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Asides from sharing my style and every other thing I find interesting, I also like to feature people with knowledge I know will be beneficial to both myself and my readers.

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So when I saw some of the really dope pictures of places Karina had been sharing on instagram from her trip to this our Lagos, it immediately hit me that I can get her to share some of these places as a sort of review with us and I was thrilled when she accepted to do it. I mean, I’m forever looking for new places/things to do so I was really hoping she’ll say yes.

Its the weekend in a bit and I hope you plan to live it up!
Here are six places/things to do as experienced by our guest blogger, Karina Karunwi who is a Civil Engineering Student, Photographer and Creative Enthusiast.

 Karina Karunwi

been brought up in Lagos for nine or so of my twenty-something years,
one would think I would’ve explored the lively city. However, this is
not the case, ladies and gentlemen.

This summer, I promised myself I
would not allow traffic, lack of funds or-of course-driver struggles
hold me back. I saved up and came prepared with a list of ‘places to
visit in Lagos’ in my notes on my trusty iPhone and I’m pleased to say that
with the tremendous help of the blessing which is Uber in Lagos, I was
able to get through most of my list and I’m excited to share some of my
experiences in this post.
So here, ladies and gentlemen, are six must visit places in Lagos, Nigeria.

at Bogobiri:

If I had a penny for the number of times people who know
me have said to me ‘Karina, you have to go to Bogobiri-you would love
it!’… This place is so bomb! I’m not sure what won my heart first-the
feels, the menu (dude, give me a plate of yam pottage and dodo and I’m
yours) or the fact that there was art hanging everywhere! I visited
Bogobiri on a calm Saturday evening. 

There was a
group of friends deep in gist on the couches and a couple in the corner
enjoying their love in the incredibly relaxed, cosy environment. There
was a tinge of anticipation in the air as the guest musician of the
evening was to arrive any second and begin to set up for his live music

The food was very reasonably priced, didn’t take forever to come
and was delicious-nothing like legit Naija food! After dinner, we
wandered around taking photos, looking through the colourful merchandise
being sold at the little market and generally admiring.  I woud
recommend calling in before you go, to see which evenings live music
would be on- why not treat yourself?

some rays at Atican Beach:

Now I had never heard of this beach till
some good friends of mine made me aware of it and bless them for

Far from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, this beach was serene, raw beauty. I
had one of those ‘wow, Lagos is so damn beautiful’ days as I took it
all in. I would recommend going at about 4pm so
you can enjoy some of the sun. I mean, what’s the beach without a bit of a
tan and also be able to take in the majestic view of the sunset. 

a show after lunch at Terrakulture:

One word – Vibes!
From the
authenticity of palm wine in calabashes to the thatched ceilings, this
place screams Naija. I was so impressed by how they were able to put a
classy spin on our rich culture and food while still keeping it 100.

accompany the food, there was a shop which sold colourful accesories and
artwork, an art gallery upstairs, a terrace where you can enjoy your
Sunday lunch (as we did) and to top it all off, plays are performed at
terrakulture as well!

That Sunday afternoon after lunch my mum, sisters
and I saw Wole Soyinka’s Mad Men and Specialists (splendid!)

Whether it’s
on your own or with friends/family, Terrakulture is a must visit!

Hour at Sailor’s Lounge:

Apparently, this is a rather popular spot
(from what friends have told me) so not too much introduction is

(Cassie here and I’m just interjecting to say that this is my first time hearing about sailor’s Lounge)
Sailor’s lounge is a restaurant and bar in Lekki, with
seating right on the waterfront. We visited on a weekday afternoon so it
was very quiet and relaxed but of course, it gets lively as it gets
busy in the evenings and on weekends.

Being a cocktail kinda gal,
Sailor’s Lounge’s cocktail menu hit the spot. I do have to say, many of
the options on the menu are on the pricey side i.e. eat before you visit

It’s the sort of place you go just to hang and chill with friends
after a day filled with Lagos’ wahala – unwind at the waterfront.

Wander through Art
Galleries :

There’s  something so calming about moving through spaces
filled with the creative processes of others.

With Nigeria’s popping art
scene, I had to explore a few of these galleries. During this visit I
was able to visit two – Art21 at Eko Hotel and The Red Door Gallery in

open white space showcased contemporary artists not just from Nigeria,
but from all over. An all round beautiful exhibition with such a
positive ambience.

Check out my own experience at art twenty one here 

The Red
Door Gallery in VI also boasts the sculptures, paintings and more of
contemporary Nigerian artists such as Alimi Adewale and Oma Cyril.
Although the environment could have been more welcoming as it wasn’t
great having gallery assistants hovering over us while we tried to enjoy
the artwork in order to make sure we didn’t take any photos, it was a
gallery I’d be willing to visit again.

at Ice Cream Factory:

I’ve left the very best till last – dessert! The
staff here were absolutely lovely-patient and cheerful, giving the place
an all round happy feel as it should have.

I mean, ice cream gets
everyone excited-right? With a menu not only limited to ice cream but
also offering waffles, muffins, grilled melts and drinks there’s
something for everyone. There’s a little terrace outdoors with a few
tables surrounded by simple but welcoming outdoor deco, where a scoop or
two (or three, like I had) can be enjoyed in the (almost) always
perfect weather for ice cream. My personal favourite flavour-the red
velvet ice cream! Call me a bush girl, but it blew my mind that there
were actual (very generous) chunks of red velvet cake in the ice cream.

Thank You Karina for this great post!
I hope this was helpful to someone?
I know it was helpful to me because I went to bogobiri last weekend after reading this write up and have plans to go check out Atican beach too.
I’m young and just trying to create experiences and live a bit you know?
Paintballing is another thing I really want to try out.

Have you been to any of these places?What was your experience like?
Also if you have any extra “must do/visit things or places in Lagos” Please share in the comment section. 😀

Connect with Karina: Website || Instagram

 P.S – I’ll just add a few more places.
– Jazz Hole
– Lekki Conservation Center
– Cafe Neo
– Re.Le Art Gallery.

P.P.S – Karina and I were featured in the stylehq’s #TheNewNigerians Post and although I added it to my “In the press” page, here’s a direct link to the post.



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