerProblems, who can relate?! Lol

Go check out there website here for more inspiring tees, design and colours
Contact -|I.G - Jeffreycoen|Twitter @JCoenOfficial

A little tip - Because their female tees are designed to be fitted, if you're like me who prefers the oversize fit, then you either go two sizes up or go for the regular fit male tees as I'm wearing an XL female and its still not as loose as I would have loved it to be.

P.S - Don't forget to leave me your comments oh! - Thoughts on the look , Do you work in an environment that permits T- Shirts? and what ways you try to update your work style.
Have a great week guys!

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