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Inspiration || Ponchos x Capes And Things.

Thursday, 26 February 2015
I've seriously been dulling. 
You know when you come across a dope style picture and realize you have something similar but just cast it aside because you didn't really see much potential in it? Yeah, that.

I know I might be a bit late on this but ponchos are my new cool thing! I love the boho chic vibes it gives off and even though its been worn for warmth in most of the pictures up there with boots and all, you can still make it work for our weather here.
I remember seeing a friend rock one during the last LFDW and I thought he looked absolutely cool (Yes, a He!)
Mine is a modified form of the original poncho - You know those really big drape like tops with spaces for your hands? You wouldn't have called it a poncho right? Me too but after some research, I found out that they were just alternative forms (modified to be fashionable)
The traditional ones have just one opening for the head and some also have hoodies.

Capes are somewhat similar except they are like drapes with a fastner around the neck ( picture bat man in your mind) while wraps are the ones that look like just a really big scarf draped around the shoulder without any fastner

What do you guys think? I love the fringed ones the most though and the type in the sixth picture!
Would you rock this?

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Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Weekend Casual x Iconola

Sunday, 22 February 2015
*Warning - Picture Overload!*

Oh Hey y'all! 
Look who is sporting a bold lip color yet again. That's number two thing off my new year to do list  even though its not exactly new to me ( I blogged about how to get bold lips using your eye shadow here, in case you're wondering about that) 
I guess I can finally call myself a proper fashion blogger, shot this outfit post just for the blog sake ( I will still rock it out soon sha whether or not its already on the blog. Meh)
Let's dig in for more details!
This print crop top I received from a new nigerian womens wear brand iconola was my uniform for the better part of last week especially for someone who wasn't exactly awed by it or anything at first.
Never judge a book by its cover right? Right!
I've worn it with everything from denim pants for a casual look to my black pencil skirt for a fun corporate school look.
My initial idea was to shoot it with blue denim pants and call it a day. Actually did that but wasn't exactly feeling the pictures and was wondering what to do with the top before I got the bright idea that this shorts could actually work and that's an extra opportunity to flaunt my legs. Vain much? He he
Hooked up with super dope girl and my new bae (I might be famzing her but who cares) Tarila to shoot these pictures.
She has a beauty blog and you can check it out here

If i'm to wear this out, it will most likely be on a weekend to probably faff around town with friends or go window shopping ( I heard there's a new cool luxury retail place on the island called 'Alara', anyone checked it out yet?)

What do you guys think?
Did I do this top justice?
How else will you rock this crop top?

Pictures by @tarilauti
Crop top from @iconolabrand

Cassandra Ikegbune

P.S - Let's connect! I'm not sure how good this works for marketing but I sometimes share ugly pictures of myself on my instagram!

Model Diary || T16 - Timeless Collection.

Thursday, 19 February 2015
This is a lookbook shoot i did late last year for a designer Tobi Akintoye - The brand is called T16 (@T16worldoffashion)
I was hesitant to put up these pictures here as I wasn't really feeling them but you know how you look at something long enough and start to actually see some positives? Yeah that! Plus the fact that this kind of brought about my last post and I'm feeling super positive about myself right now because of it.
So I won't talk about the fact that I was grumpy halfway into the shoot because I was assured that we'll be done in time for me to catch my afternoon lecture but that didn't happen or the fact that half the clothes didn't seem to fit me ( I didnt do prior fittings ) and then I was subtly offered a diet coke later like *hint hint*. Lool!

I worked with a great team though, the designer was really nice and everyone in the studio was all friendly and warm. No airs, No attitudes.
And the photographer was kind enough to help me shoot this outfit post after the shoot.
I'll also not talk about the fact that yall Nigerians have decided to dash me a new name. All the blogs/sites that posted this look book seemed to be reffering to one of the models as Cassie 'DAVIES'. Abeg my people, do you know any Cassie Davies around these zones? *sigh*
Its DAVES guys, really not that hard.

I quite like the collection but my favorite outfits were all the ones in yellow, especially that skirt and shirt combination. Winning!
Which look is your favorite?

The Team!
Photography : Emmanuel Oyeleke
Stylist : Thestyleinfidel
Makeup : Christine Creations
Hair : WilliamsZino Hair
Co- Model : Violet Olisa

Cassandra Ikegbune

On Self Doubt And Not Feeling Good Enough || How I'm Fighting the Funk.

Saturday, 14 February 2015
Last year found me been feeling the most self aware I've ever felt and super confident that there was nothing new anyone could tell me about myself because i already knew it all - both my strengths and flaws but some recent events proved me wrong.
It was like a wake up call that there is still much work to be done on myself.
You see, there's this thing I do where I constantly doubt my abilities and end up feeling like a fraud because I don't believe anyone ever suspects how unsure of myself and my work I can get sometimes.

Can I actually do this? Is my blog really good or am I just boring people? Should I just quit already?

I would do a shoot and spend the remaining days praying that the pictures don't come out bad because I've somehow convinced myself that I'm not a slick enough model.

You know what all this was doing for me? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
Instead it was sapping me of my energy and slowly threatening to rob me of my creativity and will power too.
The most terrible obstacles are indeed the ones we place on ourselves!
So I decided to do better and here are a few tips/ ways I've been fighting it off.

1. Realize where in your life you are your own poison :
Basically, be sincere with yourself!
Also one of the lessons I'm constantly re-learning is that you can't ignore what you feel for too long. Its way easier to recognize that you feel this emotion, whether self doubt, love, hate, jealousy, hurt.. First accept that you have it, make peace with the chaos inside your chest and then work towards changing it

2. Positive Affirmations :
        Like Sonaya Ramon said, You don't have to pay attention to those voices that create pain or make you feel less smart, competent or able.
        I like to repeat positive words to myself every time I start to feel some type of way. 

   3. Focus on the positives :
        Instead of focusing on that one shoot that went wrong, I'm focusing on the ones that went so right, I had to be called back a second time.
        Because its way easier to keep focusing on the negatives and letting that blurr your vision. Only work with the negatives to create a better picture like my boothang Drake said.

   4. Stop Comparing : 
       Guys, I ain't gonna lie because we all know this is a free space.
       Some of my self doubt problems especially the ones that has to do with being a good blogger stems from reading other blogs and comparing. Whenever I catch myself starting to do that, I immediately admonish myself and correct my attitude.
        No, Cassandra! We are not going down that path today, No uh!!
        You don't have to do what everyone is doing, just do your own thing, do it well and consistently.

   5. Give yourself a break!
         I will breathe like its the only occupation I have   and stop being so hard on myself!

        Do you sometimes have fierce spells of self doubt? And how do you get through it? Please share! 

        P.S - I share more awesome quotes like these ones on my Instagram : @cassiedaves

       Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit x Black Dress Styling Tips II

Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Hey yall
How did your day go?
I still feel a little bummed out that the post I originally planned for today couldn't go as planned because I couldn't find a photographer but then that's the thing about life though, when you get to a road block, you gotta find a way around it and keep moving forward.

So this post is basically showing you another quick way to style your little black dress like I promised here.
Isn't it pretty cool how with a little switch in accessories here and there, you can totally change the theme of an outfit without changing any part of the actual outfit? I think it is!
In my previous post on adding funk to your simple black dress , I styled this black dress with fun accessories for a sporty and laid back look.
If you're like me who prefers comfort in all things , then you'll probably want to take a look at that post. I also gave a few extra tips in there which you might want to check out!

This look however is more office/work ready compared to the other so if you're not so sure you can pull off sneakers with a dress like some of my lovely readers said in the comments they left me, I'm pretty sure this will work just fine for you plus the added benefits of elongated legs because of the heels. Win Win!

Which look will you rock? And what other ways will you switch up the accessories to create another look?
Let me know your thoughts guys

In other news, I just joined pinterest proper recently and I'm so confused on how the whole thing works. I'll appreciate tips please and also if you can show my pinterest account some love by following me too here. ^_^

Pictures by @themaseface

Cassandra Ikegbune
Let's keep in touch!

Style Feature || Mariam Abass.

Saturday, 7 February 2015
Hey y'all!
How is your weekend coming along?
So its been quite a while that I updated my style feature segment and I've been meaning to get it up and running again.
Today's style feature is this dope young lady that I stumbled on one fine afternoon on Instagram and I haven't looked back ever since.
I'll be honest, she was one of the people that inspired my fez hat post and also one of the first people I saw rocking the agabada trend that is gradually getting over flogged now. Ekkkkk! 
I totally agree with her on oversized clothing seriously being underrated in womens wear. You all know how much I love my loose fitted outfits :D

What do you guys think?

P.S - Let's stay connected! Instagram : @cassiedaves

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || School Girl x Black Dress Styling Tips

Thursday, 5 February 2015
Hey Guys!
Long time, no outfit post right?
Nah, not really! In case you missed the last one, check it out here.

So today's look might be "a bit" different from what you guys are used to from me but isn't variety the fun of it all? I said "a bit" because of course, there still has to be that little Cassie Daves touch regardless!
Everyone keeps saying a black dress is an absolute Yes in every girl's wardrobe, I actually agree to that so I went out and got myself one back in 2012 and guess what guys? I haven't worn it ever since!
Everytime I tried to think up ways to style it, I always ended up bored with my ideas. 
- Accessories like a boss with a Chunky neckpiece and all the likes. 
- Wear a dope blazer over it and let your shoe game be tight
- Wear a bright coloured knee length coat over it but the way Nigeria is set up though and the fact that I have no such coat.Meh

P.S : You guys realize i just shared some tips for styling a simple black dress right? 
But hey! Why not do the shirt inside a dress thing and rock it with sneakers instead?!
Wore this to church on sunday.

In case you're wondering about the post title - School girl because my photographer (@themaseface) said i looked like a Law school student and we took the pictures right in front of my primary/secondary school.
So here's a TIP to own your black dress and give it a unique twist : Wear Sneakers with it, preferrably a bright colour.

I'll be sharing another way I owned this black dress in a subsequent post so stay woke!

How will you rock your black dress?
Please share so we can all discover new style tips! ^_^

Cassandra Ikegbune

Pictures by the awesome @themaseface! Thanks for helping me out and taking off one #BloggerProblems from my list.

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