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Flash Back || When Moving Forward Means Leaving The Past Behind

Friday, 28 November 2014
Flash Back...

To a time when everything felt so complicated and life seemed hell bent on breaking me down.

I haven't been doing a lot of reminiscing lately but the other night I let the music take me back,
The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under covers staying safe and warm
You give me feelings that I adore
With every word Colbie Caillat uttered, I let my thoughts wander
and I stayed there cowering and letting the memories wash over me.

What's it with we humans and pain anyways?
Why exactly do we look backwards instead of enjoying the now and focusing on the beautiful things that lie ahead?

I'm not sure but here's to moving on and letting go of the past,
To revelling in the now,
And to the beauty of second chances.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Anisa Mpungwe For MRP.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
I'm sure most of us are familiar with the Mr Price / brand. I've always liked the brand for the affordability of their items but they just won my love major with their new designer collection range by Anisa Mpungwe! This talented designer, who was born in Tanzania, collaborated with MRP to produce a range celebrating Nigeria with striking prints, bold colours and feminine silhouettes.
Not only are the pieces from the collection really nice but they are super affordable too! Haa, I know i might be sounding too excited but for real I am! You know how I am about designers and their extremely overpriced clothes so I'm just really amazed and already have my eyes on a couple of items sef! (Nigerian designers should take a hint)
Their prices start from N1900 and there's no single item that's above N6000!

 Here are some of the things I have my eyes on:
That skirt will be a perfect and welcome addition to my school wardrobe and Oh that jacket! or is it that second double patterned dress! I mentioned in my last post how I'm looking to add a bit more diverse and grown up clothes to my wardrobe so I can just see all these blending in perfectly.
Which do you like the most?

To view the full collection and shop, click here.
Also if you spend over N10 000 between the 24-29 November, delivery is free and they deliver to Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta, Osogbo and Ife. If you don’t like what you bought or it doesn’t fit right you can always return it.

To find out more :
Website || Facebook || Twitter

Model : Opeyemi Awoyemi
If you'll like to watch the behind the scenes of the shoot, click here

Cassandra Ikegbune
*This is a sponsored posts but all opinions and words are mine

Outfit || Casual In Prints

Monday, 24 November 2014
Of course it is no news that I'm a huge fan of vintage fashion and print shirts right? This is my all time favorite vintage shirt. I got it when the whole retro thing was making a re-entry into the fashion scene back in 2012.
I was a bit skeptical about buying it because it was almost two times my size but that ain't never stopped me though and I just could not ignore that vibrant red colour and the print! Oh so delicious!
It became so sacred with me bringing it out for only correct waka. Lmao! Am i the only one who picks out certain outfits and mark them as "only for special occasions" or "never to be worn to that my dead ass medical school" ? *sigh*
These days, I just throw it on with my rugged old blue denim pants when I can't be bothered to think up what to wear or when I'm stuck in a style rut but still need to represent small. The latter was the case on the day these pictures were taken, paired it with pink pants this time instead of the usual blue one and it turned out great!
Pictures were taken by @ted360 and I bullied the glasses off my friend Akin ( who has a totally awesome male fashion blog  and you can check it out here)

Guys, I really need to De-clutter though! My wardrobe consists mainly of Vintage shirts, pleat skirts and a couple of other miscellaneous pieces although I'm slowly beginning to realize how unbalanced that is and trying to incorporate more "grown up" items to the whole mix.
Anyone having similar wardrobe issues? Please give me tips on how you manage to keep your wardrobe balance and of course your feedback and comments will be appreciated!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Style Crush || Russian Fashion Pack

Friday, 21 November 2014
I've been meaning to blog about this group of incredibly stylish and influential Russian women ever since I discovered them early this year. There's nothing fresher than when your whole team is winning and these women stay winning both individually and as a "clique".
The russian fashion pack consists of the dynamic combination of Miraslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Ulyena Sergeenko and Vika Gavinskaya.
These are women who aren't afraid of pushing this fashion thing all the way to the edge and beyond.
Their street style game is a hundred and one! and I love how each of them have their own original style regardless.

Miraslava Duma . 

Elena Perminova

Ulyana Sergeenko

Vika Gazinskaya

Miraslava Duma has been on my style radar even before i discovered the existence of the rest but right now, it is so hard to pick whose style I like the most but I'll go with Ulyana and Vika.
Which one of them is your favourite?

P.S : Thank you all so much for your supportive and kind words on my last post. 

Cassandra Ikegbune

Three Life Lessons This Week

Saturday, 15 November 2014
The whole of this year has been full of so much lessons, especially these past few months. I keep learning and re- learning a lot of things everyday so I decided to share three lessons I learnt this week.

- Don't let anyone tell you that you're not great based on THEIR definition of success. You define what makes you happy & successful - Yagazie Emezi 
I talked about someone pissing me off during the last day of the LFDW in this post. I'll spare you guys the whole story but in a nut shell, the person tried to make me feel bad by comparing me with some of my friends, talking about how they are doing great things and how I need to step up.
I got pissed because firstly, I think its totally negative to be looking at my friends that way and instead of celebrating their growth and success, to make it seem like a sort of competition. No uh! We're all running different races.
Also he kind of belittled my work , making it seem like I'm not great because I wasn't sitting front row at fashion week or walking the show.
Who said that's my own definition of being "great" huh?
I'm awfully proud of where I am at the moment, I may not be as popular and what-not but I'm happy that in my own little way I've been able to inspire people.

-Its not what you are called that matters, its what you answer to. Know who you are - Ijeoma Okeagu
Medical school requires a really strong heart because your consultants and Regs will always insult you and basically call you dumb.
With me, it goes even a step forward and especially of late. I mean tell me I don't know shit but leave my looks out of it okay?
One told me in plain terms how I'll be mediocre because I'm fine, fair and tall and another started going on about how its not by being fine or chic bla bla.
Did someone say stereotype? It really hurt me and made me cry but I'm learning that its not what they say I am but who I know I am and of course who God says I am.
I might not be the most hardworking and efficient medical student but I'm definitely studious.

- Sometimes "friends" come into your life for just a particular reason/season and even though it hurts to know that you're no longer as important or needed around as before, its necessary to learn to let go because life gets incredibly busy for everyone sometimes so I'm learning to just free and not stress. 

What's are some life lessons you learnt this week?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || LFDW DAY Four

Wednesday, 12 November 2014
Hey Guys!
Remember how I kept going on about how I wouldn't be able to attend any more days of fashion week after day one and how I gave out my pass to prevent me from being tempted to go? But Ah guys, when the devil wants to tempt you he uses multiple means and doesn't back down.
My friend came over to pick up something from me and couldn't just comprehend how I was going to miss the finale. She came prepared too ( No Kachy, I'm not indirectly calling you a devil ) because every excuse I gave was countered with a solution.
No pass? I have one extra to give out
No money to get a cab? I'll give you my uber code and you can get a free cab ride
Nothing to wear? Ah come on Cassandra, you know how you always do it na. You will still slay in whatever outfit you wear. 
All this was by like 4:30pm-ish and show starts by 5pm so I had to rush home, have my bath, figure out what to wear and rush back out.
 I kind of already had an idea of what this vintage oversized denim shirt would look like paired with the turn up jeans so when I couldn't immediately make up my mind on what to wear, I decided to settle for that. Paired it with my eze cap and nude heels just to add a little extra oomph to the outfit. 
Let us not even talk about how dead I look in some of these pictures because I will definitely blame it on all the rushing I had to do *side eye*
Ended up not staying for the show because someone decided to allow the devil use him to put me in a bad mood.
Also stepped into a gutter (dry one, thankfully) and injured myself *sigh*
Thank God all that fashion week madness is over though. Methinks it might have been a tad bit overrated but then like that someone also told me "what do I know ehn? I wasn't sitting front row or walking in the show afterall.

Hope the new week has been treating you well?
Me, I still dont know why some of you people will not follow me on facebook and Instagram sha but I will keep praying for the Lord to touch your hearts *straight face*

Cassandra Ikegbune

How To Get Bold Lips Using EyeShadow

Sunday, 9 November 2014
Its no news that I'm a huge fan of red lips but of recent I've also been digging bold lips in unexpected colours. You might have noticed this from the blue lips I was spotting in my last post and also from some of my Instagram pictures.
It has been a good conversation starter as I've had a lot of people walk up to me to compliment the lip colour and ask where they can get it from. It is always so much fun watching their expressions change to a surprised one when I mention that it is actually an Eyeshadow : House of Tara's Hajia Gambo Sawaba palette to be precise.
My "Shadow-Lippies". Haha
I got this House of Tara eyeshadow palette as part of the contents of my goodie bag from the style me Africa website launch event. I honestly didn't have a clue what to do with it because well, y'all know I'm a "makeup illiterate" but who says No to free stuff ehn? So i added it to my make up bag hoping to use it when I finally learn to apply make up.
I didn't have to wait for that long though! These babies came in handy not too long after when I was playing around with it and realized I could actually use it on my lips!
Later learnt that this tip was mentioned at the event but guess who was missing in action then?
Anyways, I decided to share four of my favourite lip colours from my "Shadow-Lippies"  and the combinations that led to it.
{I really should have labelled the individual shadows with numbers as that's what I'll be using to describe them , forgive me but start counting from top to bottom}

1. Purple
This was made using the purple (shadow eight) plus a teeny weeny bit of the pink (shadow five)

2. Light Blue/Teal?
This was made from a combination of shadow six and seven

3. Dark Blue
This was made from shadow one, eight and a bit of nine.

4. Grey
This was made from shadow two, a bit of six and a bit of twelve

That's what the face wipe I used looked like at the end of everything. Lola

What do you guys think, would you try any of these and which is your favourite colour?
Mine is hands down the dark blue.

Cassandra Ikegbune
Pictures by thesheifunmi

Outfit || LFDW Day One

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hey Guys!
I was feeling a bit down because things weren't really working as I would have loved them too and I couldn't put up posts in the way I actually planned to. ( Fellow bloggers is it weird that i fret over my post organizations? I'm not alone in this right? reassure me please. lol )
Unfortunately, I couldn't use my Camera at Fashion week so I had to rely on getting pictures from the photographers who took random shots of me. That hasn't been working out fine as hunting them down and getting them to send me my pictures is a whole load of stress. geez!
Anyways, I was able to get these ones from Lex Ash. I really wish the pictures didn't have so much colours but I'm happy I was able to get these at least. Thanks a lot Chidi!

I decided to keep it simple but significant for this year's fashion week so this navy blue romper and Pink vintage blazer was my pick. Decided to spice it up last minute by wearing socks with my sneakers (my friend Akin helped me decide on the colour (grey) and even dashed me a pair of his. :P)
Forreal though, sneakers are the new cool! Nearly everyone was spotting one, but then its comfortable and fashionable so yeah. win, win!
I couldn't attend all days of fashion week but I made it for the finale and the outfit post from that day will be up soon so keep refreshing the site! :D

In other non-fashion week related news, I finally finished my surgery posting today and had my exams today as well! Thank God thats over *phew*. I was having palpitations the night before just thinking about the clinical/practical aspect of the exam. lol. I'm one of those people who get exhausted with people complaining about exam tension a week before the exam but then come down with it the night before. 

I've been having a fun time reading all the comments on my last post, and will definitely reply every single one of them soon!
Thank you so much guys for always reading my posts and giving me feedback. It honestly keeps me going and I appreciate you all.

Meanwhile, who loves my lip colour?! 
Cassandra Ikegbune

The Foreign Accent Syndrome

Monday, 3 November 2014
Photo Credit : @mylesigwe
These past couple of weeks have seen me out and about more often that before. I'm beginning to grasp the importance of networking especially in the blogging and fashion world so in the spirit of that and moving the ministry forward, I try to put myself out there.
Although I tend to get exhausted with the whole charade after a short while, its been a bit rewarding I must say.
One of the things that particularly exhausts me is the altered accent that is casually thrown around.
I was telling my friend the other day of how I become increasingly aware of my Nigerian accent when I go to these events because everywhere I turn, there's someone speaking in an accent that I can't even decipher.

Sorry, what??

My days!
Its like everyone has an acquired slurr to their speech these days but then you know what? I don't blame them half. Nigerians tend to take you more seriously when your words sounds like they are coming from your nose  which I think is ridiculous and just shows the level of our self confidence.
Its also this thing with blending in and being accepted. When you stop feeling the need to be accepted and get comfortable in your skin, thats really when you "have arrived" tbh

Shout out to the real ones out there like Yagazie Emezi! Met her recently and I was AMAZED by how down to earth she was. The accent too was unflawed igbo nigerian accent. Haha. I was too proud
Ofcourse selfies even though I look like a mess. 

Forreal though, have you also noticed this foreign accent syndrome thing too?
Please share your experience! 

P.S - Acquiring a fake foreign accent is not the solution though, especially for those interested in being reporters, radio/Tv presenters and even beauty queens. There are places they teach public speaking, communication skills, and how to have that polished Nigerian accent that I find so attractive *yum*
Discovered one recently and Its by tv host/producer 'Abdul of STV's Eweekly. To get more info, you can contact : | 08023590969

Cassandra Ikegbune

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