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How To Take Your Little Black/White Dress From Day - Night || Cassie Daves x Tracy Braimah.

Saturday, 27 June 2015
Okay, Okay...
Maybe I may have made a slight oops there because I'm not exactly wearing a dress but a skirt and a camisole, that can easily pass for a little black (skater) dress regardless.

You're probably wondering about my post title : its a bit obvious right?
My friend, Tracy (You might remember her from various posts) and I will be sharing how to take your little black/white dress from day to night but not all in this post.
For this post, we'll be focusing majorly on using your dress as a base and transitioning to a day look that can be worn on a weekend to one of the many artsy/fashion events that Lagos offers, or anywhere else you deem fit.

Meanwhile, notice how wearing the dress alone with heels already works as a night look? A LBD/LWD is definitely a wardrobe essential.
So how to take your little black/white dress to a day look?
Its really all about the extras!

- Throw on an outer garment : I'm wearing a kimono over mine ( same kimono worn in this post) while Tracy opted for a denim Jacket instead. Both options works well and sends off a relaxed and comfy vibe.

- Pick out suitable shoes : Of course heels won't be appropriate but if that's what you wear on a regular, then by all means werk it. I'm wearing heeled brogues anyways but when I eventually do wear this out, I'll probably wear it with black flats. I decided to 'sock it up' to spice things up a bit. Tracy is wearing white all stars.

- Accessorize appropriately! : Big chunky neckpieces work better for a glammed up look but since we're talking day and casual, we both opted for simple neckpieces. I'm wearing a simple gold chain while Tracy is wearing a black choker.

How do you spice up your plain black/white dress to a casual day look?
Any other quick tips on what to do?
I'll love to hear your thoughts!

P.S - (I shared some other black dress styling tips in this post and this one too)
Planned to wear this out to some art exhibitions today but plans changed and I'll most likely be staying indoors.
In my next style post, I'll be sharing the par two of this : switching up to an evening/night look, so subscribe below to get notifications.
What are you up to this weekend?

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Weekend Bits || Kene Rapu Store Launch Et Al

Monday, 22 June 2015
Hey Guys!
I know its looking like I quickly abandoned my 'weekend bits' section but I promise its still a thing. Its not so easy going from laid back to jumpy jump every other weekend plus when you don't have a car, movement plans has to be detailed. Lol
Anyways, this weekend was a bit more live, and by live I don't mean that I did anything utterly amazing but that I actually was out of the house for both days of the weekend. *Go Cassie*!
So let's see what I got up to this weekend!

Post Casting selfie
I spent the whole of Saturday at a model casting. Yes, the whole! Got there in the morning and left in the evening.
That's castings for you. They hardly ever start on time and then when they start, they waste your time too although I can't complain much about this one. It was pretty organized and the crowd was huge! I was like number 200 and something. Eekk.
At this point, I'll just like to shout out to my friends Oge and Tracy for dragging me to castings, left to me I'll just sit at home but their drive is admirable yo!
Also learnt a valuable lesson at the casting which is 'there's no harm in trying'. I wore blue shorts to the casting and didn't come with head shots as they requested and when I got to the venue, models kept on telling me that they weren't seeing people that didn't come with their headshots or didn't wear black. Not like I was going to turn back and head home sha but got reminded of that because right now my friend is telling me how there are limited spaces in private hospitals for house officers and if there's any need trying that out and I'm like 'no harm in trying'
Anyways, I digress.
It rained the whole day but we still had to take our compulsory post casting selfie even under the rain. Ha ha
Got home, took a hot bath and spent the rest of the day scribbling notes in my blog journal

Sunday funday like you guys call it!
I went for this 5D movie ride thing at the film house cinema (not the cinema itself though, but in the building). It was pretty cool but I wish it lasted longer. Lol! Costs just 500 Naira in case you want to try it out.
I forgot to take pictures - Okay, actually didn't really forget. I'm honestly not much of a picture person even though people hardly believe me when I say it. My response to them is always 'ask my friend Tracy, she'll tell you the truth about me and Pictures' 

Enroute the Kene Rapu store launch in Lekki, I stopped by at that sweet kiwi place that everyone keeps going on about and let's just say now I know that I'm really indifferent to frozen yogurt (Ended up wasting it - threw it away after like four spoons). It wasn't bad or anything and their staffs were really nice, helpful and all smiles but I felt like I could have gotten KFC icecream instead but I didn't let it pain me too much sha because there's always a first time for everything. I guess if it was ice cream, I'll be saying another story now.
So yeah, lesson Learnt : I don't care much about frozen yoghurt.

Collected the cake just to take this shot -_-
Picture gotten via elohoromonemu (not taken at the event)
Phone selfie with Bayo.
Met him at the event, he had on this really cool blazer. Street style on a 100!
This shot made me realize how much I've been underestimating my camera just because i saw others that are better. Never again! I'll go back to using it for outfit shots when I can't find a photographer and maybe I'll restart my street style section too! (Guys, yes to street style? Let me know what you think)
I probably looked stupid  bending down to get a shot of her shoes but look at this beauty! 
Shoefie with cool blazer dude and his friend.
Free goodies which I probably will never use.
Final stop was the store launch. Kene rapu is a brand that makes slippers, sandals and the like with Ankara though. Price range was from 7k and the store is located at 1a Olajide George street, Lekki.
I think it was a pretty well organized event, the traffic flow was good and there was small chops. He he
Didn't do much waka about but saw few people I know (Hello Ed!) , met some of my Instagram followers (Hello Tonyola and Dasidy!) and a lady that told me she just finished reading my Bella naija feature and figured I was the one when she saw me (Oh yes, I got featured on Bella naija and you can read that here)
I'm just too bad at networking if not I would have asked for her name and struck up a conversation like my mind was telling me too *sigh*
Now that I think of it, lots of missed opportunities at the event yesterday!
I could have gotten street style shots but I didn't.
Could have taken outfit post pictures but I didn't because the camera guys there were doing face like akanmu and I hate stressing people out. Also because I underestimated my camera *sobs*
Could have taken more shots of the event but I didn't.
Anyway, I promise to do better next time!

What did you guys get up to this weekend!?
Hope you all have a fruitful and blessed week.


Reader Spotlight || Busola Ayelowo

Saturday, 20 June 2015
If you follow me on Instagram or facebook, you would have probably seen my post introducing this new segment on my blog 'Reader Spotlight".
If you haven't, this is something I've been meaning to start for a while now.
Reader Spotlight is basically a way to sort of give back, finally stop yapping all about myself day in and out on my blog (seriously, don't you guys get tired of reading about me? Lol) and get to know my readers better.
Let's meet our first reader in this category!

Hi Busola, Please can you tell us a bit about you?
My name is Busola Grace Ayelowo, 22 years old Nigerian but currently living in far away Russia. I'm a medical student in my 5th year currently studying at Crimea federal university Simferopol 

Oh yay! Medical student! Just like myself a short while ago. I always have a soft spot for fellow medical students, I feel like we are kind of connected already. Haha. Please can you share with us some of your interests/passions
I have a great passion for kids, the very reason I decided to enrol into medical school so as to help them as I plan to specialize in pediatrics. I hate to see the little ones get hurt by things they have no control over!  I also love cooking. I'm a sucker for good food so it's only normal I love it

That's really lovely! About the kids and pediatrics thing, I mean. They couldn't pay me enough to specialize in paediatrics. I feel so bad when I see doctors prick premature babies but then who knows, if the pay is right. Lol. I'm with you on the food thing though but cooking isn't one of my hobbies.
What are some challenges you face and what keeps you going?
My greatest challenge right now would have to be gender inequality .... Prayer and family keeps me going 

I would have loved to expantiate on the gender inequality thing and how its a challenge to you in particular but I didn't think of that earlier, though its like they say 'family is everything' and prayers will get you far (Okay, I'm not sure anyone says that but it works) Whats your dream career/how you are working to achieve that..... Or not 
I want to become a pediatric surgeon and I'm more than half way to fulfilling that ! 

Yes you definitely are! Whats your favourite quote/advice that has helped you in life?
Whatever you are, be a good one -Abraham Lincoln

Currently loving ?
I am currently loving the G65 Mercedes Benz 

Lol, I have no idea about cars but that sounds badass! Can you share one random fact about you?
I forced my way to medical contrary to all the advice that I would be better in the fashion or entertainment industry 

Hayyy! Were your parents/siblings amongst those giving that advice?. That will be really surprising, knowing how African parents are. Lol. I love your drive girl!  What are some/any life lesson(s) you've learnt lately that you wish you knew earlier?
I learnt early in life that you can be anything but should never be ungrateful.
I've also learnt that in life you are going to meet different people from different tribes and morals raised in diverse ways! So I should never judge or assume they should know or thinking like me

True that! These days I try to use that as an excuse for people and I've realized that it makes dealing with people a lot easier. 
Is there any tip you'll like to share?  ( could be anything : photography tip, tips to keep organized, food tip/secret recipe etc ) 
If  you're cooking for someone important — whether it's your boss or a date — never try a new recipe and a new ingredient at the same time. 

Haha! That's like fishing for disaster, thanks for the friendly reminder.
Finally, Is there by chance anyway (style/life) that reading my blog has helped you? (Or not. Lol), I'll really love to know. 
Yes actually, this look was inspired by this outfit post from your blog. 
                     Awww! ^_^
Thank you so much Busola for reading my blog and taking time out of your day to chat with me and answer my questions, I truly appreciate you!
Check her out on Instagram : @king_ayelowo_

P.S - If you'll love to be featured on this segment - Reader Spotlight, Please send me an email on

Looking forward to meeting/knowing more about you wonderful people that read my blog!


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Dapper Style Inspiration || Sam And Ashley Owens.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
I'm looking mostly at Ashley owens to be honest but they seem to go everywhere together and finding a picture of her alone seems near impossible. Anyways, who doesn't love a couple that slays together huh?

I've been feeling a bit slow and uninspired but was determined to take my own advice in this post on getting your blogging mojo back and so I did a bit of internet surfing and blog hopping trying to get back in the vibe of things, came across this couple whose dapper style is just a perfect conclusion to my previous post where I talked about 'the dapper lady' and if that word can also be used to describe ladies.
So if you ever had any doubts or I didn't do a good job convincing you, well here's more prove and dapper style inspiration from Ashley Owen who lives that life everyday in a perfectly tailored suit and her keen taste in menswear. 
    Ashley Owens is a stylist, fashion designer and the Editor-in-Chief of She lives in New york with her underground musician and graphic artist husband Sam Owens - they have their own band called The Owens Family.

What do you guys think of their style? Thinking of donning a suit anytime soon? *wink*

Outfit || Twice As Dapper x Akin Faminu.

Saturday, 13 June 2015
Hey guys!
Today I'm collaborating with fashion blogger Akin Faminu to give you guys a double dose of style.
A reader commented on one of my posts that she would love to see me do something with Akin so I took it up and decided to make it happen!
It was a long haul though, what with we both having exams at different times, the struggle to find a photographer, a fitting location and find a theme too.
We finally settled on a 'dapper look' and seeing as I'm already a big fan of male clothing and androgyny, I knew it was something I could pull off
Whenever I hear the word 'dapper', I immediately picture a bespectacled 'man' in a three piece looking all sophisticated, stylish and elitist.
Now you're probably wondering if a girl can also be referred to as 'dapper' right?
Notice how I typed the word 'man' in bold letters? because that's who I also used to think the word 'dapper' can only be associated with but except you've been living under a rock, you'll know that women have and will keep dabbling in men’s fashion.
That's where the whole androgyny concept comes in but this time loose fitting jeans (boyfriend jeans) wouldn't count as dapper.
The dapper look is clean, stylish and smart so we are talking females in tailored pants, structured blazers and male fashion accessories like ties/bowties, hats, suspenders, brogues and oxfords.

What does a dapper lady even look like? Allow me to further school you.
This was what I wore to my graduation, (minus the hat).
Everyone kept telling me how it was only fitting that I wear a dress, as its a 'graduation tradition' for females.
I tried though, I actually went looking for a dress to buy but trust me and my last minute plans to go the day before the graduation day and not find anything. That's when I got the bright idea to wear my black pants with a white shirt and to spice it up a bit by adding this suspenders I got from my friend shaenk because as long as I look corporate and appropriate, I'm sure I'll be fine.

This shoot was also last minute, the photographer we initially planned to shoot with dissapointed but thank God for photographer Blawz for coming through for me on such short notice.

What do you guys think of this look?
Convinced now that the word dapper can also be used to describe females?

Head on over to Akin Faminu's blog here to see more of his style and get a different perspective to this 'dapper style'

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