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Soul Orange Vintage.

Sunday, 25 January 2015
Don't you just love that tagline!
Vintage pieces are definitely "something soul'd", that i totally agree with.

You guys must be real tired of hearing me go on and on about my love for vintage (sorry, not sorry ) but you know what? I understand , because that's the same way I'm getting tired of the numerous vintage brands that keep popping up these days constantly bombarding me with vintage print shirts.
Not that i have anything against print shirts, but sometimes I just crave variety, you know?
That's mostly what I like about the Soul Orange Brand - the fact that they have a variety of vintage items to pick from.
Soul Orange is a vintage brand that started in January 2014 and was borne out of an intense love of true vintage and other art forms.
They retail vintage pieces ranging from vintage dresses, blouses, blazers and print waist coats
They recently released a look book titled "Orange Soul" and here are some of my favourite picks from the collection.
I am absolutely in love with that green dress! I think i ordered it immediately i saw the picture floating around my insta feed but someone else beat me to it. Ughh!!
Then theres that blue dress which I'm not quite sure if its a co-ord or a dress but either ways, loving it!
I'll reserve my comment on that black pleated skirt so I don't start sounding like a broken record because I'm sure you guys know how i feel about pleated skirts..
What do you guys think? Which is your favourite?
You can also view the rest of the collection here. and come back to let me know which is your favourite! Who knows, I might just get it for you *side eye*

Find more info on their instagram/facebook : @soulorangevintage or holla them : 08142833460, 09094802276.

Cassandra Ikegbune

*This is a sponsored post but as alw all words and opinions are mine.

Blog'iversary || Two Years Of Blogging

Saturday, 24 January 2015
Better late than never right?

This little ol' blog of mine clocked two on the 21st. Whoop!
It still seems like just the other day I was celebrating one year of writing on this blog.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, It really is amazing how time flies!!
Its been two years of highs and lows, although definitely more highs than lows.
You know , half the time I feel like just upping and letting weeds grow all over this little space of mine while the other half, I'm pumped up with so much energy and positivity about it.
It has really become a part of me and I'm getting pretty used to these blog thoughts of mine that somehow never seem to leave my head : like finding a photographer to help me out and wondering what new things to try.
Even though sometimes I wake up wondering what the future holds for this space and how the hell I'll cope when I have to start my house job and Life as a doctor ( Speaking with faith here, soon guys! ) begins to take it toll on me.
I guess i just have to watch and see right?

So here's to you all who constantly indulge me, may the odds forever be in your favour
And to you and of course you, who have left me a sweet email, message, or those four words "I love your blog" that will always make my heart smile, may your path always be lined with flowers.

Thank You So Much Guys!

Lets keep in touch on instagram : @cassiedaves

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Retro Inspired x Giveaway Winners.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015
Prints are everything, really!
I recently ticked one thing off my "three things to try this year list. Yes! I finally decluttered! And I realized that I have a lot more Vintage print shirts than I thought I did. Someone say retro addict? I so plead guilty!
For someone who swears the colour black is the answer to everything, this might be a bit contradictory right? When it comes to shopping  retro pieces, I tend to go more for bright prints that catch the eye. Monochrome prints also have my heart too.

I know most of you just skip all my crappy words and focus on the pictures but I'll be announcing the winners to the giveaway at the end of this post so stay with me please?
Thank you! :D
This was my look to the fashiondayout .
I'll share a little secret with you guys because what happens here stays here right? I know I can trust you guys.
Whilst everyone was complaining about how hard it was to pick out what to wear to fit the dress code "eccentric retro" , picking this was easy peasy because I had previously worn this out but with different accessories. hehe
I switched up sandals for this white sneakers instead to make the look a bit different from expected and used different accessories..
I got my inspiration from the 90's (think colourful prints and chunky shoes) and the mini skirts of the swinging 60's

TIP : You can mix vintage trends from different era's for a truly unique look.

Not too sure about this "era stuff I'm going on about? Not to worry, Cassie Daves has got you covered as I'll be giving you the low down on all that in a subsequent post.

What do you think about this look? What will you do differently?

P.S - I will be hooking up with a totally awesome blogger soon to bring you some extra good good to help you werk retro pieces and thrifting! Stay tuned.

P.P.S - Have you nominated me for the Nigerian blog awards yet?
Please Please do! For the following categories
      - Best Personal/Lifestyle blog
      - Best Fashion/Personal style blog
Thank you!

GIVEAWAY WINNERS : Kene Kingsley for the ticket to the fashion innovation series and Bunmi Ojuri for the Vintage shirt.
I have an extra ticket to the event to giveaway as I wouldn't be able to attend because of school and exams unfortunately so if you want it, please leave me a comment below (first come, first serve though)
Thank you so much guys for participating.
I'll get in touch with the winners.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Pictures by @Mako_od

Fashion Day Out

Saturday, 17 January 2015
Olakunmi Oni
Mide Coker
So we didn't exactly make so much noise about this but recently a couple of bloggers myself included put together a fashion day out picnic for creatives to basically network, talk about challenges we face, learn a couple of new things from each other and of course have fun while at it.
It was held at a really nice park ( Kernel Park) off bode thomas in Surulere.
The dress code was "Eccentric Retro" so I was really looking forward to seeing the different ways people will play around with vintage pieces and give it a little edge.
Everyone coming also had to bring something for the table and I had a good time watching people walk in and trying to guess what they had with them. I was pleasantly surprised though! There were lots of cakes and so much other stuffs to nibble on and we had left overs to go home with

The best part for me was one of the activities where they had to form groups, pick up some materials and create an outfit from it. So in case you were wondering what was going on in those pictures up there, No! it wasn't a "who crase pass" competition, that was each group bringing on their inner fashion designer.

I loved how free and relaxed everyone was and I finally got to meet Kunmi  of (The all black badass looking girl. lol )
Definitely looking forward to the next one!

Pictures with  a name on it by @themaseface

Meanwhile, Guys! 
I have finally decided to stop living in doubt...
Doubt that you guys love me enough to help me win a blog award this year. You love me right?
I'll really appreciate it if you can nominate my blog in the Nigerian blog awards for these two categories :
        -Best personal/lifestyle blog
        -Best Fashion/Personal style blog
I promise its a really easy process and won't stress you at all. Just click on this link
Thank You!!

P.S - The giveaway is still on and you can enter it here
P.P.S - I love you guys!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Are All Men Really The Same?

Thursday, 15 January 2015
I've been meaning to write about this since last year when a friend used that line in a conversation we were having but somehow I just kept on pushing it away but today is my personal 1st Timothy 3 man's birthday and I can't help but be thankful for this awesome man and all the wisdom, growth and amazing lessons I've learnt from him.

One of which is : No! All men are not the same! We girls just need to do better really because we can't keep doing the same things and expecting change.

What exactly are the things you look out for in a man?
If you had asked me two years ago, I probably would have given the same nondescript reply of "anyone that can make me happy" but I found out first hand that even that isn't enough.
Warsan Shire couldn't have put it better up there really. We have to re-evaluate the quality of guys we are holding it down with Tbh.

In case you're wondering what I meant by " 1st Timothy 3 Man", that's the reply I'll give you now if you should ask me that same question.
One of my favourite Christian bloggers "Inthe" wrote about that and you can read it here

What do you guys think? Are all guys really the same?

Cassandra Ikegbune
P.S - Happy Birthday Mr. A! May your path forever be filled with light.

Giveaway || Fashion Ma Peau

Tuesday, 13 January 2015
Hey Guys!
How are we doing?
Today I have a little something something for my loyal blog readers!
I actually meant to do this giveaway in December but better late than never right? and its even better because now I have two things to giveaway so read on to find out what and the rules to win! :D

First up is this vintage shirt. 
Don't you just love the vibrant colours? I do! and that's what attracted me to it. 
Its new and haven't been worn by me (well, except for shooting it for this post though)

This next one is for all my fashion lovers in the house and people interested in working in the fashion industry.
I'll be giving away a ticket to the fashion innovation series which is a networking event put together by "Fashion ma peau" for people who want to learn more about fashion careers. and how to break into the industry.
This is the maiden edition and there will be discussions relating to fashion retail, fashion editor/blogger/running a fashion website and styling and image consulting.Some of the speakers include:
Isoken Ogiemwonyi, creative director Obsidian and co-ceo l'espace and LPM
Ify Onyido, creative director and stylist, Iola creative
Toyin Jolapamo, personal shopper and blogger, The soho sister .
Adedeji Bidemi, creative director and stylist, styled by be studios.
Funmi Ishola, fashion editor, city people media.
Ifeanyi Nwune, fashion director and stylist.
Styljunki, leading online fashion directory.

Date: 24th January , 2015.
Time: 10am
You can find out more info and register at

Now, The Rules!
Don't worry, nothing major.
Just follow @projectfmp on twitter and follow @cassiedaves on instagram and/ @cassie_daves on twitter.
Leave a  comment below with your name, handles, emails and state which one of the two you want to win. 
Giveaway closes on the 20th and the winners will be announced then.
 Feel free to share this giveaway with your friends!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Something Blue

Saturday, 10 January 2015
You know that thing they say about variety being the spice of life? Truer words havent been said.

I posted a sneak peek of this post on Instagram earlier and I got lots of "ooo, ahh" comments.
Thanks guys! Although, I must confess that this outfit wasn't all my idea. I let my friend Tracy infuse her touch to it.

I always trust her judgement but I try to take only the parts that still go with my person and leave the rest because even though she has an amazing style, she is more "all glam, hair did, nails did" while I'm more of a disaster waiting to happen.
But on the night of the music meets runway event when I was still unsure if my choice of this super dope white shirt with blue prints all buttoned up and tucked into this short blue pleated skirt from this post didn't look too "churchy and ordinary" , I let tracy talk me into buttoning down and adding that statement neckpiece that she waltzed in with minutes earlier and presented to me as a birthday gift instead.
The change was instant and I think I liked it.
Bought the shorts that same night from some woman in my hostel who happened to walk pass at the moment I realized shorts might look a bit better ( She was just yabbing me in yoruba throughout, talmabout how my bum is too flat *sigh* )

A little TIP for when you don't know what to wear out:  Start with a statement piece (Graphic skirt, Dope print shirt, Ripped pants e.t.c) and work around that.
My shirt was the center piece and not even the necklace, I knew even if i decided with the skater skirt option ( Still gonna wear it that way though). It will still look cool as long as that shirt stayed on.

Not everytime dress eccentric, sometimes take the regular, the expected and still make it slay! That's the lesson I learnt from this look.
 What do you guys think?

Pictures By @Chyder5 !!
Makeup by my sweetest girl @oluwatosinlolu

Cassandra Ikegbune

P.S - Forgive the lame title, I got stuck. 

Cassie Daves Guide To: Starting Your Own Blog.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015
Because I keep getting emails from people asking about how to get started with their blogging adventure, I thought to finally put out a post sharing some tips and advice from starting mine and my own little experience thus far.
Lets dig in.
Covering The Basics.
So you've decided that you want to be a blogger? But not so fast yet, first of all you have to cover the basics before delving any further.
What are these basics?
- Defining your niche, Target audience and Purpose : This basically means figuring out what it is you want to write about, who your content is aimed at and what you hope to achieve with blog.
When I first started, I honestly didn't have a set plan for what I was going to use this space for although I knew I was going to definitely write about my life and style but I've learnt that knowing what your focus is and having some direction in the beginning usually helps to guide you along the way.
I finally defined my niche and purpose along the way : This is a fashion and lifestyle blog and I write with a hope to inspire, encourage and motivate people by sharing bits and pieces of my Style and fashion journey, struggles, life lessons and also build community and connect with likeminded people
Picking Out A Name.
Now that you've finally covered the basics and you know what topics your blog will be centred on and all. Picking out a name is the next step. I also got stuck at this stage and at first this blog was "beneathmybeautiful" before i finally changed it to "cassiedaves" but here are a few tips for figuring out a name 
- Make sure it doesn't already exist
- Maybe a name people already identify you with?
- Something that goes with what your blog is about?
- You want something that shouldn't be so hard to recall. ( I thought cassie Daves was pretty easy but people still keep mixing the daves up with davies. Uggh)

Choosing A Blogging Platform.
Source :
If i had to choose all over again, I'll probably go with wordpress. Not just because their commenting system is easy but there are really dope themes there and a lot more you can do but the downside to wordpress is that its a bit techy and if you're like me who doesn't really have time to read How-To books (My uncle actually gave me a book on wordpress to read and it wasn't exactly a small book) and scour the internet for help then maybe blogger might just be for you. 
Although I had the option of moving over to wordpress when i was trying to set up my domain, I decided to stick with my blogger mostly because of the chance of loosing all my blogger stats with the move and also i think blogger is way easier for me to maneuver.
Finally, it all balls down to personal choice but i think you should figure that out to avoid the stress of moving later on and possibly loosing your stats.
Also if you plan to build a brand off your blog, I think getting a custom domain name straight up might be best ( a .com rather than a " or but you can as well start out hosted and convert later

Blogger Starter Pack.
Source :
Really all you need is your head to think up content, a blog planner ( Get yours here)for ideas and computer / phone. But a camera or just a badass photographer who can help you out might come in handy especially if you're planning to start a fashion blog.
I wrote a post on my blogging process and also shared some of my blogging tools and you can read that here

Blog Design.
This is very important as your blog design is the first thing people will see and a cluttered one can put people off. I prefer more minimalistic themes but it all depends on your choice as long as you keep it clean. 
There are lots of wordpress themes but unfortunately with blogger, its a bit limited although there are some nice free blogger themes like the soraya theme and iksandi theme but you can always buy blog themes on etsy.

Start Creating Content.
Focus on creating awesome, engaging and original content. Say No to plagiarism! and if you do post another blogger's stuff, please link back to them.

A Few Extra Advice.
- It may or may not kick off real quick so don't get dissapointed if after the comments aren't rolling in. Focus on yourcontent, 
- Network Network Network!! That is one important way to get your blog out there so visit other blogs, leave meaningful comments, and join in on the fun.
- Consistency is key.
- Don't forget to set up your bloglovin and GFC and get a good header image (the cassandra ikegbune fashion life style you can see up there)

I really hope this is helpful and if you finally start up one please leave me your links . 
You know I gatchyu always!!

If you prefer to be guided through the process of starting your blog, instead of doing it all alone and making mistakes that might cost you time. I can help you with that.
Click Here for more details

                 ||TWITTER || INSTAGRAM

Model Diary || Threaded.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Been a while I updated my model diary segment.
To be honest, I'm not so much about that model life anymore. Not just because of the increasing demands of being a final year medical student (major factor though) but I guess i'm just tired and cant deal anymore with the industry over here.
I'm not sure if I've talked about how modelling isn't so easy peasy and requires a lot of perseverence and inner strength, have I?
I still get occasional jobs, mostly shoots but my catwalk is wasting sha.

Anyways, I did this shoot in september last year for a magazine that I honestly can not for the life of me remember the name ( terrible!) but it was basically just head shots and the whole theme was centered around the yoruba thread hairstyle - I think I heard them call it "Onilegogoro"
Remember this post where I had on that puff puff hairstyle? It was the aftermath of this shoot.
I still haven't seen the final pictures and I got tired of waiting for it before putting up this post so here I am sharing just the behind the scene pictures from the shoot.
When I get the official pictures, I'll share it on my instagram so you should totally go follow me there! (@cassiedaves)

Makeup : @thelmss_xo (She's the girl in the picture)
Hair : @hairbysleame
Creative Director/Stylist : @thestyleinfidel

Meanwhile, I gatts go and learn makeup oh. See how I resemble better pikin in that second picture. African queen or nah?

Cassandra Ikegbune

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