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Outfit || Go Green

Thursday, 30 October 2014
I finally decided to pull myself out of the funk that I was slowly but surely creeping into and put up a post. You know what I've come to realize? It usually takes a conscious decision from you to overcome blue moods so yes! This is me not letting my emotions get the better of me.

This post is way over due by the way. I wore this to the African Film festival on October 1st.
I honestly didn't realize I was wearing all green on Independence day till I stepped out and someonly randomly mentioned it. haha
Gone are the days when repping your country on Independence day by wearing green and white wasn't a crime or wearing red on valentine's day wasn't un-cool  but then who makes these rules ehn? Anyways, I'm a cool keed so these rules and things can't touch me *Yes, I'm feeling myself biko*
This was also the same day I had the Eureka moment that led to my awesome mixed print styling of my twenty six skirt. The head wrap was mostly to cover up my disheveled hair but then I realized what a nice addition it made.

On the side though, I know I said i wasn't going to attend fashion week in my last post but I last minute gave into it and decided to just attend the first day (I've given out my pass to prevent me from even thinking of going for another day *sobs* ) but guysssssss! Ah! This fashion thing gets me really excited and all! I can't explain how I felt just being surrounded by that much stylish people yesterday :'). I didn't take pictures but you can cling on to my sister-blog '' for all the scoop and more.
Thank me later

Meanwhile, shout out to all the cool people I met yesterday : Lex Ash, Dola Posh, Steve Chuks and the ghanian duo
Please leave me your comments and your blog linksss
Thank you!

Cassandra Ikegbune

Pictures by @abrahamoghobase

Fashion Week Ready!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014
October is one month I always look forward to, Its the peak of fashion in Lagos.
If I can't get to go see New York, Milan/Paris Fashion week, I can at least get excited about the one I have access to right here in my city right? Yassss!
The GTB Lagos fashion and design week starts tomorrow. Last year's LFDW was all the buzz and more. I still have very fond memories of it from fussing over what to wear, hooking up with creatives and fellow style enthusiasts, silently cheering on my model friends ("silently" because I can't afford to be a nuisance) , and discovering new amazing designers!
One of my highlights was definitely Uju Nwobodo getting the model of the year award, I love that girl!
I was really looking forward to this year's fashion week not only but because my home boy T.I Nathan will be showcasing but unfortunately med school has gotten in the way this year and I wouldn't be able to make it because of exams and final year wahala
I actually already had my looks planned before the sad realization.
Anyways, I'll have to content myself with reminiscing the good vibes of last year's own. In the spirit of that, I decided to re-share my looks to last year's fashion week. Hopefully someone out there in a rut might just get some style inspiration.

Here's the link to each look to get more details on my inspiration and who I'm wearing.
Who is excited for fashion week!?
Which is your best look?

Check out my 2014 fashion week looks 

Cassandra Ikegbune

You Don't Have To Be Pretty

Saturday, 25 October 2014
You're probably wondering what's so special about that tote bag that I have it plastered all over this post right? We're getting to that.
That bag was my official "school bag" for the better part of last week, I got it at the African film festival i attended sometime late last month. I have a thing for tote bags and I thought/still think that this one was nice and artsy so I just had to have it.

The other day, a classmate made a comment about me carrying this 'sack bag' to school, about how it isn't  "classy" and I can be a bit more "classy" than this. I'm sure he might have been joking but you know what they say about how its what's probably already in the mind that you push out right? Yeah, that.
It got me thinking really, but not before sending a smart mouthed reply his way.
Where did everyone come about this idea that as females we have to maintain a certain standard of "allure"?

What if I don't want to be 'classy', whatever that might mean?
What if  I'll rather wear a cross body bag to a birkin bag?
Or man-repelling to accentuating oufits?
What if I like my hair in a quiff and not as long wavy curls?
What if I'll rather my lips be three shades darker instead of marilyn monroe red?
I can go on and on...
"You don't have to be pretty. You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked "female- Diana Vreeland"
Don't get me wrong.
Be pretty, if you want to.
If  you're about that pink and frilly life
By all means , be that and more!

But don't tell me, I'm not classy for dressing how I want to as long as I'm not being indecent or smelly and unclean and I still understand what is appropriate for different occasions
Thank you!

On that note, I'll end this by saying.

Be you,
Be you,
Be "unapologetically" you.

P.S - I wrote a post on something a tad bit similar, if you'll like to read it Here

P.P.S - I was featured by the awesome Fola of Folasoasis, check it out.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Stripes & Checks

Tuesday, 21 October 2014
When in doubt wear black, Yes! 
But then there are other fail safe pieces/outfits that I always turn to when in doubt.
Something that says 'stylish' without trying too much. I'm talking oversized vintage print shirts, double denim, kicks, brogues, hats and of course mixed prints! Aha, yes! So you see why it might seem like I've been doing a lot of mixed print looks lately.
Maybe I'm just always in doubt or maybe i just really like the trend (Its actually a mix of both) so when I had to figure out last minute what to wear to the style vitae's "spirit of style" event, I turned to this striped top and my checkered pleat skirt.
Took these pictures at night so please excuse all the noise in the picture, I somehow wish I had done that earlier and in a better location. It would have just cinched everything together , Oh well!
Let me share a little secret : I'm actually wearing two skirts. lol. The second one under is to add a bit of volume to the outer one. I lost some kilograms lately plus I've got no booty so yeah, that happened. #Lowkey

What are some fail safe outfits you turn to when in doubt? 

Cassandra Ikegbune

Photos by Mide Coker.

How To Wear All Black And Not Look Boring - Blogger Style

Friday, 17 October 2014
The cyclical world called "Fashion".
Trends come and go and everyone jumps on the current band wagon only to jump out the moment the next new thing comes.
What exactly am I going on about? Why, the "all-black" ensemble that is making rounds all over the fashion blogosphere. Surely, I am not the only one that noticed that the mood around has significantly darkened right?
Yes! You guessed right, Black is so back!

It seems like just the other day when everyone and everyone was donning an all white outfit but right now its black. Even I myself have done a couple of all black looks ( here , here, and here), although black for me is a colour that can never go out of trend. If i could be any colour, I'll easily pick black.

This trend comes with the tendency to look a bit "boring". So how do you spice it up to make it look anything but safe? Not to worry, I've got you covered!
Here I'll be sharing some tips on adding intrigue to the all black ensemble using fellow bloggers as inspiration
Lets dig in!

TIP ONE - Its all in the accessories!
Especially hats! Unfortunately I couldn't find so many pictures of that but trust me a good wide brimmed hat or fedora will totally rock. Also bold neck chains, quirky sunshades and rings.
This was gotten from Emmanyel Afolabi's tumblr

TIP TWO - Mix proportions!
It gives it a bit more edge. 

TIP THREE - Put a little quirk in it!
How about spicing things up a bit. Wear socks with your shoes, studded gloves, ripped denim, cut outs! You get my drift.

Bloggers in order of the images

Have you also done an all black look on your blog? Please leave me your link!
How would you spice up an all black outfit?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Thank you Kunmi for all the help!

Outfit || Tom-Boy

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hey Guys!
I have quite a backlog of posts ( I don't know how I let that happen! ) so I was a bit conflicted on what to put up first.  I finally decided to merge two posts in one and share both a recap of the bloggers party i attended recently and what i wore to the event.
(From L - R) Kachy, Titi Bello, Deola, Feyi Adesanya and Sohosister, Sayedero, Velma, Mide, Dodos and Ezinne
Got this picture from mide's blog
I got to attend a bloggers party sometime last week put together by Adedunmola Kolawole, the founder of StyleMeAfrica.
It was pretty cool and we got to listen to talks, tutorials and demonstrations by brands that partnered with her on the event like house of tara , Kamokini, Styd, R&R Luxury and Grey Velvet. There were lots to nibble on but me being a weirdo who only likes to stick to stuff I'm used to didn't really have anything.
Sucks that I didn't take much pictures of the various activities but my blogger friend Mide did and you can view it on her blog. All in All, it was a well put together event. I got to meet some bloggers i follow in person and  went home with a really decent swag bag (goodie bag) ! Funny enough I actually haven't  really checked out the contents of the bag till now , I took out the cake and kept the bag aside. lol 

Now to what i wore!
I'm not the only one who randomly tries on outfits right? So I kind of  had this outfit in my head already. The shoes and bag were the only new additions to the look.
Ever since i took out my braids, I've been a bit lost. lol! My hair was all over the place in this picture and i kind of look like I should be force-fed. haha
As i type this right now, my hair is still a mess and even worse than it looks here. Only God knows what I'll do to it when I have to get prepared for school tomorrow. Ideas anyone?
Meanwhile, who else is digging my bag? ^_^

Cassandra Ikegbune

Pictures by Chyder5

Some Damn Good Advice

Saturday, 11 October 2014
That you've probably heard/been told before but never really listened to,
Now listen up..
  • You don’t have to achieve great things by the time you’re 25
  • You have intrinsic value above and beyond your perceived utility to other people and society at large. 
  • You don’t have to have sex, or have sex in any way that you find uncomfortable or unpleasant, to keep anyone’s love or good opinion of you. They didn’t love you or think very well of you to start with if they demand it. 
  • You don’t have to stay with someone who isn’t meeting your emotional needs because they need you, or you’ve been with them for awhile, or you need to be in a relationship. You need you. Your time is your own and it is finite. 
  • It’s ok to work at a job you enjoy that doesn’t make you miserable even if it’s not a career and it won’t “lead to anything.” 
  • Your life is not a narrative. It is not leading to anything, there is no overarching thesis, it does not have themes beyond the usual shared cultural experiences of your time and place. This is ok. It does not mean that your life is without purpose or meaning. 
  • It’s ok not to like or get along with the vast majority of people you encounter, so long as you afford them the same respect, courtesy and dignity that they afford you. 
  • Expensive is not always better. 
  • Failure is temporary if you’re still alive. 
  • People are both much better and much worse than you’d suspect, but usually not all at once. 
  • Stop thinking of your future self as a different person and it will be easier to prevent money and health problems. 
  • Let people help you, lean on them when you need to, and be available to help, but don’t swing too far in either direction. Try to carry your half of the life basket as evenly as you can. 
  • Set boundaries, and do not be afraid to kick people out of your life who disregard them. You will not end up alone and unloved. People who love you will be ok with your boundaries. 
  • Your power does not come from money or beauty, but from seeing life steadily and wholly, from a curious and thoughtful mind, and from your ability to say no when you want to, and yes when you want to, and I don’t know when you don’t know. 
  • There will be bad times, maybe lots of bad times, but not only bad times. 
  • Love will not heal the wounds in your soul, but love can give you the impetus to begin the work of healing yourself. 
  • Life might be a long series of starting over, and that’s alright. 
  • You’re really cool, you’re really beautiful, you’re really special. Really. Not to everyone, but to a lot of someones sometimes.
Written bySehn Suchttraum

Have any good advice you've received/ come across lately?
Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Twenty Six Skirt

Wednesday, 8 October 2014
You know how some things just don't come to your head till someone else points it out?
That's the story behind this outfit.
When I got this skirt from twenty six skirt, I immediately started thinking up ways to wear it. I knew I didn't just want to pair it with a nice top and get going because I mean, what's the fun in that right? and that also doesn't say anything about my style (no statement in that). 
So, yes of course the idea of mixing prints came to my head and i tried on different tops with the skirt but it wasn't just working.
I didn't think of trying it with this top at all till I had to do an interview and took some of my outfit options to the hostel so my friend could help me make a final decision and she was like 'let's see how that top will work with that skirt" . It WORKED! and I couldn't believe I didn't think of it first. Haha

Moral of the story - Always give your friend's opinion a chance except that friend is like my classmate that thinks dungarees are only for babies.

The same friend did my make up (Thank you so much Tosin) and I wore this to the St.Genevieve launch and a kind photographer (I really can't remember his social media handle) I met at the event helped me take these pictures.
 Here's a Little Tip :
I think stripes are the easiest to mix prints with, they look really good mixed with different stripes, polka dots, checks and even florals
What do you guys think?

Cassandra Ikegbune

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