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Rand And Pluto

Saturday, 27 September 2014
Am I the only one who has noticed the increase in online shopping sites in Nigeria lately? I can hardly keep up these days. On the plus side though, I love that Nigeria is beginning to really embrace e-commerce and it makes life a bit easier to be honest.
When I was contacted by Rand and Pluto, the first thing I did was check out their site to see if they have stuffs I can see myself in, looks like good quality and is affordable too ( First thing I checked actually. Lol). Most of their prices range from 6000-10,000 Naira, I'll let you decide if that's affordable.

Rand and Pluto is the go to brand for the sophisticated young woman with a focus on minimalist cuts, premium fabrics and trend-led design.
I was sent a dress and even though it didn't exactly fit my body frame, I was super impressed with their delivery service. It was delivered as promised and within two days!

Here are some of the goodies from their site
Which is your favourite?
Mine is the red dress!!!!!, the pink skirt (even though i hardly go out and therefore hardly buy short skirts but the colour is too delicious) and the jumpsuit.

They are offering a 15% discount on all items on their site to You! My awesome reader! Simply enter the code CD2014 after purchasing.

Contact Info :
Web -
Facebook|Instagram|Twitter : @randandpluto
Enquiries :
Phone : 09098944561

Meanwhile, what are Y'all up to this weekend?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Made Of Black

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I've been wearing "all black" a lot more often recently and especially on days when I'm not about to stress myself thinking of what to wear.
I personally love the colour black, not only does it blend well with my complexion but i find that its also alot easier to wear.
 My love affair with pleated midi skirts started with the vintage craze of 2012 and I haven't looked back. I got a bit tempted to try on sneakers instead but i purposely stuck with this black gladiator sandals because Its not called an "All Black ensemble" for nothing. I even went a step further by doing away with the red lips and sticking with dark lips instead.
I wore this out for a small weekend waka and also the next day to school (totally ignoring my Mum's questioning eyes) but with silver accessories -including belt and black flats and i definitely can see myself wearing this again with my black ankle strap heels, statement neckpiece and a clutch some other time.
In other unrelated news, how weird is it that i still haven't seen the Guiness made of black advert? The name was fitting for this post though so i borrowed it :D
What's your take on the All Black look? 

Picture by Kachy

Cassandra Ikegbune

Style Goals...

Thursday, 18 September 2014
You see this fashion thing can be quite deep, i really can't explain how i feel whenever i come across people with great style. Its amazing how much style inspiration you can get on the web, i especially love randomly searching for street style pictures on google. It gets my brain working tbh.
Am i the only one who sees some outfits and go damn! Why didn't I ever think about pairing it this way? That's the beauty of it all, you figure out new ways to pair what you already have and also kickstart some ideas on what to try out but if you are like me, there's the down side of feeling a bit like your style is not up to par. It also makes me try to be as creative as I can be with my looks.
I wrote a post way back about some of the limitations to my style and also shared a few pictures of how I'll love to dress and you can check it out here.
Here's a few hints towards looks that fit into what I see my style evolving to.

One of my style goals is to continue exploring the world of male fashion. Androgyny will always have a place in my heart but right now mine is a bit subtle, so i have my eyes on trying out stylish loose fitting pant suits worn with kicks, wide leg and tailored crop pants.
Skirts are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe especially pleat skirts due to the nature of my school, i hope to experiment a bit more though. Is it weird that i don't have a single jumper in my closet? I hope to change that soon because pairing it with midi pleated skirts and sneakers will be too cool.
Co-ords is one other thing i've been loving lately and definitely need to introduce into my wardrobe, worn with an overcoat or trench. Yes! Its also a fun deviation from my normal style. I can also see myself in more eye catching colours. That way i can still make a bit of statement even in simple outfits

In what direction do you see/want your style to tilt towards ?

P.S - I've been shortlisted for a style challenge on instagram and i really need your help to win. You can help by liking my picture on the @fayrouznigeria instagram page and tagging a friend to like. I'll also love to connect with you on instagram , my handle is @cassiedaves. Thank you once again!

Glasses Problems : Life As A Four- Eyed Girl

Monday, 15 September 2014
If i have 99 problems, 20-20 vision is one...

This post was partly inspired by a conversation I had with my younger sister this morning, she was going on and on about how she needs glasses when we all know there really is nothing terribly wrong with her eyesight and partly by the success of my tall girls problems post.
I decided to go for it and share some of the problems that comes with using recommended/corrective glasses.
1. Losing my glasses is the worst

Because I need the damn glasses to look for it. Ugh

2. Been called four eyes, blindie, or ojiugo
Okay, i don't use such word but Bunmi i see you...

3. When people go, can you see without your glasses?

4. Then they proceed to ask how many fingers they are holding up.
Like are you being serious right now??

5. Can't show off your eye makeup or new sunshades
Except you use contacts which is just stressful and gives the worst headaches

6. Going to see a 3D movie
and having to wear your regular glasses beneath the 3D glasses. Ehrr okay, no  movie for me then.

7. Missing out on gist (not like I'm an amebo or something)
Hey cassandra check this person's outfit out. Oh wait lemme put on my glasses. Nvm, she's gone. Ugh

8. Also you can't whisper to me from across the class because I'll need to put on my glasses first to read your lips *sigh*

9. Stereotype.
I might be smart/nerdy/geeky but not because I use glasses. OKAY??

10. The stress of picking out new frames
Especially if you're indecisive like me! Cat eye frames? round frames? this or that colour?

11. Having to take it off and on when i want to take pictures
Off to take the picture and back on to examine the picture. Notice how I'm holding my glasses on standby in this picture from my last outfit post?


and having to complain about it only to be offered new glasses every time. Problem not solved!

My glasses : can't live with them, can't live without them
But hey! Here is one advantage : you can sleep off behind it in a boring class (if its tinted though). Not that I sleep in class or anything ._.

 If you also use glasses, what are some of the struggles you face?
Share please!!

P.S - Guys!! i've been shortlisted for the Fayrouz and Fashpa style challenge on instagram and i need your help to win. Please help me win by liking my picture on the @fayrouznigeria instagram page
Thank You!

Cassandra Ikegbune

House Of Tara - Jemila

Saturday, 6 September 2014
Sometime early this year, I won some House of Tara products from a giveaway ( there is nothing like free stuff to be honest #dontjudgeme). I got a lipstick, silver eyeshadow, blush, lipstain and lip pencil (which isn't in the picture because it suddenly developed legs and dissapeared) .
I'm not really a make up person so the blush is still untouched, I use the eye shadow once in a while to line my inner eye but the lipstick is all I'm about in this post! I listed this lipstick as one of my current favourite things
Its one of the House Of Tara matte range lipsticks and this one is called 'Jemila'. It is a gorgeous red lipstick and people keep asking me if its ruby
You know what they say : "You're never fully dressed without a red lipstick" . Okay nobody says that but you get my point.
APPLICATION : This lipstick is easy to apply, goes on smoothly and lasts for a long time.
PRICE : 1400 - 1500 Naira
WHERE TO BUY : House of Tara outlets (there is one in the surulere mall), Jumia.

I saw a couple of others in the matte lip range on Dinma's blog and the Tejuosho is another lipstick that is giving me so much life! I definitely need to get it.

Have you tried any of the House of Tara matte lipsticks? Which was your favourite?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Grey + Yellow

Wednesday, 3 September 2014
The initial plan for this look was to complete the outfit with white sneakers. This plan was made late last year (I'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks up outfits and write them down for when the odds are in your favour right? ) but its 2014 and Cassandra still hasn't found white sneakers but no no, i didn't come to sob so i'll spare you my sad story. I figured its high time i stopped waiting for the odds to be in my favour so i wore it to church on sunday with this newly acquired shoes.
You would think i'll be an expert with heels me being a model and what-not but i really dont get along well with the damn thing thats why i'm always in flats. That and of course my height ^_^ but i cant deny heels always adds a little extra oomph to an outfit.
These pictures were taken by my friend Tayo that i really should stop featuring on my blog but oh whatever
Yellow and Grey for the win though! 
And not everytime look rugged sometimes Cassandra wear heels and look like a girl :') 
What do you guys think?

Cassandra Ikegbune

Five Things I'm Loving Lately (02)

Monday, 1 September 2014
Hey guys!
I hope you all had a good weekend? This post was supposed to go up yesterday but Life happened. Remember when I said I was going to start sharing 'things I'm loving lately' every now and then? Well, this is the second post on my five things lately category . You can check out the first one 'here
Please forgive the poor picture quality.

I found this brand that makes pretty FULL skater skirts from fun prints on instagram and I put an emphasis on full because I don't want another marilyn monroe moment , thank you! I'm tired of having to hold down my skirts on windy days so I take the material and fullness into consideration. I particularly like the top left and bottom middle one, the print is too delicious. I received a brown&black striped skirt from them and i hope to wear it soon. The tailoring was superb, i was definitely impressed. You can check them out on instagram @twentysixskirt or send enquiries : 

I couldn't have asked for a better pair as group members tbh! Nothing shows compatibility more in 'med school groups" than when you all are vibrating around the same frequency. I think I'm riding on a stroke of good luck that I pray never ends but the doctors in my surgery posting units so far have been real chilled or maybe its the strike? (I hope i didnt just jinx it. Lol)

This house of tara lipstick that I still intend to do a review on later on has been Bae to me lately.

Because life is a lot better in slouchy clothes. I'm not 100 percent sure that's what the top is called but google seems to kind of agree with me. This is my new favourite top and I've sworn to fill my closet with more tops like this. It actually isn't a crop top though #DontJudgeMe. Lol

I love male scents! I know this one says "woman" but i'll get to that part of the story soon. I got the Hugo Boss Red (Male) from a friend last year and I loved it so much that when my uncle asked me what I wanted, it was the first thing that came to my head (okay maybe not the first thing or second thing either, white converse and new camera lens took that position). I forgot to specify so he got me the female version of the hugo boss red and I still love it!! Hugo boss can do no wrong in my eyes! Boss Orange (also for men) is another one of my faves
So what have you been loving lately?
Happy new month guys.
Cassandra Ikegbune

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