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When i got the invitation to the woodin store launch, I already knew I was going to finally be forced to rock a head wrap
again. Mainly because woodin is an african brand and I felt i was going
to be expected to rep that a bit and since I don’t own ankara outfits (
weird right? ), I decided to dress in my normal way but infuse a bit of
“Ankara” in it hence the head wrap.
I was initially confused on what to wear but after scouring through the Instagram page of Paola Mathe ( Head wrap queeennn!! ) , I finally came up with this.
learnt to tie the head wrap from her IG page, weird how I’ve already
successfully tied some on my own in the past but totally forgot how to
when I needed to do it.
Did it close to ten times before I finally got the hang of it *phew!*

A few other random shots!

Channeling my Inner Model with my friend Tracy!
With Mide, Deemako and Tracy

These past few days have been sooo stressful and busy!
I have like a million and one things to read and other responsibilities i have to see through *sigh*
I’m really just here counting down till Sunday so I can finally stay indoors all day, read and rest.

Meanwhile, hope I’m seeing you all on saturday at the yard sale?

Cassandra Ikegbune

First Two pictures by : Kola Oshalusi
The rest by @Mako_OD

Author: Cassie Daves

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