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Outfit || Fringe Benefit

Saturday, 24 May 2014
So sometime early this year, i went shopping and i was stuck between buying either a Jack daniel muscle tee or a red fringe tank top. I went with the jack daniels tee but i can specifically remember the sales guy urging me to pick the fringe top saying that's whats in vogue now and i shouldn't miss out on it. Fast forward some months later and I'm seriously regretting not leaving with that top.
Its safe to say that the bug got me but thankfully today i decided to rummage through my mum's closet and i found this amazing fringe bag which we both bought together that i totally forgot existed. ehrmagawd
Of course the bag inspired this look. I was going to wear one of my"mary-amaka" gowns (as my mum calls it. lol) but when i found the bag, i took that off and tried to put together an outfit to go with the it. I wore this to school today for afternoon lectures, in my mind this can substitute for "corporate dressing". I can only risk this to class though. lol
What do you guys think?
Sorry for the poor picture quality, i took the pictures with my phone. In case you are wondering why i'm carrying my camera like an accessory instead of using it take pictures with better quality, i used it but didn't like the pictures .lol

A little extra info! :
Remember my lust list of Chez jumelle? They finally got an outlet so if online shopping isn't really your thing and you want to get any of their stuff, you can check them out at shoprite surulere ( Shop C13 citrus lifestyle store).
Also my friend recently launched her makeup brand "AfricanismCosmopolitan" starting sale with two products, the Èkó luxury mink Eyelashes & the Arewa 88-color eyeshadow palette. Its always refreshing to see young people doing great things!
You can check it out at

 My "one day at a time" rule has really helped me cope well so far but I'm so happy the week is finally over! This week I'm thankful for health and rough days that turned out fine.
What are you thankful for? and what will you be up to this weekend?

Cassandra Ikegbune


Monday, 19 May 2014
Nothing quite rubs in the fact that you are getting old like the incessant chatter about weddings or coupling up around you and when your peers start veering off into the world of marriage , then you realize that shit is getting real and soon you'll also be expected to do the same. Couple up, I mean.
Thankfully, i'm still pretty young so no pressures around here but i can't help but think about this "marriage craze" pattern now.Is it just the fact that i'm getting older so it's expected that my peers couple up or people just want to feel that rock on their fourth finger? I'm not exactly sure but i diverge.
Now, I've been in one too many wedding dresses in the course of my modelling carrier and yeah sure sometimes i can't help but imagine how completely beautiful and exquisite i"ll look on that day but i've never been one to give weddings and getting married much of a thought. Words like "too young, haven't lived life yet, nah nah nah" pops into my head each time. Heck i didn't even know where i"ll like to get married and what not. I know who i'll be wearing though, that has been a constant. Yes of course, Mai Atafo silly, who else did you think? Keep your vera wang gowns, thank you! (Side eyes tiwa savage with green eyes)
So yes! Lately i've been thinking about weddings and marriage life thanks to my lecturers who won't stop preaching early marriage and my friends who have gone and gotten themselves into the "till death do us part" contract. Although not so much that it can be considered a problem anyways but you know, now i'm beginning to piece together how i'll want my wedding to look like.
Now i know i want it small, preferrably an outdoor/garden wedding but most importantly i know its not just about exchange of rings and vows. This marriage thing is deeper than that and really shouldn't be rushed into
I heard somewhere that every girl has a wedding fantasy, true?
Have you found yourself in a situation like mine recently or are you one of those who already had their wedding day figured out right from primary school? 
Share with me!!
Cassandra Ikegbune

P.S : I'm wearing this amazing Mai Atafo wedding dress in the pictures for a shoot i had sometime last week or so.

Note To Self

Monday, 12 May 2014
Today started a bit slow for me, i just started a new clinical posting in school ""Paediatrics" and i was feeling mentally unprepared for the change and the new routine and all the stress that comes with medical school. When i saw the time table, i freaked out a bit and started thinking of how i was going to handle all that. I'm so thankful for the amazing support system God gave me, all it took was one phone call and i was reminded of that scripture up there.
One day at a time Cassandra, One day at a time.
Just a little reminder to take things easy.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Outfit || Fezz'ed Up

Wednesday, 7 May 2014
Yeah Yeah, i know its not exactly a fez hat so the post title doesn't quite go but Meh! For some reason i feel a bit slow tonight, forgive me if this post is a bit lacking in words.
So this is a follow up on my inspiration post on the fez hat showing how i wore my "Eze cap". Wore this to a shoot i had and the photographer helped me take these shots.
What do you guys think?
Photo Credit : Ifeanyi Ochukenyi

Cassandra Ikegbune

Inspiration || Fez Hat

Sunday, 4 May 2014
I've been going on and on to my friends of how I think hats are a really underrated item in both women and menswear here in Nigeria. I've always been a hat person but of recent I haven't been wearing so much of it so I'm also guilty but of a lesser charge as I happen to realize just how important a hat can be as a fashion accessory.  My foray into the "hat-dom" started with sneaking in and out of my dad's room to obtain his fedora hat (which I still do) and ever since my love for hats has expanded to wide brimmed hats, straw hats and messenger caps.
However, today I'm not talking fedora's or wide brimmed hats which I'm both crazy about. I'm talking those felt but sometimes velvet caps which after much research I found out is called Fez hat.
My love for this hat started when I came across a picture of two people in my instagram feed wearing it (@Mariamaduke and @__Lovefola)
I delved into the history of the fez hat and found out that this wasnt actually the original style and how it has undergone a lot of modifications. The previous ones used to be a bit higher and had tassles
I couldn't find this particular type so I went for an alternative which is also felt. I like to call it the "Eze Cap", as its popularly worn by igbo chiefs in Nigeria.
I've worn the black one out and someone obtained it from me afterwards (thats why it isn't in the second picture). I actually loved the look and i'll put up pictures of it in my next post.
I got the cap in yaba from some mallam guy but i'm sure you can get it anywhere they sell local things or outside mosques from the hausa guys there. I bought it for #750 naira and i think if i had prized well, i would have gotten it for 500. Maybe -_-

What do you guys think of the hat? Would you wear this out and how will you rock it?

P.S - My exam went well!! Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers! I have the practical aspect left. I love you guys, so amazing how much love i get here :')

P.P.S - I'm thinking of starting a new category "Readers Spotlight". I'm not so sure how i"ll fix it up yet but i'm sure i want to feature my readers so please if there's anyway i/this blog has inspired you, be it an outfit choice or look or whatever. Please can you email me pictures and words? :D

P.P.P.S (Last one i promise) - Have you noticed how fashion bloggers in nigeria have no union (for lack of a better word) unlike in other places? we dont have meet ups and all that. Noticed right? Please my Nigerian peeps (and non Nigerians too, everyone is welcome) follow @FbloggersNG on twitter. Thank You.

Cassandra Ikegbune

Update || Life Lately

Thursday, 1 May 2014
Hey Guys!
I know I've been away for quite a while soo I figured I should do an update post on life lately.  I've been neck deep in school work and project but I tried to find a little time for me regardless.
Sometime last two weeks I went to the conversation centre for the second time. Remember in my First post on the conservation centre I mentioned I was going to go back again for a proper sight seeing but this visit was even shorter than the first time and not as exciting probably because there really wasn't anything new to see except the monkeys. They seemed to be everywhere that day and i managed to capture that beautiful picture of them playing around. Also, the shoe flower pot thing, i didnt see that the last time and i think its pretty innovative.
I wore my green shorts from this post and this floral peplum top. Pretty bad choice of clothing because of the insects and all but fortunately they really didn't bother me.
Have you been to the conservation ccentre recently? How was your experience?
I also managed to squeeze out time for modelling matter. Lol I had a shoot for a magazine but unfortunately they didn't let me take behind the scene pictures, something about not wanting any pictures out till the magazine issue is released. Blehh. So i'm stuck with just selfies but hopefully i"ll get the pictures later and I'll be able to put up a post on it. I wore my floral vest which you guys are getting increasingly familiar and black denim jeans.
And finally, i went to see the movie "the other woman" with a friend. We were meant to see "non-stop" but tickets were sold out so we had to pick the next best thing and i loved it! If only for cameron diaz character ". Her shoes and outfits in the movie gave me so much life and inspiration! Seriously guys, i can't wait to start earning money *sigh*. I wore a dashiki and blue turn up jeans. Dashiki's can never ever go out of style, i love the easy comfort it gives.

That's basically what i've been up to asides reading and school work. I have an exam tomorrow, wish me goodluck guys. I also have a couple of posts lined up and i can't wait to put them up.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any new movies, books or places? Please share!

Happy New Month!

The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of egypt, "This month shall be for you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year for you. Exodus 12 : 1-2

Cassandra Ikegbune

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