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A Waistcoat Love Affair.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015
Oh, hello there!
You were expecting a full outfit post right? No No! The full post for the picture up there will be up later. I just wanted to gush about my love for waistcoats (a.k.a vests) today in this post and share a bit of style inspiration for my ladies that want to get the hang of rocking one.

It isn't news that I have a healthy obsession love for everything menswear and I enjoy borrowing from the boys : waist coats are no exception.
I think a waist coat is another quick way to spice up a basic outfit especially if you pick out a bright colored/printed one.
My love for them started with that little black one I got during my first year in university. Back then, they were all the rave, remember ?
Some came in form of an halter neck, others had a back but one thing they all had in common was that they were fitted and got buttoned below the bust.
My style has definitely evolved since then and I probably won't be caught dead wearing a really fitted waist coat in this present time.

I added a grey one with this lace up thing at the back after that black one, then my brown one with the stripes back in 2010 or so( I still have them but hardly wear them again).
I've added a few more but my favorite as you all can guess will remain this mustard one that I'm forever wearing and will forever wear.

I don't think enough females wear waistcoats (especially in a slightly casual and not fully androgynous way - three piece suit and all : the Janelle monae/Ashley Owens way) because I finished my data yesterday googling "female fashion waistcoat vest street style" and didn't come up with much. Chei
So I decided to share some of my previous 'vested' looks and the few I got off the internet as a sort of style inspiration.
I started from the oldest look (minus this one) so please forgive the poor picture quality in some. I'll put the link to the full post below too so you can read some of the gist behind the outfit and my life back then.
                       Let's dig in!

Which is your favorite look?
Have you rocked a waist coat on your blog? Please leave me a link to that post, I'll love to see how you styled yours!

Zita of
Image via pinterest

So there you go my ladies!
Will you try on a waist coat?
I'm sure we all have different views on waist coats for females, let me know in the comment box yes?
Keep slaying!

Art x Style || The Elsewhere Exhibition.

Friday, 24 July 2015
There's something about white spaces that just pleasing to the eyes.
Mix that with high ceilings and a wall adorned by beautiful artworks and you have me sold.
That was the sight that greeted me when I walked into the art twenty one gallery located at eko hotel, housing the 'Elsewhere' exhibition by some brilliant African and European artists.
The display ranged from painting to photography, collage, found art and sculpture.
My favorite was Joseph Eze's tribal vuitton paintings (The paintings I'm posed beside in the pictures above). I'm not sure why but there is something familiar about the paintings. Maybe its the thread hairstyle that most of the ladies in the paintings are sporting, the fat lady that looks like the stereotype of a market woman (Oh, btw she's wearing LV earrings. Lol) or the young guy with green crown that reminds me of an old friend. Whatever it is, I can totally see one of those frames hanging on my wall.
I've been to this gallery twice. The first time I went with my partner and I really couldn't trust his creative eye to take the sort of pictures (sorry boo) I wanted so I turned my camera (phone though) on him instead, edited them with vscocam and ended up with a really dope set of pictures which gave me the bright idea to go back and do a retake with me in the pictures this time, in a sort of art meets fashion thing.
My friend Oge helped with the pictures, its unfortunate that she isn't really active on social media but she was also the photographer in this post and this post.
This outfit was something I quickly put together that morning and the choice was mostly determined by the fact that I wanted to shoot another long overdue post wearing my denim shirt and white platform sneakers and didn't want to carry a big bag to put the change of clothes so I wore the denim shirt, picked out denim jeans as well and put on the sneakers. Problem solved!
I really like the way it turned out though, I looked super cool.
You can never really go wrong with double denim anyways.
I went to see a movie and was still seriously shivering despite the fact that I was wearing a denim shirt, I was so thankful I grabbed my pink retro blazer before stepping out.
What do you think of this look?

The exhibition is still on till september, in case you'll like to drop by and check it out.

P.S - Thank you all so much for the feedback on my previous post, my network has been messed up of recent so I haven't been able to properly reply the comments but I'm reading them and I appreciate you all!

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Double denim take one

Life || Five Things I'll Tell My Younger Self.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015
Writing this post, I thought of the times people have said I share too much on my blog. At first, I always tried to defend myself but you know what? That's one of the reasons I have this blog tbh, because there's this comfort that's felt in knowing you're not alone in your struggle, and your weaknesses.
This is why in between all the glam and style posts, I still try to keep it real, sharing not just my style but bits and pieces of my life and lessons I've learnt along the way.

Anyways, I digress.

Sometimes, I think about my dark days and I can't help but smile at how much things have changed over the years (myself included).
If I were to tell my younger self five things I have learned along the way, they would be.

1. Happiness is a choice, Choose happy.

My teenage years were filled with so much angsts and negative emotions towards myself and life as a whole.
I was mostly depressed and I still get that way sometimes but now I've done a lot of growing, so whenever the dark cloud comes, I know that I can either let myself drown in it or shake it off and choose to be happy instead because really it isn't just about saying you want to be happy, you have to actually try to be happy. Things will end, people will leave and life will still go on regardless.

2. You are enough.

I promise, you're good enough. Never doubt this!
I know it might not feel that way sometimes but if you tell yourself you aren't something or that you can't ever be something, it will become true. The world will knock you down plenty, you don't need to be doing it to yourself.

3. There is sunshine beyond the clouds.

It does get better, trust me.
I know you wouldn't have thought it possible but a time will come when you'll actually be happy, you'll be so at peace that you'll begin to fear that you're starting to lose memories of all the bad times because what's the use of getting through the dark if you can't let other people know that there's light at the end of the tunnel right?
Just hang in there and take it one day at a time, this too shall pass.

4. Be Patient, the love that is deserving will come.

For real!
See, I actually always imagined that I would end up alone and I already prepared myself for the lonely future I thought I had ahead, right down to being a single mum if it came down to it but all I really needed to do was be patient. Currently blessed with the very best!

5. Participate! Have fun!

I didn't really participate much in secondary school. I never even took year book pictures, I didn't go to prom or my graduation. I was such a recluse. Lol
I'll definitely tell my younger self to try to have more fun cos there won't be another opportunity to go to prom unfortunately

What are some things you'll tell your younger self?
I'll love to read them please.

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Style || Not Just An Outfit, Its An Attitude.

Friday, 17 July 2015
 "Attitude is everything." —Diane von
 I'm sure you're wondering about my title? We're getting there in a teeny weeny bit.
I'll also be announcing the giveaway winner so stay with me maybe?

The other day at the kaymu fashion hangout event while I was chit chatting with my friend and fellow blogger Kachi, a writer for pulse ng approached us asking for a style quote.
I quickly mumbled the first unoriginal line that came to my head - "When in doubt, wear black" without giving it much thought while Kachi after some minutes of what I took as a lesson to think before talking next time said -"Never leave home if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing"

I turned to her, shaking my head in disagreement while she tried to explain what she actually meant. I'm not quite sure if we finalized on that but we moved on to something else quickly anyways.

She probably didn't mean it in this way but her statement took me back to the numerous times I had to leave home not entirely sure of what I looked like in my outfit except for what my reflection in the mirror was telling my eyes because my sisters were all off at school and I had no one to check me out to see if I was really slaying like my 
mirror was telling me or if I had to wear the nude shoes, instead of the black. (Can anyone relate? Lol)

I'll tell you one thing though, on most of those days, I wasn't entirely comfortable with my outfit but I still left home anyways deciding to carry myself with confidence regardless!

I'll give you a quick example : wearing pants to my final year dinner (remember that post? Check it out here) at first I felt slightly uncomfortable because everyone else had on a gorgeous dress but did I let it make me sit back at home? NO! 
In my mind's eye, I was Solange to their Beyonce, I was going to catwalk in there and own it. Can't touch this. Lol

Also during the Ebony life anniversary event, imagine being surrounded by all the glam queens of the nollywood/fashion industry and walking in with your not up to par clothes. Haha!
I just had to strut my stuff and walk with my head high regardless.

So what's the moral of my story? 
I guess all I'm trying to say is that its not just what you wear most times, its also how you carry yourself in what you wear! (Tweet this)

When you walk into a room with confidence, like you are sure of yourself, (even if you're feeling some type of way inside) it will always be in your favour.
This was my outfit to the kaymu fashion hangout event (now you see how that story got us here today? Lol)
Its also another look from my capsule wardrobe picks - remember that post on making the most of your wardrobe?
I haven't forgotten my capsule wardrobe and when I'm done wearing the outfits I put together from my selections, I'll make it into a collage for you all to see.
I'm totally in love with this pants, I only regret not buying it in white and black also the day I found it because I wasn't quite sure I'll like it and didn't want to buy all three and end up wasting my money. *sigh*

Anyways, now for the business of the day! Giveaway winners!
I'll just like to quickly say how much I appreciate every single one of you that read my blog and leave me comments. Likeeee, you guys amaze me every single time! Thank you!

However, I noticed that most people didn't follow the second rule - which is to subscribe on my blog and because of that, I couldn't shortlist them for the entry.

The winner of the Ankara skirt is Chiamaka Linda (She was the only one from the skirt people that actually subscribed so I didn't have to stress for that). If she's unable to pick up for any reason, then the skirt goes to another person that I'll pick on my own.

The winner of the 10k voucher (picked using the random number generator site) is Duchess of prideville. 

Model Diary || TW Magazine.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015
Its 4am now and I've been up since past 2 trying to put together this post. I actually planned to put up an entirely different thing - something more personal and introspective but I lost my self reflective mood somewhere between leaving my house yesterday morning and returning at night (Lagos can do that to you).
So I decided to update my model diary segment and share this shoot I had with TW magazine a while back instead.

I modeled alongside one of my favorite Nigerian models - Uju Nwobodoh, although she did the beauty section, photographer Moussa Moussa and make up artist - Onyinye of Zaron.
I received a call from the stylist, Favour Olugu (I worked with her in this shoot with mania magazine also) the day before the shoot and I didn't really ask for details - except of course, finding out the pay.
Somehow, I had expected it to be the usual studio stand, pose, rinse, repeat type of shoot but I got there to find out that I was going to be posing on a bed.
I was a bit scared to be honest because I didn't want to mess it up but of course I worked on my mind right there and then, to kill this shoot or die trying. Lol
She showed me some examples of what she was going for from some other shoots and it looked pretty sultry.

Side Note - I'm not particularly a sexy person by nature. Its like that tweet I saw the other time that said 'You can throw a bucket of sexy on me and I wouldn't know what to do with it'.

Okay, Okay, maybe I'm exagerrating but you get the picture..

As a model, you are expected to be able to portray any role, so I got on that bed and tried to work it!
It didn't help that the bed was way too short for my length - they probably forgot they had a 6'1 model (again tall girl problems somebody?!) so I couldn't fully stretch out and had to keep my legs folded in or risk loosing my arms and legs out of the frame.
But hey, I think it came out great! I personally have three favorites from the shoot.
- This really sultry all white look where I'm wearing a lace bralet and silk pants from designer - Marvee who I think is really good and just wish she could be more active on social media.

- Its not so much the outfit by designer Nuraniya (which is right up my alley though, those pants are just too comfortable! It reminds me of my harem pants) this time but my pose which I'm really digging.

- This yellow silk slip on dress also by designer Nuraniya (Remember her? I modeled for her debut collection look book shoot here) which is just right for me in every way!

- I'm not too hot about the last picture but I'm going to mention it because im wearing a dress from Grey - I collaborated with them a short while back and you can see that here

There are more pictures though but these are the only ones I could get from the stylist and my favorite ones anyways.

Its 5am now, I should probably get some sleep.
Let me know your thoughts yes?

A Guide To Networking Better At Events.

Friday, 10 July 2015
This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend a while back. We were trying to decide on if to attend a particular event that weekend and talked about how almost meaningless it was going to these events anyways, because we never seemed to achieve much out of it.

I mean, every time I accept an invitation to a store launch or some other fashion event, I do it with the mind that I'm going out there to 'network', mingle, maybe meet people and get somewhere from there but do I end up doing any of that? No, not really! So why bother huh?

I also realized from talking with other people that I definitely wasn't alone in this boat.
I'm a bit of an introvert but there has to be a balance and maybe a cheat score for people like me to get this networking game in the bag right? Right! 
So I decided to call in someone I know who has a lot of experience in this department to school me and share some of her tips for aceing this networking thing. It helps that she is a PR person, so these things are right up her alley.

For me and everyone out there who is a bit socially inept when it comes to networking at events, here's a quick guide from fashion PR girl and fellow amazonian ( team 6ft and above. he he) Cynthia Lawrence Nwaru, on how to get it right

Doing this feature, I immediately thought to myself I should write down everything about going out to events I wish someone had told me three years ago.
As a publicist it is imperative in my line of work to be up to date with my industry and find events that would not only be entertaining but be a good opportunity to network.

I would like to note for this article, according to the dictionary; Networking is associating with individuals of common interest, forming to provide mutual assistance, helpful information or the like of it.

It isn’t a lot about just heading out to an event with only one intent to Network, after my first few events where I mostly stood around (hopefully with a drink) and people watching with my best friend who I made to go to these things with me just so I didn’t feel like I was in the wrong room when I didn’t know anyone. I realized there are certain questions I needed to answer before I walked out the door.

-Who am I and what do I do?

-What type of people am I trying to connect with?

-What do I have to offer?

-Who is going to be at this event?

-What is my end goal?

-What do I wear to this event?

Answering these questions could help with conversation starters. For example knowing the type of people you would like to connect with, helps narrow your room work.
Knowing who you are and what you do is the most important question next to what do I wear?
If you are still trying to figure out what you do and who you are.
My advice is to know the type of people you are trying to connect with, you can do some research on them and if you spot them at an event the trick is to Brave contact! - Walk up to them and congratulate them on a recent achievement, outfit choice or just glad to meet them because you’ve been meaning to- and when it’s your turn to offer an introduction play it cool and be as honest about yourself as possible- They might be the one to put you on track to knowing more about yourself.
What do I wear to this event? - Outfit choices might gravitate people towards or away from you. I always try to keep it simple but interesting enough. Outfits can be great conversation starters, be sure to pay people compliments at events and be very receptive when you are paid one!

What do I have to offer? Personally my job revolves on leverage so I always like to be aware of openings, opportunities I can share with people who I feel are a fit and I find that people in return try to share opportunities they feel would be of interest with me. Making recommendations and endorsements where you can would definitely make networking at events worth your while. Some go to events with the hope of hearing about an opportunity and others are there just so they can have a good time, It is important to know how to stir conversations without seeming intrusive and/or desperate, maintaining eye contact and paying attention to body language makes all the difference.

No matter what the end goal is, appearing confident is always the best look. Stand up straight, and remember you belong in the room so work it, have fun with the conversations and if you find yourself just standing in a corner, remind yourself you could have stayed at home and been a lamp post!!!

That should get you into the mood to mix!

Always exchange contacts and stay in touch, so when you run into them at another event you are already a familiar face! Importantly have a good time doing it all! Xo

Thank You Cynthia for this great post! I hope this was helpful to someone?
Let me know your thoughts on networking at events and any extra tips you have to share in the comment section. :D

Connect with Cynthia : 

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Little Black Dress || Day - Night (Two)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
In case you'll like to pin this post to your Pinterest board. Oh go ahead, you know you want to.
 Oh yes, still on this improvised little black dress of mine, but this time without my friend Tracy.
I realized halfway through reading the comments that some of yall thought the first picture in the previous post was the night look. Although, it actually works quite well as a night look but I had something else in mind.
This look is a more dressy look, suitable for date night, corporate dinners, and wherever you deem fit.

In the first post, I shared tips on spicing up your little black dress for a cool casual look .
Those tips still work for transitioning to an evening look.
All I simply did was switch up my outer garment - opting instead for a structured blazer, throw on heels and change my neckpiece.
I was carrying a black clutch but I honestly forgot to include it in my pictures. Lol
I wore this to a bloggers dinner put together by hello food, a while ago.

What do you think about this look?
How would you style it differently?

So if you have a little black dress, I'm guessing you already know what to wear for date night on Friday/ your office dinner and on Saturday to that store launch your friend invited you over for?

- In case you're looking for something extra glam for your night out, this post on making your basics work for night time might give you some extra ideas

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